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Check out all details about LQDFX Partner Program or Franchise Models here.

Ever since Jamarcus Williams set up the online trading platform LQDFX in 2015 in the Marshall Islands, they have enjoyed sterling success.

Though unregulated by any authority, their exceptional service is convincing.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 35-55%
Second Level commissionUp to 10%
Commission WithdrawalWeekly
Partner Code Activation3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 30 days

Offering trades in 7 non-metallic commodities, 71 forex currency pairs, and 12 equity indices, LQDFX runs a bustling affiliate program too.

Become an LQDFX Affiliate Partner and gain access to some of the highest revenue sharing percentages.

Not every trader is happy with lonely trading but many wish to set up their own independent venture.

That dream is quite possible with massive support from LQDFX who take care of all the details.

LQDFX Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOJamarcus Williams
Established Year2015
Publicly TradedNo
Total Employees0-50
HeadquarterMarshall Islands

As an LQDFX Partner, you need lots of interest along with some business experience.

LQDFX Partner or FranchiseThough there is so much to learn like in the demo account, trading involves severe financial risks. Start with the demo account to learn without money risks.

A demo account requires no payments and you get $5000 in virtual money for simulated trading.

Extend your reach, scope, and influence in the online trading world as an LQDFX Sub Broker. With their dedicated support, there is nothing to worry about except that word of caution that applies to every trader.

Join an immensely powerful online infrastructure that works through some of the finest platforms like MetaTrader 4.

As long as you have the basic business foundation, look forward to a challenging world of researching markets and earning hefty commissions.

Become a Partner Now! – Fill up the Form

    Types of LQDFX Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 35-55%Tier 1 CPA: $250
    2nd Tier CPA: $200
    Tier 3 CPA: $100
    Cost AssociatedNoNo
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD100-799
    $800 plus
    Code Activation Time2-3 Days3 Days

    Here are the types of LQDFX partner programs:

    Affiliate Program

    With no associated costs in commencing the program, the huge Revenue Sharing or CPA could extend from 35-55%.

    The Referred Trader’s Deposit ranges from 100-799 USD/EUR/GBP.


    If you wish to introduce qualified clients to LQDFX, the revenue sharing or CPA is rather attractive.

    The ranges are Tier 1 CPA: $250, Tier 2 CPA: $200, and Tier 3 CPA: $100.

    Remember that no associated costs need to be paid. Referred Trader’s Deposit could reach $800 plus. Code activation requires 3 days.

    MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program

    Though this program has associated costs, the massive Revenue Sharing or CPA extends up to 80%. Information about Referred Trader’s Deposit is not available.

    Code activation requires 7 days.

    White Label Partnership refers to another program.

    LQDFX Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate ProgramUp to 35-55%
    IntroducerTier 1 CPA: $250
    2nd Tier CPA: $200
    Tier 3 CPA: $100

    As an LQDFX Partner, immense income is assured provided you are willing to take pains, research the market extensively and be very active.

    As an LQDFX Franchise, many have made colossal incomes after setting up their own establishments under the guidance of LQDFX.

    Revenue Sharing in the LQDFX Affiliate Program extends from 35-55% and that can mean big money.

    Revenue Sharing in the Introducing Business Partner Program has 3 tiers. They are Tier 1 CPA: $250, Tier 2 CPA: $200, and Tier 3 CPA: $100.

    Revenue Sharing information in the White Label Partnership and Authorized Partner programs is not available but they are worth investigating.

    Considering the vast response to the partner programs, be assured that such membership would be very worthwhile in terms of income and job satisfaction.

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    LQDFX Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program100-799
    Introducing Business Partner$800 plus

    Services are usually charged but some services are free of initial deposits or charges.

    The broker offers several such free services like the demo training account.

    LQDFX Partner cost or deposit in the Affiliate Program amounts to 100-799 USD/EUR/GBP, according to the prevailing currencies in the different countries.

    LQDFX Introducer client needs to pay a deposit of $800 plus.

    White Label Partnership and Authorized Partner cost or deposit is not informed.

    The systematic and popular partner programs with LQDFX have helped many traders to make vast fortunes inconvenient online trading.

