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Check out everything about IronFX Partner Program or Franchise Models here.

If referring a friend to IronFX can earn you and your friend great profits, would you mind the little extra effort to put in? No, right!

Who doesn’t want a second source of income and that too putting very little effort?

So, Iron FX has come up with three partnership programs that can help you have a second source of income and that too just by referring prospective clients to the brokerage house.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 30-50%
Second Level commissionNA
Commission WithdrawalTimely Payout
Partner Code Activation3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 90 days

In this article, you will be reading about the Iron FX Affiliate program in detail. We will discuss all three programs in detail and individually.

Then the revenue structure, costs, offers, support, and all other details that will be helpful for you to choose wisely will be in this article.

So, let’s begin with the basic details of the Iron FX franchise program.

IronFX Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOMarkos A. Kashiouris
Established Year2010
Publicly TradedNo
Total Employees100-200
RegulationsASIC, CySEC, FCA

Iron FX started its journey in the year 2010 and Markos A. Kashiouris founded this brokerage house back then.

IronFX Partner or FranchiseThe firm has been widely accepted across the globe amongst traders and investors. It provides multiple partnership programs out of which the affiliate program is the most sought after.

The Iron FX sub-brokers are satisfied because of multiple reasons like timely payouts, high payouts, great support, and many other benefits.

We will be discussing the same in the later section of the article.

The firm has been encouraging people to join its IronFX Partner program to benefit both parties.

Moreover, it is really easy and hassle-free work as you just need to refer to the people from your circle who are interested in trading.

You can earn revenue share out of the revenue generated by your referred traders.

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    Types of IronFX Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducerWhite Label Partnership
    Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 30-50%Tier 1 CPA: $250
    2nd Tier CPA: $200
    Tier 3 CPA: $100
    Up to 65.2%
    Cost AssociatedNoNoLow Startup Cost
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTDdeposits $250 & executed 10 closed trades$800 plusNot Required
    Code Activation Time2-3 Days3 Days2-4 Days

    Iron FX provides three types of partnership programs –

    Affiliate Program:

    The primary partnership program is the IronFX affiliate program.

    This is the most popular partnership program that this brokerage house offers.

    The partners under this program can earn up to 50% of the revenue generated by their leads.

    The conversion rate in this program is around 40% which is a high conversion rate as per the market. You can earn up to $1000 CPA and even rebates up to $15 per lot.

    There is also a $1000 signup bonus which you can earn when you join the program.

    Moreover, there is a commission bonus as well at 30% provided you meet the requirements.

    The IronFX affiliate program has no cost attached to it.

    This means that you can join this program without any hefty charges.

    All you need to do is to find the right investor and refer them to the broker.

    The referred trader needs to keep a deposit which is around $250.

    After you apply for the program and get accepted, your partner’s code will be activated within a maximum period of 3 days.


    The next Iron FX partner program is the introducer program.

    Under this program, you can earn the commission as per the tiers.

    If you are a tier 1 introducing business partner then you can earn CPA at $250.

    For the tier 2 and tier 3 partners, the CPA is $200 and $100 respectively.

    Again, there is no cost involved in this partnership program as well.

    You can join for free.

    However, your referred trader needs to make a deposit of $800 which is fixed and that is required you to start earning a commission.

    The code activation time here is also 3 days.

    White Label Partnership:

    Iron FX franchise can be a white label partnership as well.

    This is a premier partnership program where you can earn up to 65.2% of the revenue share.

    This partnership has certain charges attached to it however the charges are very nominal.

    Since there are some charges for becoming this partner with Iron FX, there are no referred traders’ minimum deposit requirements.

    You start earning from the very first trade only. The code of will is activated within 2-3 days from the date of the application being accepted.

    So, these are the three Iron FX partners programs that you can choose from. You can choose as per your idea of doing business and your clientele and connections.

    IronFX Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate ProgramUp to 30-50%
    IntroducerTier 1 CPA: $250
    2nd Tier CPA: $200
    Tier 3 CPA: $100
    White Label PartnershipUp to 65.2%

    Earning a share of revenue is the main purpose of becoming an Iron FX sub-broker and thus it needs to be evaluated well.

    So, the revenue share you will be eligible to get is according to the partnership program you choose.

    If you become the IronFX affiliate program partner then you will be earning between 30% and 50% of the revenue. This is the revenue that the referred trader generates.

    The revenue share would be calculated when the referred trader trades on the IronFX platform successfully. After ten successful trades, the commission will be added to your profile.

    If you choose the introducer program, then you will be earning between $250 and $100 as per the tiers.

    You can see in the table above that there are three tiers under the introducer program. You can choose anyone and accordingly your commission will be fixed.

    If you are choosing the White Label partnership then you can earn up to a whopping 65.2%. This is the highest any broker in this sphere offers.

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    IronFX Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate ProgramDeposits $250 & executed 10 closed trades
    Introducing Business Partner$800 plus
    White Label PartnershipNot Required

    In the above section, you learned about how much you can earn. In this section, let us talk about the cost you need to bear to become the IronFX partner.

    IronFX levies no charges or fees or security deposit requirements on its partners except for the While Label partnership program.

    However, that is also a very nominal amount.

    The thing you need to keep in mind is that you do not have to pay any fees or charges or deposits for becoming either an affiliate partner or introducer.

    However, the person you are referring to must deposit a certain amount.

