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Check out all details of NinjaTrader Commission or Brokerage Charges here. The company has its headquarters at Denver in America, commenced operations in 2003.

National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are their regulatory bodies.

Specialists in forex and derivatives trading are global online brokers of repute. Unique trading tools and analyzers bring ample opportunities to seasoned traders.

According to the securities traded, NinjaTrader offers four types of accounts with differing minimum opening deposits and terms.

Commissions similarly vary according to the platform versions.

Start with a free demo account that trains traders through simulated trading with no financial risks.

Traders in search of 24/7 adventure have access to powerful analytical tools. Free downloads and open-source trading enhance experiences.

NinjaTrader Commission or Brokerage Charges

NinjaTrader Commission is very low, which proves to be a blessing to traders in search of profits. The broker offers low spreads too.

NinjaTrader Commission or BrokerageNinjaTrader Brokerage is extremely low, and an example is the $0.09 per micro contract.

Account minimum opening balance is also low, like $400 in the individual account.

Stock index and day trading margins remain eternally low, like the $500 per contract fee.

The same NINJA TRADER Fees also apply to E-mini-S&P 500 (ES), Nasdaq (NQ), and Dow Jones Industrial Average (YM).

Gold (GC) and Crude Oil (CL) investments and trading have $1,000 margins.

Advantages of trading with NinjaTrader:

  • Gain access to low margins of $50 for micros and $500 for e-minis
  • Open individual trading accounts with $400
  • A free trading platform offers all the salient features.

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    Types of NinjaTrader Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account Type Individual Account
    Initial Deposit $50
    Spread 2 pips
    Commission None
    Leverage 1;300

    The company allows four kinds of trading accounts:

    • Traders can start an individual live trading account with an initial deposit of $50. Spreads are two pips while no commission is charged. Leverage stands at 1:300.
    • Two or more individuals may start a joint account.
    • A legal entity like a Corporate/LLC/Trust/Partnership may start a company account.
    • Aimed explicitly at American retired citizens, a tax-saving account helps them.

    Traders can choose between 3 license levels to invest on the NinjaTrader platform.

    Every trading account gets a free version of the trading platform.

    Trading Account fees

    The free license version does not require any fees to be paid.

    In the LEASE license, traders pay $720 annual, $425 semi-annual, and $225 quarterly fees.

    For the LIFETIME license, traders need to make a $1,099 single payment and $329 monthly payments across four months.

    Monthly inactivity fee without any buys and sell activity charges $25.

    NinjaTrader Account Opening Process

    First comes the acceptance of the financial risks involved in trading.

    Make a considered decision in favor of opening an account in this company.

    Further choices need to be made regarding the type of account like an individual, joint or corporate, and the preferred asset for trading.

    Online digital accounts follow a straightforward process of form filling and verification via uploaded documents, but the approvals could take a while, maybe a few days.

    Visit the official NinjaTrader website. Choose among the trading options like forex to decide upon the preferred assets for trade.

    Entering personal information like the name, date of birth, and address requires a lot of care. The spellings and the digits need to conform to legal documents uploaded as proof of identity and address.

    The company asks a few questions regarding the applicant’s finances and jobs held.

    An essential aspect of the application is the verification of identity and address as a part of security.

    Government-issued documents like a passport and driving license are usually submitted as identity proof, but other government-issued legal documents may also be accepted. The image in color should show the picture of the applicant clearly.

    In support of address proof, utility bills like water and electricity that are within three months old may be submitted.

    A bank statement or credit statement may also be submitted. The name and address should be clearly visible in the soft copy.

    Further questions ask for the account, like trading or speculation. Applicants have to accept the customer and disclosure agreements.

    After approval, an options request form needs to be filled.

    NinjaTrader Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit Options Credit or debit cards
    Withdrawal Options Credit or debit cards

    Deposits and Withdrawals of funds are both charged.

    Many brokers do not charge deposits, but NinjaTrader charges fees for deposits.

    A fee is charged while transferring money from the bank account to the trading account.

    The broker does not offer many methods of deposits and withdrawals of funds.

    Credit and Debit cards cover both the purposes like deposits and withdrawals.

    Every bank and financial company issues credit and debit cards that are now a days used by every individual.

    Bank transfers are not allowed for withdrawals. Electronic wallets also will not work.

    Withdrawals charge high fees at NinjaTrader like many other brokers. Traders need to pay $40 for international wire transfers.

    The charge for domestic wire transfers is $30. The costs depend upon the amount of money involved.

    NinjaTrader also charges a high inactivity fee of $25 per month. If no trading activity like buy or sell takes place after logging into the platform, such a fee has to be paid.

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    NinjaTrader Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies Trading No
    Commodities Trading No
    Indices Trading No
    Stocks Trading No
    Cryptocurrency Trading No
    ETF’s Trading No
    Bonds Trading No
    FUTURES Trading Yes
    OPTIONS Trading Yes
    Supported Cryptocoins  Coinbase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
    Total Tradable Assets NA
    Number Of Currency Pairs NA
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies 7
    Number Of Stocks 6
    Number Of Indices NA
    Number Of Commodities 6
    Number Of Futures 4
    Number Of Options 5
    Number Of Bonds NA
    Number Of ETFs NA

    NinjaTrader Brokerage caters to the basic assets on the CME, CBOT, NYBOT, and Eurex exchanges. Important tradable asset classes comprise the following:

    • Forex
    • CFDs
    • Stocks

    Regarding stocks trading, NinjaTrader can be combined with other supporting brokers like TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.

