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Get to know about NinjaTrader Partner Program or Franchise Models here. Martin Franchi launched NinjaTrader in 2003 with the headquarters in Denver, USA.

Regulated by NFA and CFTC, NinjaTrader runs offices in Bamberg, Germany, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Best Partner Program Affiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA $1200
Second Level commission NA
Commission Withdrawal Bi-Weekly
Partner Code Activation 3 Days
Affiliate Cookie Tracking Up to 60 days

A leading global online broker, the company deals in derivatives like futures and options.

Why not join the robust business as a NinjaTrader Partner? Set up a powerful online trading business with all the vigorous NinjaTrader facilities to support the venture.

Multiply incomes manifold as compared to the independent trading activities. Though financial risks always bother the trader, ways and means exist to minimize such dangers.

With NinjaTrader, you are in safe hands with the training, support, and marketing materials.

NinjaTrader Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEO Martin Franchi
Established Year 2003
Publicly Traded No
Total Employees 100+
Regulations NFA, CFTC
Headquarter Denver; offices in Bamberg, Germany, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Join the NinjaTrader Affiliate Program and never look back.

NinjaTrader Partner or FranchiseGo from strength to strength. Choose from a variety of feasible high-income partner programs according to the level of trading experience.

Starting simple makes a lot of sense with the complexities coming later with the broadening of skills.

Why not start with the free Demo account that teaches live trading with no financial risks? Spend the virtual $10000 on simulated trading.

Partner Programs or whatever name they are called like branches and affiliations help build up the company.

Several such partner schemes with eligibility criteria help affiliates commence a fabulous journey. Don’t forget that hard work is involved.

Considering the low initial costs in some schemes and the high commissions earned, it does seem like a worthwhile enterprise.

Along with super incomes, imagine the level of job satisfaction while running a successful independent venture as an affiliate!

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    Types of NinjaTrader Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner Type Affiliate Program Introducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPA $1200 $36 for each client + 10 % from the income of your sub-partner
    Cost Associated No Minimal
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD  29 Monthly qualified Account Up to $1200
    Code Activation Time 2-3 Days 3 Days

    The NinjaTrader attractive partner schemes have elevated many traders with vast potential earnings.

    Effort and dedication along with the company mentorship can bring huge professional success.

    Affiliate Program

    Choose the best Partner Program with $1200 Revenue Sharing or CPA. You do not pay any associated costs. Partner Code Activation takes 2-3 days.

    Affiliate Cookie Tracking works for up to 60 days. Bi-weekly commission payouts are possible. Second-level commission details are unavailable.

    The Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD required is 29 Monthly Qualified Accounts.


    Not every trader may be capable or interested in running an affiliate program.

    A simpler partnership program is the role of the Introducer who helps develop the company contacts with introductions to qualified traders.

    Setting up an Introducer program carries costs but that is minimal. Earnings in the introducer programs are high and would boost monthly incomes.

    Revenue Sharing or CPA amounts to $36 for each client + 10 % from the income of the sub-partner. Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD may go up to $1200. Code Activation Time usually takes 3 days.

    White Label Partnership

    Details of this partner model have not been revealed.

    NinjaTrader Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program $1200
    Introducer $36 for each client + 10 % from the income of your sub-partner
    Authorized Partner NA
    White Label Partnership NA

    Join the NinjaTrader Franchise and be assured of high monthly incomes according to the level of involvement. Global trading markets have many opportunities to offer.

    Perhaps a small beginning could gradually develop the infrastructure for independent trading as an affiliate.

    Starting on a part-time basis, professional development could result in a major source of income that generates great gratification too.

    Revenue sharing in the Affiliate Program amounts to $1200.

    If you join the Introducing Business Partner program where you connect qualified traders with the company, the incomes are very good.

    You earn $36 for each client + 10 % from the income of your sub-partner.

    Regarding some other franchise arrangements like White Label Partnership and Authorized Partner, the details are not mentioned.

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    NinjaTrader Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program  29 Monthly qualified Account
    Introducing Business Partner Up to $1200
    Authorized Partner NA
    White Label Partnership NA

    When you initiate a NinjaTrader Sub Broker program, some costs are associated with a security deposit.

    Every service requires a fee or caution deposit and the trading business deals with money all the way.

    Further, trading carries extreme risks of financial loss with the entire investment being sometimes lost.

    NinjaTrader does not insist on large partner costs and offers hefty commissions that ensure high incomes.

