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Here is a Detailed review of Sharekhan Products.

Sharekhan is a successful trading and investment company that is located in India. They have a huge base of customers and numerous offices throughout India. The broking house operates its website that help people out with online trading and other services.

They have provided several trading related products in the market. Most of them will be reviewed in this article to help others out. Sharekhan Products are diversified a lot. Customers can choose to open an account or utilize the site for free if they want.Sharekhan Offers & Complaints

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    Sharekhan Equity Trading

    Among various Sharekhan Products, Equity Trading is most widely used. As they are registered with NSE and BSE, they can help people with trading in Equity Cash and Equity Derivatives. The services are available in their online website as well as their branches.

    Sharekhan Commodity Trading

    Sharekhan has made it easier for people to delve into commodity trading. Being accredited by both MCX and NCDEX, this becomes hassle-free. They also have a representative who helps out people regarding the procedures. Commodity Trading is another highly used among multiple Sharekhan Products.

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    Sharekhan Derivatives – Sharekhan Futures & Options

    These instruments are relatively new and can also be said to as complex instruments. The derivatives brought along a wide range of new concepts in the trading industry. The name says it all – a derivative instrument is an instrument which derives its value from something else which is generally referred to as an underlying asset. Thus, while dealing in such an instrument, one needs to keep a track of the underlying asset and then place the bet.

    Since the instrument is not an asset itself, thus, one need not pay the amount to buy a derivative rather only a proportion which is referred to as margin to place an order for buying/selling of a derivative.

    The instruments can be bucketed in two – options and futures.

    The option instruments gives the investor an option to buy/sell the stock i.e. the option is being bought/sold and not the scrip itself. For instance, if you are not sure about buying a scrip, then you can buy an option to buy that scrip. Herein, you will have to merely pay a margin money. If until the expiry of that option, you do not want to buy that option, then the option would expire and lapse.

    The future instrument involves into entering into an agreement or an advance agreement for buying/selling a particular stock at a particular price. So, while dealing, one will buy/sell such an agreement and not the stock itself.

    These instruments are also very popular among the business class for hedging their positions.

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      Sharekhan Currency Trading

      This involves trading in currency of various nations. The trading herein happens on account of fluctuation in the currency value. Currency is also traded as a derivative instruments i.e. one can also trade in currency future and currency options.

      Sharekhan Trade Tiger Terminal

      Trade Tiger is the benchmark of Sharekhan as it provides the best way to trade. They update it frequently to include as much new stuff as possible. Some of the services provided in the Trade Tiger are Fast and Reliable Feeds of the Market, Multiple Exchange Platforms, Best Charting Facilities and much more. The account can be personalized, and online training becomes free. Online support desk and the advanced tools make it a great product for anyone

      The Website by Sharekhan

      Along with offline destinations, Sharekhan has produced a brilliant website. It is detailed, simple and clear for everyone to enjoy trading and investment. There are several sections to visit based on the interest of the people. There is help all the time, and the website has been revamped in the best possible way. It is also updated regularly to include market news.

      The Sharekhan App

      Opening the laptop to check market new or trade can get tedious at times. So, Sharekhan has brought a smartphone app for both Android and iOS. The app is interactive and has a simple interface. Live charts have been made easier and new is available about both national and international market. Online trading is very quick when a customer utilizes the app.

      Sharekhan Mini Website

      In low coverage areas, people may need to use 2G. For this reason, Sharekhan has created the Mini website that utilizes low bandwidth. One can trade with it or utilize it for checking their portfolio or market news. It is perfect for people who still own a basic 2G phone.

      So, this is a comprehensive review of the products that one can avail from Sharekhan. It has diversity to it, and more information can be gathered from Sharekhan’s website. Every product has been meticulously described by them to help customers in decision making.

      Sharekhan Products Ratings by Customers

      Sharekhan Products

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