In this article, we will cover all the details regarding HDFC securities charges. No matters, whether you want to find details about account opening charges, or a transaction charges, here you will find everything related to HDFC securities brokerage charges.

So, let’s a review of all brokerage charges levied by HDFC securities.

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HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges

This table gives you information about HDFC securities brokerage charges:

Brokerage Charges
Equity Delivery0.50% or min Rs.25
Equity Intraday0.05% or min Rs.25
Equity Futures0.05% or min Rs.25
Equity OptionsRs 100 per lot or 1% of the premium (whichever is higher)
Currency FuturesRs 23 per contract
Currency OptionsRs 20 per contract
Commodity0.02% for Intraday / 0.025% for positional
Flat Monthly Fees, if anyNA

The brokerage charge for three segments is the same, i.e. intraday, Equity Futures and Currency Futures. 0.05% or min Rs.25 is the designated charge for all of them. Moving further to the Options segment, the charge is Rs.100 per Lot or 1% of Premium (Takes higher Amount), and same for both Currency and Equity.

If you wish to trade in equity Delivery segment, you have to pay the charge of 0.50% or min Rs.25. Commodity segment trading is not yet available for the investors.

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    HDFC Securities Account Opening Charges

    Get detailed of trade and demat account opening charges levied by HDFC securities:

    Account Opening Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time]Rs 999
    Trading AMC [Yearly]Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time]Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly]Rs 750
    Margin Money75% Margin

    In order to avail the trading services of HDFC securities, the clients are required to open a trading account at Rs 999 charges. There is a maintenance charge of Rs.0 for holding that account.
    Client can open demat account at Rs.0 only. Following the one time charges, the investors are required to pay Rs.750 as a demat account maintenance charges yearly, but they can wave off this charges if they choose 3-in-1 account special plan.
    The client can start trading with minimum 75% Margin only.

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    HDFC Securities Transaction Charges

    Find table for HDFC Securities Transaction Charges below:

    Transaction Charges
    Equity Delivery0.00325 (%)
    Equity Intraday0.00325 (%)
    Equity Futures.00190 (%)
    Equity Options0.050% (on premium)
    Currency Futures0.00110 (%)
    Currency Options0.040% (on premium)

    The transaction charges for equity delivery and equity Intraday NSE & BSE is 0.00325%. For equity futures transaction charges are 0.00190% and for equity options and currency on premium 0.04% respectively. The transaction charges for currency futures are  0.00110%.

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    HDFC Securities Other Other Charges

    Get detailed of various other charges levied by HDFC securities

    SegmentOther Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.00005% (Rs. 5/Crore)
    STTEquity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    Stamp Duty(On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges75% Margin
    Reactivation ChargesRs 50 per instruction
    Account Closure ChargesRs 60 per instruction
    Dematerialisation ChargesRs 5 per certificate + Rs 35 per request
    Pledge CreationIf Pledge is marked in favour of HDFC Bank, 0.02% of the value of the Txn.
    Pledge InvocationIf Pledge is marked to other than HDFC Bank, 0.04% of the value of the Txn.
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closureRs. 17.5 per scrip
    Margin RepledgeRs. 15.5 + Rs. 15.5 (Rs. 31 per scrip)

    The SEBI charges are levied at 0.0005% on the total value of the transaction& STT charges are 0.0126% of total turnover.

    The stamp duty charges levied by state government are lie between 0.002%- 0.004% , and it actual value vary from state to state.

    At Rs. 60 per segment clients can easily close their accounts and at Rs. 50 per segment they reactivate it. The dematerialisation charges are Rs 5 per certificate + Rs 35 per request only.

    HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges FAQs

    Ques – Does HDFC Securities Charge Brokerage?

    Answer – Yes, charging brokerage is a part of the company’s business structure, as it is for other stock broking houses. Since, this company is a full service broker, the charge they levy is on the basis of the percentage. This is on the contrary to a flat rate.

    Ques – What is HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges?

    Answer – Specifically, the stock broker charges different rates for different segment and according to the structures, the charges are as follows – 0.50% or min Rs.25 for delivery, 0.05% or min Rs.25 for intraday, futures and currency futures, Rs.100 per Lot or 1% of Premium (Takes higher Amount) for options, and currency options.

    Ques – What is Intraday Brokerage of HDFC Securities?

    Answer – Intraday segment brokerage is not as much as the equity delivery brokerage, and the stock broker has provided a small degree of relaxation to provide seamless trading. As for the fixed rate, it is 0.05% or min Rs.25 taken on the total turnover.

    Ques – What other Charges levied by HDFC Securities?

    Answer – Brokerage is not all you are obligated to pay, as there are a lot of other charges that follow your way, when you place a trade order. The others are transactional charges, SEBI Turnover Charges, STT, Stamp Duty, GST, Margin Funding charges, account related charges and other petty charges.

    Ques – Is HDFC Securities a discount broker?

    Answer – No, HDFC Securities does not belong to the group of discount brokers, who are the new additional to the world of stock broking. This stock broker is a full service stock broker, which provides end to end assistance in terms of investment and trading.

    Ques – Does HDFC Securities have Free Delivery?

    Answer – No, HDFC Securities has not rolled out any such perks as that of free brokerage for delivery segment. In fact, of all the brokerage charges this stock broker levies, the highest of charge is designated to the delivery segment, i.e. of 0.50% or min Rs.25.

    Ques – How much HDFC Securities Charge for Options?

    Answer – The charges are same for both the options segments, i.e. for equity options and of currency options.Speaking of the charge in particular it is Rs.100 per Lot or 1% of Premium (Takes higher Amount) for both of the segments.

    Ques – What are HDFC Securities Transaction Charges?

    Answer – Transaction charges are taken on every transaction that a trader places. Starting right with the equity delivery and intraday segment, the rate is NSE & BSE: 0.00325%. 0.00190% is for futures, whereas 0.00110% is for currency futures. On the other hand, 0.04% on Premium is for options as well as currency options.

    Ques – What is the Demat AMC in HDFC Securities?

    Answer –This stock broking house provides a certain degree of feasibility to the investors. So, in context with the seam feasibility, the charge is Rs.750 per annum. Also, based on certain terms and conditions the AMC can as well be waived off.

    Ques – Is HDFC Securities Brokerage Free?

    Answer – No, there is not segment which is free of brokerage, if you wish to trade with this stock broker, or avail for a demat account with them. You are obligated to pay a certain degree of brokerage as per the structured provided by the stock broking house.

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