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LWD Ltd owns LQDFX that is registered in the Marshall Islands. Established in 2015, LQDFX quickly gained a favorable reputation among the leading Forex brokers with two awards.

Following a straight-through processing system (STP) and no dealing desk (NDD) model, LQDFX offers quality services worldwide.

Extensive customer support extends across 24 hours 5 days a week. Traders from different levels find much to be satisfied with the multilingual facilities.

Investment and successful trading dreams find realization with their expertise and analytical resources.

Having no conflicts of interest with clients, the trading system has no quota. Services are fast as lightning and no interference comes from the dealing desk.

About LQDFX App

LQDFX Mobile App benefits immensely from the MetaTrader 4 trading software. The mobile app has both versions for Android and iOS-based mobile phones.


Desktop trading may be more comprehensive but the mobile app includes several technical indicators and charts.

The mobile app contains a majority of functions like interactive charts, internal transfers, and one-click trading.

Convenient alerts and notifications may be set so that an absence from the device does not result in a loss.

Among the leading affiliate programs in the market, LQDFX Mobile Trading App benefits the referred clients who trade. Experienced and skillful partners can earn high commissions.

LQDFX Trading App avoids complexities with the STP model with every trade included in the company aggregator for the most profitable prices ensured by leading liquidity banks.

Close contacts with company representatives help the process of safe trading.

Whether by means of live chat, telephone, or email, dedicated customer support in several languages extends around the clock on business days.

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    LQDFX Mobile App – Top Features

    Here are some of the Unique Features of LQDFX Mobile App –

    Extensive global coverage

    LQDFX Mobile App clients are found across the continents in multiple countries ranging right across Australia to the south to Canada in the north.

    Works on unique MetaTrader 4

    LQDFX Mobile Trading App works on MT4 that shines in its class of software and came before MT5.

    MT4 is the right choice for all types of traders. MT4 has a sensitive design and works like a dream.

    Also, MT4 contains 50 or more technical indicators that may be customized. Besides, it contains 30 types of charts and 9 timeframes.

    MT4 also offers an automated trading facility through expert advisors. Explore market histories in-depth in 30 languages.

    Trading instruments

    Along with forex pairs, LQDFX Mobile App trading deals in precious metals and global stocks, energy, and agricultural commodities.

    The 71 forex pairs include 7 majors, 21 minors, and 43 exotics. Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum figure among the 16 precious metals.

    Global stock indices include 21 items. Energy and agricultural commodities are of 6 kinds.

    Educational Programs

    Since the LQDFX Mobile Trading App involves extensive financial risks, LQDFX offers a range of educational courses for the tutoring of traders.

    • Beginner’s Course teaches the basics like terms, concepts, methods, and strategies.
    • Trading tools cover most aspects of trading and benefit the trader of experience.
    • Trading Strategies show the way to expert trading and higher profits.
    • An introduction to ECN is a mighty trading tool.
    • Metatrader tutorials extensively teach the trading process and one module is meant for the mobile version.
    • Forex ebooks deliver ample learning materials for successful currency trading.

    The LQDFX Trading App offers 5 kinds of accounts

    • Micro with a minimum deposit of $20
    • Gold with a minimum deposit of $500
    • ECN with a minimum deposit of $500
    • VIP with a minimum deposit of $25,000
    • Islamic with a minimum deposit of $20

    Salient Benefits

    • $20 minimum deposit
    • Negative balance protection
    • ECN accounts
    • Tight spreads

    Client security via SSL

    SSL encryptions ensure safety. Client funds being stored separately from company capital, they would be returned if the broker is liquidated.

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    How to Set up LQDFX Trading App?

    Working on MetaTrader4 software, LQDFX Mobile Trading App works without a hitch in both android and iOS versions.

    Not only do you invest and reap the profits if trading wisely, but the apps also serve the purposes of research and market awareness.

    The simple user-friendly mobile app facilitates multiple orders and displays pending orders. Benefit from price alert push notifications too.

    In Google Play Store, the mobile app is called MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading which has a file size of 7.4 mb.

    It has more than 10 million downloads. With a 4.6 star rating, it has over 65,000 reviews.

    After clicking Install, the app downloads within a few seconds. Now click Open and proceed with the account setting up.

    The demo page introduces you to a variety of useful information for traders including the latest data. Virtual currency in the demo account amounts to USD 100,000.

    New account registration takes you to the android or iOs versions.

    Login, password, and investor details are auto-generated. Keep the information safe.

    By signing up on MQL5, you can access all the trading services. In the registration process, the email address has to be entered.

    The company will dispatch a password. Confirm it at the email address.

    Logging in with Facebook or Google credentials is possible alternatively.

    You have to agree to the website policy and terms of use.

    How to own LQDFX Mobile Trading App?

    Convenient for traders at all levels, the MT4 design and features are stunning. Supporting about 30 languages and presenting 50 technical indicators, you can customize the 30 trading options.

    Opt for advanced trading infrastructure and low pricing with LQDFX. MetraTrader4 and expert advisers help set up automated trading. MT4 for windows, android, and iOS extend the company’s reach globally.

    Reach the market depths with advanced technical analysis, ultra-fast executions, and one-click trading.

