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Know everything about MiTrade Trading Platform here.

MiTrade is a broker located in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2011, MiTrade functions under the parent company’s brand name – MiTrade Holding Limited.

MiTrade transactions get authorized and regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA).

Transactions of MiTrade Global Pty Limited get regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

The company follows a strong culture of regulation and compliance. The top priority of MiTrade is to ensure safety for all their client deposits.

About MiTrade Trading Platform

MiTrade offers clients to trade on over 100 financial instruments. Some of the financial instruments you have access to include:

  • Forex
  • CFDs for indices
  • Commodities
  • Shares
  • Cryptocurrency

All this is possible through MiTrade’s proprietary web-based HTML 5 online platform.

The platform includes all the features from trading View.

It uses cloud technology so that clients can access their accounts from anywhere. Some of the main features of MiTrade include:

  • Fast and reliable executions
  • Competitive trading fees
  • Transparent spreads
  • Low threshold trading conditions
  • 200 times leverage for clients

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    MiTrade Trading Platform – Top Features

    MiTrade gives access to over 100 financial instruments from different asset classes.

    MiTrade Trading PlatformYou get trading access to various minor, exotic, and major currency pairs.

    Some of the commodities traded on MiTrade include silver, platinum, gold, Brent, and WTI.

    MiTrade also offers CFD cryptocurrency trading. It deals in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

    They also offer trade on the most popular indices in Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia.

    It includes the UK 100, JPN 225, Hong Kong 50, NAS 100, and Australia 200.

    The MiTrade online trading terminal is all about simple and intuitive trading.

    The design of the interface allows easy trading to all investors. MiTrade is available on the following platforms:

    MiTrade WebTrader Platform

    The WebTrader online trading platform runs across all operating systems.

    It is user-friendly and runs on all modern-day web browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

    This eliminates any need to download or install more software.

    With cloud technology, traders can access their MiTrade trading account anytime, anywhere. All they need is an internet connection.

    They can access their account from any computer or mobile device. A powerful interface and useful tools make this platform an excellent trading investment.

    The HTML 5 web-based platform also includes features from Trading View.

    Trading on MiTrade’s web-based trading platform is commission-free. It also includes commission-free trading on share derivatives.

    MiTrade does not include any withdrawal or deposit fees. MiTrade also does not charge any inactivity fees.

    Traders can choose from two different types of accounts – Standard and Pro. The difference between the Pro and Standard accounts is that the Pro account gives leverage of 1:250.

    MiTrade provides a variety of research selections, including::

    • Day-to-day Market analysis
    • Markets news
    • The Market sentiment
    • All Markets Forecast
    • Comprehensive educational material

    MiTrade is also known for excellent customer service 24/5 through email and live chat.

    MiTrade Trading App

    Apart from the web-based trading platform, MiTrade has a mobile trading app. The features are the same as the web version.

    You can download the app from all the major app stores.

    The application runs on iOS and Android devices. It lets traders manage accounts and place trades.

    You can even use the MiTrade mobile app on the go if you have a strong internet connection.

    Some of the features of the MiTrade trading platforms include:

    • It enables you to trade anytime, anywhere
    • Platform gives an efficient trading performance
    • It enables professional chart analysis
    • It provides free risk management tools
    • SSL secures the platform
    • It gives real-time notifications based on current market conditions
    • This platfrom is one-stop account management for traders

    Features of MiTrade Trading Platform

    Some of the other trading tools available on the MiTrade platform are as follows.

    Market Forecast:

    This tool highlights forecasts and different viewpoints. Sentiment analysis from industry experts forms an integral part of trading strategy.

    Economic Calendar:

    The economic calendar gets updated to provide traders with live market data. It includes information on data and events and their possible impact on the markets.

    Risk Management Tools:

    MiTrade provides traders with helpful risk management and assessment tools. This includes Take Profit/Loss and trailing Stop-Loss. These tools help traders control risks involved in different market conditions.

    Sentiment Tool:

    It shows the disposition of traders. It does this by showing the percentage of short and long traders in different markets.

    MiTrade Education:

    Apart from all the trading features, the MiTrade website has a separate education section. This includes a great selection of articles on CFD and forex trading.

    This provides information on how to trade and how to assess risk warnings.

    These educational materials prove to be very important for traders. It helps improve their trading knowledge and skills.

    The platform also has a FAQ section that gives guidance to many common queries.

    How to set up a MiTrade Trading Terminal?

    MiTrade gives a real-time trading account to clients. You can also choose to open a demo account.

    A demo account gives you a chance to practice trading. You also learn how to use the web-based MiTrade platform without real money.

