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MiTrade is a Melbourne, Australia-based global proprietary limited company. It’s a retail broker specializing in contract for (CFDs).

MiTrade is a self-created trading strategy that works with a variety of assets. Forex, commodities, and stocks are examples of these assets.

This is the place for you if you look for a trustworthy and trusted platform to help you earn money. MiTrade offers the option of opening a demo account.

It makes it one of the most renowned entry points into the global finance and trade markets. This allows consumers to get hands-on experience with various gadgets at their leisure, all without risking any money.

The platform provides a variety of advanced analytics and day-to-day forecasts and planners to help their traders strategize.

The demo account makes it easier for beginners to understand the concept of trading and cut the risks that come with investing money online.

MiTrade Demo Account

A demo account is a free account that allows you to try out a stockbroker’s services.

MiTrade Demo AccountIt is entirely virtual, and no funds are required to begin trading. The demo account provides traders with access to digital currency, sometimes known as simulated money of $50,000.

This type of account can provide a realistic experience and is an excellent tool for beginners.

For the convenience of its traders, the account offers free virtual money.

In the world of trading, this allows for a real-time experience with no financial risk.

The nice feature is that users of their demo accounts can access this account on their sites.

So, if you’re worried about losing money while exploring on MiTrade demo account, then forget about it.

Learn how to acquire assets, trade, invest money, and much more without putting your money in danger.

It would be better to register a demo account and devise high-profit trading techniques.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    MiTrade Demo Account Features

    Let’s take a look at some of the features of MiTrade’s demo account now that we’ve educated ourselves with it.

    The user will be entirely delighted with the feature-rich platform after being chosen. Except for the funds involved, all of its features are identical to those of a real account.

    Below, let’s look at some of the most important features of MiTrade’s demo account:

    • Opening a demo account with MiTrade is one of the most straightforward procedures. Go to their website and select ‘sign up in the top-right corner.
    • The demo account is only valid for 90 days. This means you can have free access to the trading platform for around three months. After that, it will freeze if you do not switch to a live account.
    • The platform works well on all the desktop browser platforms such as Windows, Android, and Mac. It is also functional and supported by Android and iOS Application platforms.
    • The trading platform supports various languages, which makes it accessible to a large number of audiences. These languages include Chinese, English, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese.
    • The ASIC and CIMA regulate the platform. It ensures safe and reliable monetary trading online and follows all the safety rules and regulations set up for the ease of the participating traders.
    • MiTrade supports CFD trading. It allows trading in currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. They do not support cryptocurrencies.
    • The platform provides simulated $50,000 and does not need any initial deposit. When these virtual funds reach less than $200, the account is automatically replenished with $50,000 again. But the user cannot withdraw any profits earned while using the demo account.
    • Trading analysis, Forecast, and economic calendars help the traders strategize and plan before investing and reduce risks.

    MiTrade Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    To trade with MiTrade, you had to create an account first.

    We’ll learn about the fees associated with a demo account in this section.

    So, here’s the good news: no payment for a demo account. In addition, a certain amount is already available in the account.

    It is fictitious money that traders can invest in or buy assets.

    A user cannot use this money for purposes other than trading for practice.

    MiTrade offers a demo account with a spendable amount of $50,000, which keeps replenishing automatically as it reaches under $200.

    It does not require any initial payment to open a demo account.

    How to open MiTrade Demo Account?

    Opening a demo account with MiTrade is as smooth as it gets.

    The option for a demo account is available straight on the website for the convenience of its users.

    Let’s look at the approach and get started with a MiTrade demo account.

    The steps mentioned below will walk you through a full review of the situation and how to create a demo account in a matter of minutes.

    • Go to Google and search for www.mitrade.com
    • On the same website, you will find an option saying “Create Account” in the top-right corner.
    • Once you click on sign up, you will have to fill in your email and a password for your account.
    • After this, once the registration is complete, you will be logged in, and there you will have the option to choose the demo or the live account.
    • Accept the terms and conditions associated with the account. After accepting it, submit the form.
    • Upon submitting, personnel from the company will get back to you in no time
    • In a similar way, E-KYC is also carried out. Provide genuine identity and house details.
    • Finally, you will receive an email that will include your demo account number. It will also have an auto-generated password and an embedded link to access a personal area.
    • After verification, you are all set to use your demo account to try out trades and activities on the platform.