    Connected worldwide, it is possible to work even during travel and vacations. All that is needed is a passion and skills for trading.

    LQDFX Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level CommissionUp to 10%
    Personal Account ManagersProvided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemNA

    LQDFX Franchise terms and conditions remain among the best in the industry and bring you immense opportunities to research and invest in global online markets.

    Investments are not always required and precious money need not be put at risk.

    All the dealings and transactions are fair and the dangers of money being lost or misused are absolutely nil.

    Along with the variety of attractive franchise programs with high commissions, LQDFX offers the Zero Deposit scheme. Second Level Commission works up to 10%.

    Traders gain access to Multiple Payment Systems.

    Commissions are no mystery with the Real-Time Commission calculation being available.

    Personal Account Managers help traders get rid of their problems with timely and efficient assistance.

    LQDFX Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age18+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileBusiness in Similar Field

    Traders who wish to earn additional incomes as an LQDFX Sub Broker need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria.

    These are necessary because not everybody can become a successful trader. Further, the risk of losing money is perennially present.

    Regarding age, the applicant must be over 18 years of age, having completed 18 years.

    No minimum educational qualification is specified in terms of a degree or diploma. Some business experience is necessary and preferably in the trading business.

    Almost every business follows somewhat similar procedures like buying and selling. A minimum business experience of 1-3 years is required.

    Make sure that you do possess the minimum age and experience requirements to pursue a successful trading career.

    Along with the required age and experience, dynamic interest in trading would be an asset.

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    How to Become an LQDFX Business Partner?

    You need to go through the application process and support it with official documents.

    The procedure is rather simple when you understand the requirements.

    Keep the required documents ready, especially the certificates that support Identity, Residence, Education, and Experience.

    • Search for the “Become a Partner” button.
    • When you click on that button, you see a pop-up form.
    • Fill up the form very carefully with authentic details and submit it when completed.
    • Expect the company representative to call you back soon after form submission.
    • Now be prepared for a meeting to discuss your business plans.
    • When business plans are mutually agreed upon, a legal contract is drafted and signed.
    • After the formalities are completed, you can start establishing the business.

    Documents required to Start LQDFX Franchise

    Official legal documents support every application and are strictly required. Make sure that they are all genuine government-issued legal documents.

    • Identity proof documents like a passport or driving license that show the image of the applicant clearly.
    • Residence proof could be a bank statement or credit card statement. Utility bills like water and electricity of recent times would also suffice. The name and address should be clearly reflected in the document.
    • Educational certificates like degrees or diplomas support qualifications.
    • Job experience is shown through service certificates from employers.
    • The partnership contract as drawn up with the company is also required.

    Support Provided by LQDFX Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportYes
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    Join the LQDFX Partner program and witness amazing trading opportunities online, far greater than independent trading.

    LQDFX tutors partner with the entire system needed to succeed.

    Having fought so many battles online, they possess the researched methods to get at the market secrets and conquer uncertainties.

    Digital technology has brought reality to many trading dreams.

    Affiliates and traders are never left in the lurch to fend for themselves. Dedicated LQDFX Back Office Support remains available when you need it most.

    Marketing support in the nature of study and analysis often through digital tools keeps the traders busy.

    Commencing with study and training, traders are never at a loss for ideas with LQDFX.

    Trading and Dealing support answer many common queries the traders are faced with.

    Multilingual Promotional Materials cater to various segments of the global trading industry. Traders are shown every little step along the path to trading success.

    Reach greater heights than can be imagined.

    Benefits of LQDFX Sub Broker Program

    As an LQDFX Sub Broker, you gain access to rare trading opportunities in an independent establishment where income may touch the sky.

    Some traders are more motivated than others, the attraction of setting up your own organization is challenging. LQDFX supports you all the way with the superb digital infrastructure.

    The online market experience may initially appear overpowering but support and training like the demo account will help get rid of the anxiety.

    According to the eligibility criteria, you need at least 1-3 years of business experience, preferably in trading.

    Once the basic foundation is laid, the online trading adventure should turn out to be very successful.

    How far you can reach is up to the individual. Learn from the numerous success stories.

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    LQDFX Partner Program – Conclusion

    Make a positive decision in favor of becoming an LQDFX Partner.