    Starting with the download and setting up of the app, the question of eligibility to trade arises.

    Before starting the account, some compliance questions need to be answered.

    In the 3-page LQDFX Registration Form on the broker’s website, fill in the name, email, phone number and click next. Now fill in the date of birth, address and choose a password.

    After filling up financial and employment information, you have to fill in the trading experience, currency, and platform.

    Now you reach the client area to download the preferred platform, followed by the deposit and the commencement of live trading.

    Make use of a variety of educational materials provided by the company that includes live videos to understand the MT4 trading system well.

    MQL4 language-developed thousands of plugins and 24 analytical tools are some exceptional features.

    Advantages of LQDFX Forex App

    Among the numerous rewards of LQDFX are lightning-fast services and Advanced Technical Analysis, One Click Trading, and Advanced Charts.

    Trading in the depths of the markets is safer with negative balance protection.

    MetaTrader 4 has long been accepted as the industry standard software with the instinctive interface and a range of features that can be adjusted to suit client requirements.

    Researching the market and trading turns out to be a smooth, confident experience.

    • The ultra-modern trading infrastructure offers competitive rates and very fine order execution.
    • Along with currency pairs, trading extends to commodities, indices, energy, and precious metals.
    • LQDFX also welcomes algorithmic traders. Automated trading uses Expert Advisors in MT4.

    LQDFX App – Conclusion

    LWD Ltd offers powerful online trading opportunities through LQDFX Mobile App that includes trading apps in Windows, Android, and iOS systems through MT4.

    Multiple STP accounts along with the MT4 analysis tools result in effective trading practices.

    LQDFX Trading App received two Awards for its achievements:

    • Best ECN Broker 2017 –
    • Most Reliable Broker 2017 –

    A demo account is available for training purposes without the dangers of losing money.

    The minimum deposit is $20 and a 100% deposit bonus is offered up to $20,000.

    Payment platforms include FasaPay and Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill, Visa, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin.

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    FAQs on LQDFX MetaTrader4 App

    Here are some FAQs related to LQDFX MetaTrader4 App –

    What is the LQDFX mobile app called?

    LQDFX Mobile Trading App uses MetaTrader 4 trading software for both the desktop versions and the LQDFX Mobile App that is available on both Android and iOS.

    MetaTrader 4 has achieved a sterling reputation and came before MetaTrader 5. In terms of the exceptional interface and technical facilities, MetaTrader 4 works supremely well.

    Though the desktop may have more facilities, the mobile apps include all the essential trading needs.

    Does LQDFX provide an iOS App?

    MetaTrader 4 that LQDFX uses offers both the applications, iOS, and Android versions.

    Apple uses the iOS version on iPhones and iPads.

    Offering both versions provides extensive coverage across the world. MetaTrader 4 also applies to a Windows version.

    Windows, iOS, and android have spread across the whole world which means many millions of devices with a variety of screen sizes use them.

    How to download LQDFX Trading App?

    According to the choice of LQDFX Mobile App android or iOS version, they are available at the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

    The android app may be downloaded at the Google Play Store by clicking install.

    The iOS version is similarly available at the Apple Store. It takes less than a minute to download, install and open the app on the phone or tablet.

    What features does LQDFX App have?

    A robust and powerful trading infrastructure based on MT4, LQDFX attracts clients from across the world.

    A sound reputation and excellent customer service attracted two awards. However, it does not trade in crypto-currencies and is not licensed or regulated.

    Australia and Thailand, Canada and the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Singapore are some countries from where clients trade in LQDFX.

    Can I trade in Shares via LQDFX Forex App?

    Following ECN and STP processes, LQDFX facilitates CFD trading and Forex. You can trade in 7 non-metallic commodities and 71 forex currency pairs in addition to 12 equity indices.

    Avoid haste and emotions during the trading process.

    Observe all the valid indicators and seek expert advice during the trading process.

    It is advised to work with the demo account, to begin with.

    Is the LQDFX Android App good?

    Though established not so long ago in 2015, LQDFX has earned a distinctive reputation with superior service and infrastructure.

    The android app is doing very well and is used by clients in numerous countries globally.

    Almost all the features are found on the app versions with a few additional details in the desktop version.

    Does LQDFX App have EKYC Feature?

    The process of verification of identity and address has become mandatory in official matters especially where money transactions are concerned.

    LQDFX Mobile App follows such an EKYC procedure as a part of the application process.

    Passports and Driving Licenses are commonly used for verification through other legal government-issued documents. Identity documents must contain a picture of the client for LQDFX App verification.

    Does LQDFX MetaTrader4 App provide Tips?

    The extensive 24-hour customer support across 5 working days may be used to clarify trading doubts and queries from the LQDFX App experts.

    The technical information generated by MetaTrader 4 contains live charts and indicates the live trends to help know the markets in detail.

    Educational courses for clients starting from the beginner to advanced levels also help the trader work with success and minimum risks.

    How to Buy Currencies via LQDFX App?

    With 71 pairs of currencies, it is a vast choice.

    The leverage for the FX pair trade is 1:500. GBPUSD and EURUSD spreads are 0.1 while the EURGBP spread is 0.5.

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