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    Advantages of MiTrade Virtual Trading Platform

    MiTrade is a fascinating trading platform suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

    Its intelligent analytics features and daily market research only add to its reliability and utility as a trading interface.

    Because you will be investing your money and exposing yourself to hazards, it is only wise to be cautious and knowledgeable about what it offers.

    That is precisely what a demo account can help you with

    Here we will have a quick look at all the significant advantages of using a demo account type:

    • Having the same interface, features, and assets makes it an almost real experience.
    • It takes out the risk of losses or hasty decisions and so there is no chance for you to lose any money.
    • Many resources and tools are available, making it convenient for the user.
    • A user can try or test out a new strategy and analyze the outcome before investing their money in the market.
    • Features like Trading analysis and forecasts help understand the market better, and it also provides risk-management assistance.
    • It is an excellent way for beginners to explore and gain confidence in their tactics strategies.

    Keeping in mind the benefits mentioned above, have a demo account opened today.

    MiTrade Demo Account – Conclusion

    It would help if you didn’t wait any longer now that you’re aware of all the benefits and advantages that come with a demo trading account.

    Every other person in today’s world understands the value of trading and investing money to boost their savings.

    In this regard, there is no better platform than MiTrade, which also provides fantastic services.

    To make the most out of trading on MiTrade, one must use this free opportunity.

    We hope we’ve given you enough information regarding the demo account and how it works.

    A demo account not only offers a large deposit amount, but it is also completely free.

    It’s usually a good idea to practice and run before the big game.

    MiTrade is one of the best in the market and is sure to bring you the best. So, start trading using a demo account today.

    Once equipped with all the necessary knowledge and exposure, open a live account.

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    MiTrade Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the MiTrade demo account:

    Does MiTrade provide a demo account?

    Yes, MiTrade offers a demo account in addition to regular trading accounts.

    The demo account is free to use and aims to attract new traders by offering them excellent growth chances.

    It has the same features and tools as the others, allowing you to trade a fixed sum of $50,000.

    How to set up a MiTrade demo account?

    It’s simple to open a demo account on MiTrade.

    To create an account, go to the official website and click on ‘Create Account.’

    Fill out the form completely, including all required information, and select the Free Demo option. You will receive the account credentials through email.

    Is MiTrade virtual trading platform free?

    Yes, the MiTrade demo account is free of cost.

    The other account types include payment of charges, commission, and spreads.

    But the demo account does not charge anything from its users.

    What are the fees of the MiTrade demo account?

    On MiTrade, there is no charge for a demo account.

    It is entirely free of charge.

    All of the trading tools, options, and services are entirely free.

    There is no minimum deposit requirement, and anyone can open a demo account.

    Is AMC levied on the MiTrade trading platform?

    On its demo account, MiTrade does not charge an AMC.

    It does not require an initial payment or any ongoing fees.

    There are no fees associated with a demo account.

    A user can easily open an account by filling out a form and beginning trading.

    Is the MiTrade demo account the best?

    Yes, the MiTrade demo account is one of the industry’s best stockbrokers. It offers various assets, low fees, and competitive leverage.

    Live charts, trade analyses, forecasts, and much more are available with the demo account.

    MiTrade has made a reputation for itself in the market by having everything you need in one spot.

    What documents are required for the MiTrade demo account?

    While opening an account, a user must provide some documents.

    It can include government-oriented documents, identity proof, address proof, ID cards.

    Keeping these documents handy while opening a demo account on the platform would be helpful.

    Is PAN required for opening a MiTrade account?

    Yes, you may present proof of residency and identification to the broker.

    However, a PAN card is not always required. The broker may request relevant documentation while starting an account.

    Keep your PAN card on hand to ensure a seamless KYC and verification process.

    Does MiTrade charge demo account opening fees?

    No, MiTrade does not charge any opening fee for a demo account.

    There aren’t any types of charges involved with the demo account.

    It is free of cost and does not need any payments.

    How much virtual money do you get in the MiTrade demo account?

    The platform provides $50,000 as virtual funds to carry out trades.

    The amount is enough to buy many assets and understand the platform’s working.

    You can learn to carry out many transactions at a time and explore the world of MiTrade without any risk.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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