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The broker offers Angel One Speed Pro as its Trading Platform.

While starting to trade here, the traders need to know that the Angel Speed Pro is a desktop-based application.

Hence users having Windows devices can only access the online trading platform.

But there is no need to stress as the users can access all the features here just like other trading platforms.

The only reason why users choose the Angel One Trading Platform over any other medium is that it generates advanced charts with technical analyses of the stock market.

In addition, the users can get all market updates timely, thanks to the live streaming feature.

Angel One

About Angel One Speed Pro

Before using the Angel One Speed Pro Platform, the users need to know the broker’s basics. The broker was incorporated back in 1987.

angel one speed proSince the broker is a leading stockbroker in the country.

The best part about the broker is that it offers some fantastic trading terminals, which allow traders to make the most of their trades.

It means that users can make maximum profits when they choose Angel One Trading Platform.

Users rely on the Speed Pro trading terminal because it offers quick trading with all the features.

The platform has all the features that a trader expects in a robust trading system.

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    Angel One Trading Platform – Top Features

    The Angel One Trading Platform offers plenty of features that make trading easy for traders.

    Market Watch

    The traders can easily watch the market by clicking on the home tab under the main menu tab.

    Users need to click on the market watch option and right-click on the Viewing tab. They can choose any market they want to watch, including Sensex or MCX.

    The unique thing about the feature is that it allows traders to add scripts as and when they want.

    Scrip Addition

    The Angel One Speed Pro trading platform allows traders to add scrip. Users can access the feature by heading to the home tab.

    On clicking the option to market watch, they need to look for a search bar where they can add some scrips under the menu.

    They can add scripts from any segment they want. All users need to do is enter the script details, and they can add to the market watch.

    If traders want to place an order for the scrips under market watch, then they can select the scrip and click on the option to buy an order.

    They can get the chance under the Home tab.

    On the left side of their screens, the users can see a small order box where they need to update the price and quantity to complete the order.

    Once the users place an order, the search bar will show updates, and users will also get a message.

    At the same time, the users can place an order to sell their script by clicking on the home button.

    They can also use some keyboard shortcuts to place orders.

    Research Bar

    The Angel One Trading Terminal includes a home tab where traders can access different reports like order reports, net position reports, and fund reports.

    Not only reports, but users can also use the charts and newsflash options.

    When it comes to the research bar, the users can get their hands on detailed reports and summaries from the research team.

    The main aim here is to educate the users so they can make quick decisions.

    There are some daily reports like order reports, market strategy, market outlook, weekly reports, and net position reports.

    The report talks about the subject matter on that specific day. Besides all of these, the report captures particular points related to a company’s performance.

    Top five features

    The best part about this feature is that users can take a look at a maximum of five bids.

    By studying the top bids, users can buy and sell in NSE and BSE markets. The users can access the feature under the home tab.

    Excel feature

    The Angel One Trading Terminal offers one of the most user-friendly features that is none other than the Excel feature.

    It means the users can watch the market in their Excel sheet.

    The market watch scrips are exported to one’s Excel, and the live rates are updated.

    It allows users to make their preferred analysis.

    The option is available under the home screen.


    The feature allows traders to customize the user interface to some extent so that it is user-friendly.

    Under this, the users can move the menu tab to increase the viewing space.

    The users are also free to personalize their order quantity and performance indicator.

    In addition, there is a ribbon bar where users can use their most used tools.

    All traders need to do is click on the drop-down option on the ribbon tab and click on the added feature.

    How to set up an Angel Speed Pro?

    It is pretty easy to set up the Angel One Online Trading Platform. All one needs to do is follow some steps.

    First, the users need to install the trading terminal on their Windows devices.

    Once the installation process is complete, they can see an S icon on their screen.

    Users will have easy access to SpeedPro when they enter the client code. When the application launches, the users can check if the app is installed.

    The first tab is the login tab, where users need to provide the client code and their login password.

    When users log in, they can see the home screen showing their existing market tasks and trends.

    The viewing space is a general menu where users can find all the features.