    If you are an affiliate, then your referred partner must deposit a minimum amount of $250, and then after ten closed trades, you will be able to get the commission.

    If you choose the introducer program, then you need to have referrals who can deposit $800 as the minimum deposit.

    Since the White Label partnership already has a cost component, there is no such security deposit requirement from the referrals.

    IronFX Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level Commission10-20%
    Personal Account ManagersProvided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemAvailable

    Apart from commissions, you can earn and enjoy a lot of perks from Iron FX which includes –

    • Zero deposit partnership scheme which lets you become a partner without any deposit or charges
    • A real-time commission tracker for keeping records of all the commissions you generate
    • You can earn a commission when your referred trader refers someone to Iron FX. This is known as second-level commission. It can be anywhere between 10% and 20%.
    • You will be having a personal account manager who will help you with all the back office and other support.
    • There are multiple payment systems
    • You can also benefit from the sub-affiliate system

    IronFX Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age22+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileBusiness in Similar Field

    The eligibility criteria for becoming the Iron FX partner are as follows –

    • The age of the partner needs to be above twenty-two years
    • He or she must be well aware of business practices and must have relevant experience.
    • There is no minimum educational qualification requirement
    • If you have a website or blog on trading or finance, it will be a plus as you can attract viewers and convert them into clients

    These are the basic criteria which the interested and prospective partners must fulfill.

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    How to Become an IronFX Business Partner?

    To become an IronFX partner you need to follow the steps mentioned below –

    • Click on the tab “Become a partner” on this webpage
    • Fill the form duly that appears on the screen. Make sure all the details you are providing in the form are correct and as per the documents you are going to upload
    • Then click on submit button
    • Once you submit you will be redirected to the IronFX
    • There you have to upload the documents – the list is given in the section below this
    • After you upload the documents, your application will be verified by the IronFX associates
    • Once verified, you will be sent a mail with confirmation and login credentials of your partner account.
    • You can log in and start earning commissions.

    Documents required to Start IronFX Franchise

    The documents you need to submit for the partnership application with Iron FX are –

    • Copy of any government identity card – Voter or AADHAAR
    • Copy of PAN Card
    • Educational certificates (optional)
    • Business experience certificates
    • Proof of business
    • Address proof
    • Documents of partnership

    Support Provided by IronFX Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable 24/7
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportYes
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    The IronFX partners are quite lucky as they get all kinds of support from the brokerage house.

    Be it the back office support for 24 hours, seven days a week, or the trading and dealing support. Iron FX also provides marketing and training support too.

    There is multilingual promotional support provided by the brokerage house. The commission tracker facility is also available from the team of IronFX.

    Benefits of IronFX Sub Broker Program

    The benefits of becoming an IronFX partner are as follows –

    • You can enjoy exclusive packages
    • High returns
    • Round the clock support
    • Support for Promotional activities
    • A world-class brokerage house with multiple products and services to sell
    • State-of-art technology
    • Multiple payment options
    • Instant withdrawal facility
    • Secure and safe

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    IronFX Partner Program – Conclusion

    The IronFX partner’s program is one of the most sought-after partners programs in this arena. It has all three types of franchise models which you can choose from.

    The revenue share for the partners is huge. Iron FX can help you set up a second source of income with their partnership facility.

    IronFX Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IronFX partner program:

    Does IronFX have an Introducer Model?

    Yes, IronFX has an introducer model. Under this franchise model, you can introduce new clients to the brokerage house and earn a commission.

    The introducer franchise model has three tiers as well.

    Is IronFX having multiple Franchise models?

    There are three franchise models of IronFX. They are:

    • Affiliate Program
    • Introducer
    • White Label Partnership

    What is the IronFX Sub Broker Commission?

    The IronFX sub-brokers commission are as follows –

    • Affiliate Program – 30% to 50% of the revenue
    • Introducer – $ 250 for tier 1, $200 for tier 2, and $100 for tier 3 partners.
    • White Label Partnership – Up to 65.2% of the revenue share

    How much is the IronFX Franchise Cost?

    There is no cost involved in the affiliate and introducer program of IronFX.

    In the White Label Partnership program, there is a minimum cost you need to pay.

    Does IronFX provide Referral Program?

    Yes, all the partnership programs are referral programs.

    You can refer anyone interested and qualified trader and can trade and deposit the required amount.

    What is the IronFX Referral Revenue Model?

    The IronFX revenue model is mainly for the affiliate and White Label partnership program.

    You can earn up to a whopping 65.2% under the White Label partnership and up to 50% starting from 30% under the affiliate program.

    Is the IronFX Partner Program Free?

    Yes, two of the Iron FX partner programs are free – they are affiliate and introducer programs.

    For the white Label program, there are certain charges involved.

    Does IronFX provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, Iron FX has elaborate training assistance.

    They provide all kinds of training to the new partners so that they can learn about all the products and services of IronFX.

    This helps them strongly pitching the products and services to prospective clients.

    How to own the IronFX Franchise?

    The process to own the IronFX franchise is easy.

    You can choose any of the three partners’ programs. Then apply for the one you have chosen and if your application gets approved, you can be an IronFX franchise holder.

    Does IronFX Affiliate Program provide Support?

    Yes, IronFX provides all types of support ranging from the back office to dealing and promotional support as well. It has a dedicated team for each of them.

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