    Many brokers would welcome you online as an affiliate. Why LQDFX? Do some sustained research and read the online reviews besides inviting the opinions of colleagues and friends.

    LQDFX belongs to the top of the online broking universe and has lots to offer.

    Confidence would naturally arise after knowing about the company details.

    Consider several factors before making the decision.

    Avoid hesitation and take a positive attitude.

    Make sure that you understand the financial risks involved. With access to all the strong support that LQDFX offers, there is not much to worry about.

    LQDFX Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the LQDFX partner program:

    Does LQDFX have an Introducer Model?

    Yes. The Introducer Model is a kind of business partnership where introductions of qualified traders are made to LQDFX.

    Incomes by introductions are Tier 1 CPA: $250, Tier 2 CPA: $200 andTier 3 CPA: $100.

    No associated costs arise. The Referred Trader’s Deposit would be $800 plus. Code activation requires 3 days.

    Is LQDFX having multiple Franchise models?

    Yes. LQDFX Franchise has a few different models.

    They are Affiliate Program, Introducer, MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program, and White Label Partnership. All of them fetch high earnings with less cost.

    MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program has the highest revenue sharing or CPA at 80%.

    Affiliate Program offers revenues of 35-55%. The Introducer model follows a tier pattern. Tier 1 CPA: $250, Tier 2 CPA: $200 and Tier 3 CPA: $100.

    What is LQDFX Sub Broker Commission?

    LQDFX Sub Broker commission is not fixed but varies according to the type of program you choose to join.

    LQDFX Affiliate Program offers revenue sharing or CPA of 35-55%.

    If you join the MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program, the revenue sharing could reach 80%. Associated costs are very low or nil but certain other conditions have to be met.

    How much is the LQDFX Franchise Cost?

    LQDFX Franchise offers the Affiliate Program with no associated costs. Similarly, the Introducer system too has no initial associated costs.

    In comparison, MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program does have certain associated costs.

    As seen in several programs, the investment is very little or nil while revenue sharing offers a high percentage.

    Does LQDFX provide Referral Program?

    LQDFX offers several attractive partnership programs with amazing commission rates.

    The highest revenue sharing or CPA of up to 80% comes from MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program.

    The commission of 35-55% comes from the affiliate program. If you wish to become an introducer of qualified traders, the payments are Tier 1 CPA: $250, Tier 2 CPA: $200, and Tier 3 CPA: $100.

    What is the LQDFX Referral Revenue Model?

    Revenue sharing or CPA differs according to the partnership model.

    For an introducer, the revenue system is Tier 1 CPA: $250, Tier 2 CPA: $200, and Tier 3 CPA: $100. Affiliate programs offer 35-55%.

    MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program offers up to 80%.

    Associated costs are very low. White Label Partnership and Authorized Partner revenue details are unavailable.

    Is LQDFX Partner Program Free?

    Associated costs are little or nothing according to the different partner programs.

    No associated cost is imposed in the affiliate program but the deposit is 100-799 USD/EUR/GBP. Introducer scheme deposit is $800 plus but there is no associated cost.

    MultiBank Group’s Franchise Program has an associated cost. White Label Partnership and Authorized Partner details are unavailable.

    Does LQDFX provide Training Assistance?

    Absolutely. The training through the free demo account commences training with no financial risks.

    Further, various channels of communication provide ample study and research materials that promote an understanding of the real market conditions.

    The result is confident training with excellent opportunities to generate high incomes. Affiliates make very high incomes.

    How to own an LQDFX Franchise?

    A formal process of application supported by legal government documents would start a glittering career as an LQDFX franchise.

    After the application and the verification of documents comes the meeting to discuss business details.

    A contract of partnership is drafted and signed. Now you are ready to commence a franchise business with unlimited opportunities. LQDFX provides all the support required.

    Does LQDFX Affiliate Program provide Support?

    As a leading online broker, LQDFX renders extensive support in every sphere of trading.

    Research and training materials in several languages, real market condition data, and customer support help to generate a close understanding of trading.

    Though the risk of money loss is always present, careful decisions with the help of seniors usually prove to become profitable trading ventures.

    Become a Partner Now! – Fill up the Form

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