    • The users need to follow a link to download the trading platform and save it to any desired location.
    • Once the installation is complete, users can run the file on the exit. file.
    • Then users need to launch the app and enter their login credentials.
    • Furthermore, to get the login ID, users need to request Upstox. The users need to know that they have to be active clients of the broker to get this service.
    • Lastly, traders are good to use the Angel One Online Trading Platform.

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    How to Own Angel One Web Trading Platform?

    Before traders on the trading platform, they need to open an account with the broker.

    The broker offers two types of accounts, mainly trading accounts and Demat accounts.

    The best part here is that the broker doesn’t charge a penny to the traders to open an account.

    But to avail of the Speed Pro trading terminal, one needs to be an active client.

    • Firstly, traders need to open a demo account.
    • Once they click on the option to open a demo account, a popup form will reflect on their screen. The traders need to fill in all the correct details so that the broker’s executives can connect with them.
    • Furthermore, the traders need to align with the KYC verification process, which will confirm the user’s identity.
    • Ideally, it takes a day to open an account with the broker. After that, all users need to do is follow the instructions that the broker’s executives suggest.
    • Once the process is over, the traders can start trading on the Angel One Web Trading Platform.

    Advantages of Angel One Speed Pro

    Here are various benefits of Angel One Speed Pro –

    • The platform allows traders to get live market updates and get news on stocks.
    • It is seamless to install the trading platform as traders need just to follow some steps.
    • The users can easily keep the stock market at their fingertips without a doubt.
    • The research bar here makes the decision-making process easy for clients.
    • They can also see their portfolio as a script-wise purchase.

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    Angel One Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Users can download the Angel One Web Trading Platform on their PCs. The trading terminal allows traders to trade and organize the scrips the way they want.

    Above all, the trading platform offers everything that traders need to trade in the stiffly competitive market. Thus, one can manage their undertakings with versatility.

    Angel One Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Angel One trading platform:

    What is the Angel One trading Platform called?

    The angel one trading platform is also known as the SpeedPro trading terminal. When traders get their hands-on trading terminal, they can easily trade on the app.

    Above all, it is pretty easy to install and use the app.

    Is Angel One Speed Pro Free to use?

    Yes, the Angel One trading platform is free to use.

    The traders can get a hand on the trading terminal by just following some steps.

    First, to download the trading platform, traders can head to the official site or can google it.

    Lastly, they can use the account without burning a hole in their pocket.

    How to download Angel One Trading Terminal?

    It is seamless to download the Angel One trading terminal.

    The traders need to follow some simple steps.

    But to run the trading terminal on their devices, traders need to complete the EKYC verification process.

    What features does the Angel One Trading terminal have?

    The Angel One trading terminal offers plenty of features.

    These features allow traders to make better trading decisions, and it also makes trading interesting for them.

    Some of the features available here include adding scripts, market watches, etc. Hence traders can not only avail themselves of a plethora of perks but also avail unique features.

    Can I trade in Shares via Angel One Trading Platform?

    Yes, traders can trade in shares through the Angel One trading platform.

    But, not just shares, traders can check other investment avenues, which make trading interesting for them.

    Is Angel One trading terminal suitable?

    Yes, without a doubt, users can say that Angel One trading terminal is suitable.

    It is mainly because the broker offers all types of facilities which makes trading suitable not only for beginners but also for professional traders.

    Hence users can choose the trading terminal without any stress.

    Can Angel One Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No users cannot use the Angel One trading platform if they fail to comply with the EKYC norms. The EKYC verification is mandatory for all users.

    Under this process, users need to submit some documents which prove their residential and identity proofs.

    The traders can avail of their login credentials once they offer all the relevant documents and complete the EKYC process.

    Does Angel One provide Tips?

    Yes, Angel One trading terminal offers tips to the users.

    The prizes are ideal for new beginners as they can make quick decision-making. Furthermore, these tips also allow users to earn more profit.

    How to Buy Currencies via Angel Speed Pro?

    Users need to monitor the currencies if they wish to trade in currencies.

    Then, the users need to ensure that they make perfect decisions so they can make the most of their strategic investment.

    Then, they can place orders once users get the ideal pricing in the market. Lastly, users need to click on the buy option after selecting the currency pair.

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      Angel One

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