    The benefit of having a trading account with MiTrade is that there is no minimum deposit required. Spreads begin at 0.8pips.

    Maximum leverage is up to 1:200.

    The steps for setting up a MiTrade trading account are as follows.

    1st Step: To set up a live trading account with MiTrade, visit the MiTrade account registration page.

    2nd Step: A small information box will open up.

    3rd Step: Now enter your email ID and phone number.

    4th Step: Set up a login username and password.

    5th Step: Once you submit the form, MiTrade will create a demo account for you.

    6th Step: If you want to continue with the demo account, you can continue demo trading. This will help you learn your way around the platform

    7th Step: To switch to a live trading account, click on the Home Tab on the demo account page. Now select Switch to Live Account.

    8th Step: This will give you access to another account application form.

    9th Step: Once you fill out this application form, you will have to verify your account. This is possible by uploading personal identification documents.

    10th Step: After completing your ID verification, you can deposit money into your live trading account.

    Experts recommend that before applying for the live account, you must read MiTrade’s legal disclosure terms and conditions. This document outlines the various risks related to trading.

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    How to Use MiTrade Web Trading Platform?

    To start stock trading on the MiTrade trading platform, you should have an account with MiTrade. The account opening is 100% free of expense.

    Here are the steps to use the MiTrade trading platform:

    1st Step: Go to click on the Open Live Account button and fill up the online application form.

    2nd Step: After filling the application form, you will need to finish the authentication procedure. At that point, the website will request you to verify your account and email address.

    3rd Step: Usually, it takes a couple of hours to finish the verification process and open the account. When done, you will receive the username and password to your MiTrade Live Account.

    4th Step: After that, you have to proceed to the MiTrade website, log in to your account and start to trade.

    Advantages of MiTrade MetaTrader 5

    There are various advantages to trading on the MiTrade MetaTradr 5 platform. Some of them include:

    • It is a strictly regulated trading broker.
    • It has an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform.
    • You do not have to pay any commission fees.
    • There is a minimum $1 deposit.
    • Different asset classes are available.
    • Client funds get secured in segregated trust accounts.
    • It is a powerful web-based platform that uses cloud technology.

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    MiTrade Trading Platform – Conclusion

    MiTrade is an award-winning brokerage company.

    Founded in 2011 in Australia, the company enables access to a wide variety of financial instruments for trading.

    MiTrade trades in forex, CFDs for indices, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

    The company operates through its own WebTrader trading platform. Their platform incorporates many features from trading View.

    MiTrade’s online trading terminal utilizes cloud technology. This allows clients access to their accounts from anywhere and anytime.

    MiTrade offers a solid selection of research like market news, daily market analysis, market sentiment, and market forecast. It also provides comprehensive educational material.

    The customer reviews of MiTrade are positive, and it makes for a great investment option.

    MiTrade Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the MiTrade trading platform:

    What is the MiTrade Trading Platform called?

    The MiTrade WebTrader is the main trading platform from MiTrade.

    This is a simple platform and it meets all the needs of traders. This is a web-based platform and there is a mobile app.

    The platform runs on all browsers and operating systems.

    Does MiTrade provide Web Trading?

    You can trade through the WebTrader online platform from MiTrade.

    The mobile app also works well.

    The web-based platform is intuitive and secure. It makes traders feel comfortable while securely trading on MiTrade.

    Is MiTrade MetaTrader 5 free to use?

    No commission or charges get charged on MiTrade.

    However, traders need to pay the low spreads of the company.

    This depends on markets. There might be some charges involved if traders hold their positions overnight.

    How to download MiTrade Trading Terminal?

    There is no need to download the MiTrade trading terminal as it is web-based.

    You can download the MiTrade mobile app. It is available on both Apple and Google stores.

    What features does the MiTrade Online Trading Platform have?

    Here are the key take-aways from MiTrade’s web-based trading platform:

    • It is a web-based platform.
    • Commission-free trading.
    • No withdrawal or deposit fees are needed.
    • No charge on inactive accounts.
    • Two types of accounts to choose from.
    • Excellent 24/5 customer care through live chat and email.

    Can I trade in Shares via the MiTrade Trading Platform?

    Yes, share trading is possible on MiTrade.

    The platform offers many stocks and company shares from all over the world.

    Is MiTrade Trading Terminal suitable?

    Yes, the MiTrade platform is ideal for traders who want a platform with strong security and various financial instruments.

    Can you use the MiTrade Web Trading Platform without EKYC?

    The MiTrade platform does not need any eKYC documents.

    There is an authentication process in place, and you can access the full trading functions only after completing the verification.

    Does MiTrade MT5 provide Tips?

    Yes, MiTrade MT5 provides a variety of educational and research-based tips for traders.

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