    If you decide to set up the Affiliate Program, it requires 29 Monthly Qualified Accounts. As an Introducer, the deposit may go up to $1200.

    Infinite potential for high incomes motivates many traders to research markets and become active in the global market. Research the several incredibly attractive franchise offers.

    NinjaTrader Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit scheme Yes
    Real-Time Commission calculation Yes
    Second Level Commission Up to 10%
    Personal Account Managers Provided
    Multiple Payment Systems Available
    Sub-Affiliate system Available

    NinjaTrader Franchise sets out very attractive terms that bring ample returns on investments.

    The superb infrastructure and study and training materials at NinjaTrader result in a win-win situation.

    Personal Account Managers show the way amidst the endless complexities of the trading world.

    If you wish to join the NinjaTrader Affiliate Program or Sub-Affiliate system, that is also possible.

    Multiple Payment Systems make it very convenient indeed in numerous countries with a variety of currencies.

    Among the many NinjaTrader attractive offers is the Zero Deposit Scheme with no initial costs.

    Along with high commissions according to the nature of the franchise, Second Level Commission extends up to 10%.

    NinjaTrader Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age 22+ Years
    Business Experience Minimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification  No basic qualification/degree
    Desired Profile Business in Similar Field

    If you wish to pursue a trading career as a NinjaTrader Sub Broker, the dramatic decision attracts high returns. Study the eligibility criteria carefully to see if you qualify.

    The requirements are not many but a business experience, preferably in trading, is preferred.

    That would be an advantage to ensure success.

    A minimum of 1-3 years of such experience is required and verified through service certificates from employers.

    You should have completed 22 years or older to qualify.

    Educationally, there is no minimum qualification insisted upon like a degree or diploma. Business education would certainly be a plus point in addition to the business experience.

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    How to Become a NinjaTrader Business Partner?

    Make a positive beginning and decide to become a NinjaTrader Partner.

    A prescribed procedure needs to be followed to fulfill a few formalities.

    Along with a few important personal details, some documents will be required for verification reasons.

    Don’t ever forget that fraud is common online and trading can result in money losses.

    • Click on the ‘Become a Business Partner’ button.
    • A popup form appears that needs to be carefully filled with personal details.
    • Make sure that the information is legally valid and according to government-issued
    • After the form is submitted, the company official will contact you.
    • Get the documents ready that will confirm Identity, Residence address, Education, and Work Experience.
    • Discuss your business plan with the official and reach a consensus.
    • According to the discussion, a legal agreement is drafted and signed.
    • Now you are ready to launch the trading venture at the level decided upon.

    Documents required to Start NinjaTrader Franchise

    Essentially, 4 types of legal documents are required that support claims of Identity, Residence address, Education, and Work Experience.

    In addition, the contract drawn up with NinjaTrader would also be required.

    • Identity proof is usually supported by the passport. Alternatively, other government-issued documents like a driving license, PAN card, or Voters ID would also be accepted. The document must contain a clear picture of the applicant with name and signature.
    • Residence address proof is usually indicated by a bank statement or credit card statement. Utility bills of water and electricity are also accepted. The document must contain the name and address clearly.
    • Certificates that pertain to education, indicating a degree or diploma.
    • Service certificates that mention the designation and years of service.

    Support Provided by NinjaTrader Partner Program

    Back Office Support Available 24/5
    Trading Support Yes
    Dealing Support Yes
    Marketing Support No
    Multilingual Promotional Materials Yes
    Training Support Yes
    Commission Tracker Provided

    Dreams of the NinjaTrader Partner Program and trading success would not be possible without the superb support provided by the leading broking company of international renown.

    In addition to the free demo account for training beginners, affiliates gain access to a great variety of Multilingual Promotional Materials.

    Partners come from several countries and multilingual materials help to spread the messages faster.

    Back Office Support is available 24/5 and makes it possible to obtain advice in difficult situations. The support certainly brings greater confidence.

    Get Marketing Support from the experts while setting up an independent affiliate trading business.

    Trading and Dealing support are invaluable to make difficult decisions on investments, assets, and strategies.

    Benefits of NinjaTrader Sub Broker Program

    Everybody is in search of fulfilling careers that provide job satisfaction along with high earnings.

    Becoming a NinjaTrader Partner assures you of both.

    When you associate with the experts, along with a researched understanding of global markets, immense opportunities open up.

    Along with sustained customer support across the rough patches, look forward to a delightful partnership to transform the future.

    A NinjaTrader Sub Broker works on easy terms with a minimum of fuss.