    Interactive Brokers suits veteran traders and offers a wide assortment of trading assets that include currencies and cryptocurrencies.

    They have the lowest margin rates, too, in the industry. Trade Options on CFDs and Equity markets also with the supporting brokers too.

    Trade forex global markets based on the industry-leading charts and analyses along with automation facilities at NinjaTrader.

    Low account opening with $400 and deeply discounted commissions are necessary distinctiveness of the trading process at NinjaTrader.

    Cryptocurrency trading is attractive too with Coinbase, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

    Indeed, the most attractive metal, invest in Gold trading ETFs like GLD and IAU.

    Silver is undoubtedly an attractive investment option too. Crude Oil offers immense trading opportunities also along with Metals and Agriculture.

    NinjaTrader Commission – Conclusion

    The Low NinjaTrader Commission attracts traders to their services.

    Commissions according to trading assets and account types are certainly among the lowest in any broker.

    Beginners certainly get encouraged by superb educational facilities. High-quality training materials help even veteran traders.

    The desktop trading platform caters only to Windows, and the broker does not maintain mobile apps.

    The range of assets for trading is not very extensive, with forex and options being offered. There is an easy solution.

    Traders can connect with an external brokerage account and increase the number of investment assets and types.

    Some crucial features offered are: Expert advisers, One-click trading, Offers Hedging, Offers Promotions, VPS services, API trading, Automated trading, OCO orders, Social Trading / Copy Trading, Trading Signals, Email Alerts, and Educational Services.

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    NinjaTrader Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the NinjaTrader Brokerage Charges or Fees:

    Does NinjaTrader charge commission?

    Many services are provided free, like the demo account that facilitates the advanced platform and lives data for free.

    NinjaTrader  Commission is charged but at very low rates.

    The individual account does not charge a commission but charges spread from 2 pips. In the Lifetime license, NinjaTrader  Charges are only $.09 per Micro contract.

    How much does NinjaTrader charge brokerage?

    Compared to the free version, a paid license for a live account includes a lower NinjaTrader Commission and greater features.

    Buying a Lifetime license consists of the Order Flow feature set with free upgrades.

    The individual account charges no commission but a spread of 2 pips.

    Brokerage is significantly lower in comparison with many other broking companies.

    What is the Minimum Deposit required in NinjaTrader?

    A total of 4 kinds of accounts are available with differing requirements.

    The individual account is the cheapest, which requires a minimum initial deposit of $50.

    The demo training account does not carry any charges, and simulated trading is free.

    Fees and commissions, spreads, and charges are very low, and that brings greater profits to traders.

    How much leverage does NinjaTrader provide?

    Leverage for the individual account stands at 1:300.

    Leverage refers to the borrowed funds that the broker supplies in margin trading. The leverage works both ways to increase profits and losses.

    Micro e-minis allows the control of a large contract value with a small investment.

    With leverage as the backbone of investments in markets, small capital and reduced risks are possible.

    How much is Spread at NinjaTrader?

    NinjaTrader Fees for Spread are two pips for the individual account.

    Traders need to remember that a great majority of traders lose money by betting on spreads.

    A small minority is successful in correctly anticipating the upcoming prices.

    Spread reduces the daily profit level. In forex trading, the spread is nothing but the difference between the buy price and the selling price of a pair of currencies.

    What types of Commission Plans are available in NinjaTrader?

    The individual account does not charge any commission, but an income is obtained from spreads which are two pips.

    Even otherwise, the NinjaTrader Commission and margins are extremely low.

    In the lifetime license, a commission of $.09 per Micro contract is minimal indeed. ES, NQ, and YM contracts have day trading margins of $500. GC and CL contracts have margins of $400.

    Does NinjaTrader provide Cryptocurrency for Investment?

    In 2018, NinjaTrader integrated with Coinbase to provide cryptocurrency market support to traders.

    As a result, Bitcoin and Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin market data became available to traders. Low margins and discount commissions make cryptocurrency trade attractive to traders. Micro Bitcoin trade attracts a lot of attention.

    Open the account with $400.

    Is NinjaTrader a legit Forex Broker?

    Yes, NinjaTrader is a legit Forex Broker. CFTC ( Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission) regulates the broker’s use of encryption for safety.

    It is considered as a leading broker for options and forex trading, the excellent reputation in addition to regulations makes NinjaTrader a safe broker to entrust with money.

    Since no money scandals exist in the records, it may be assumed that the broker is trustworthy.

    Can I invest in NinjaTrader for $5?

    With $50 as the minimum opening deposit in the individual account, it will not be feasible to trade with $5.

    Though commissions and spreads are generally small and among the lowest in the industry, the minimum opening deposit is comparatively high.

    The only possibility is the demo training account that does not require any payment.

    Are there any hidden charges available with NinjaTrader?

    The broker has specified the various NINJA TRADER Charges associated with their services.

    Except for the demo training account, the other live accounts specify minimum opening deposits.

    Similarly, withdrawal fees and inactivity fees are some other required payments. Commissions spreads and leverages are again plainly fixed.

    There is no possibility of hidden or surprise charges being imposed upon traders.

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