    Associated costs and deposits being minimal, the commissions and incomes are high.

    Study the commission percentages or the fees for introductions and realize how high the incomes can get.

    Affiliates need to be dedicated, smart, and pioneering and avoid taking excessive risks.

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    NinjaTrader Partner Program – Conclusion

    With time and patience, a NinjaTrader Partner finds plenty to be happy about. Basic business experience is necessary.

    NinjaTrader provides all the resources you need to set up a successful partnership according to the chosen level of involvement.

    Choose from the multiple franchise models and grow along with the company.

    Avoid haste. Make good use of the training and research material available in plenty in this superb trading platform.

    Experts, seniors, and customer support enhance trading comprehension and safe investments. After the starting problems are overcome, it is a safe and lucrative adventure amidst the sometimes difficult market conditions.

    NinjaTrader Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the NinjaTrader Affiliate Program:

    Does NinjaTrader have an Introducer Model?

    Yes. NinjaTrader Partner programs have several models and one of them is the Introducer plan. All the affiliate programs generate high incomes.

    At minimal cost, you can become an introducer of qualified traders to the company. For each client that you introduce, you are paid $36 + 10 % from the income of your sub-partner.

    Is NinjaTrader having multiple Franchise models?

    NinjaTrader has a variety of franchise models and partners can choose which suits them best. Affiliate Program, Introducer, and White Label Partnership are some of the choices.

    Joining these programs requires no expense or minimal expense. Incomes are high as $1200 in the affiliate program.

    Introducer too has high returns and generates $36 for each client and a commission.

    What is NinjaTrader Sub Broker Commission?

    NinjaTrader Franchise commissions vary according to the program, assets, and investments involved.

    As experienced and expertise increase in trading markets, the revenues received get higher.

    Revenue sharing has the highest income in the affiliate program with $1200.

    The Introducer model of revenue sharing is also attractive with $36 for each client introduced and an additional commission.

    How much is the NinjaTrader Franchise Cost?

    Some minimum partner cost or deposit thresholds are prescribed by NinjaTraders.

    These costs are worthwhile in view of the assured high incomes but diligence and research on markets will be required in addition to dynamic company support.

    In the affiliate program, 29 Monthly Qualified Accounts are required. In the Introducer program, the deposit goes up to $1200.

    Does NinjaTrader provide Referral Program?

    NinjaTrader Partner programs provide referrals like introducing qualified traders to the company.

    Such alliances help to grow the earning potential and influence of the company across many countries.

    Along with the Introducer referral program, the highest earnings come from the affiliate program.

    Using the smart facilities at NinjaTrader, why not set up an independent trading unit in collaboration?

    What is the NinjaTrader Referral Revenue Model?

    Traders are constantly attracted to the NinjaTrader low fees and costs while commissions paid out are very high, resulting in vast incomes for partners.

    They offer Zero Deposit schemes and a second level commission of 10%.

    Real-Time Commission calculation helps get authentic figures. Affiliate Program revenue sharing brings $1200. The Introducer Program pays $36 for each client with a commission.

    Is NinjaTrader Partner Program Free?

    NinjaTrader Partner Program has some associated costs that are minimal wherever applicable.

    The affiliate program requires 29 Monthly Qualified Accounts. In the Introducer Program, the deposit may reach $1200. White Label Partnership and Authorized Partner details are not revealed.

    In spite of the minimal costs, the incomes generated are high with researched careful trading and avoiding excessive risks.

    Does NinjaTrader provide Training Assistance?

    The splendid NinjaTrader platform and the associated infrastructure contain a wealth of information and expertise along with smart digital tools.

    Along with the free demo training account without risks, ample training materials abound for beginners and veteran traders alike.

    With customer support and expert advice, trading is usually successful and lucrative without heartaches.

    How to own a NinjaTrader Franchise?

    The process commences with the filling up of a form with personal information. Supporting documents will be required.

    After the form submission, a discussion takes place with company representatives about your business plans.

    After a consensus is reached, a legal agreement is drafted. Then, after the completion of formalities, you are ready to launch the franchise at the level agreed upon.

    Does NinjaTrader Affiliate Program provide Support?

    Traders and partners receive sustained support from NinjaTrader in diverse aspects of the trading business.

    Along with research materials and charts, live support is certain whenever controversies arise. Back-office support works 24/5/.

    Marketing support helps to develop trades. Multilingual promotional materials help in countries with a variety of linguistic backgrounds.

    Training support and commission tracker also help.

    Become a Partner Now! – Fill up the Form

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