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Find out everything about Fondex Trading Platform here.

As you need a trading account for trading, likewise you need the trading platform as well. So, trading accounts are also a necessity for traders like trading accounts.

So, you need to choose the right trading account which can enhance your overall trading experience, isn’t it? For that, we have curated some great information about the Trading Platform.

Fondex is a well-known brokerage house, and it provides trading platforms in multiple formats to suit the traders’ requirements.

The Fondex Trading terminal is powered by cTrader which is one of the most reliable and fastest terminals at present.

So, in this article, you will get to read about the Fondex Online Trading Platform in detail.

We will have the features, benefits, process of downloading, installing, and setting up the platforms in this article to assist you in your trading journey with Fondex.

About Fondex Trading Platform

Fondex provides a trading terminal, mobile trading platform, automation-based trading platform, and all these are powered by cTrader.

Fondex Trading PlatformThere is also a copy trading application of Fondex which you can use.

So, all these Trading Platforms have few things in common like they all are super reliable. They have multiple layers of security to protect users’ data.

All these platforms come with advanced trading features and tools.

If you are looking for an online trading platform then that is also available with Fondex Online Trading Platform.

This is a web-based trading platform that is also powered by cTrader.

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    Fondex Trading Platform – Top Features

    Let us now come to the salient features of the Fondex Trading Platform.

    As all the platforms are run on the cTrader software, the features are the same across all these platforms. The variation comes in the form of the volume of trading.

    While the Trading terminal is for heavy and active traders, the Fondex Web Trading Platform is for lite-trading and the mobile application is for trading on the go.

    So, here are the details of the features that all these platforms have for enhancing the traders’ trading experience.

    Pre-installed technical indicators and interactive charts:

    There are more than seventy pre-installed technical indicators that you can use on the Fondex Trading Platform.

    These are in-built indicators so you do not need to add from any third-party source or anything.

    These are highly indicative and help in entering and exiting the market at the right time as much as possible.

    Apart from the in-built indicators, you can also have customized indicators as well.

    These customize indicators you can use on your own for multiple trading cues.

    Moreover, there are interactive charts that are also integrated with all these indicators.

    On these charts, the indicators point out the price, moment to enter or exit the market.

    Multiple Time frames:

    In trading, timing is crucial and so are the time-frames. In any technical chart, you can find the time-frames for which you can view the chart.

    For instance, the most common time-frames are 1 min chart, 5 minutes chart, 1-day chart and similarly there are 1 year and 1 week as well.

    With the Trading Platform, you can have 26-time frames varying from mini seconds to multiple years.

    This helps you to analyze the market, assets in a very detailed manner.

    Quick trade:

    With quick trade, you can place orders with one click. The searching option is easy with the ISN or the company initials.

    It is an essential feature that helps in capturing the right market price at which you want to trade.

    Market depth:

    One of the most important features of using the Fondex Trading terminal is that it helps you understand the market depth.

    This market depth is crucial for taking any trading decision.

    Global market coverage:

    You can have news and updates from different parts of the world as the platforms of Fondex have global market coverage as well.

    Market filters:

    There are advanced market filters to scan the right asset that you want to trade.

    This also helps in searching the instruments you require for trading easily and quickly.

    Easy navigation:

    The user interface of the Fondex Trading Platform is super easy and thus navigating through the platforms is also super easy.

    Multiple setting:

    Finally, we come to the customization part where you can customize the platforms as per your need and preferences.

    There are multiple language options, currencies, then themes, and a lot more to make your trading experience worthwhile.

    How to set up a Fondex Trading Terminal?

    The process of setting up the Fondex Trading Platform is super easy and all you need to do is to –

    • Open the Fondex website
    • There you need to go to the Platforms tab
    • Download the desktop version which is the Fondex Trading terminal.
    • Then you can open the platform and customize it
    • Firstly, start with adding the favorite instruments which you often trade
    • Then you can add different alerts and notifications to keep up with the market

    Moreover, you can also change the language settings of the platform as you’re your language preference. There are multiple options to choose from.

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    How to Own Fondex Web Trading Platform?

    Before you can set up the Fondex Web Trading Platform you need to own it.

    To own the platforms which Fondex offers, you need to –

    • Open a trading account with Fondex. You can click on this tab “Open Forex Account” button below
    • Then you need to fill the form that appears on the screen of your device
    • Make sure that all the information you are entering in the form are correct
    • Then you can submit it once it is duly filled
    • Now, you have to wait for the Fondex associates to get in touch with you
    • Once they contact you, they will ask for documents that you need to upload. These documents are required for KYC verification purpose
    • Then after your KYC is complete, you will receive a mail with the login credentials of your trading account.
    • Finally, you have the account login which you need to enter to log into any trading platforms and this is how you own the platforms.

    Advantages of Fondex Trading Platform

    Now we are coming to the advantages of using the Fondex Trading Platform and there are many such advantages which include –

    • All the Trading Platforms come with multiple features. The engineering of these platforms has been done with software that is top-notch to provide the investors and traders speedy execution of traders.
    • Then there are multiple trading charts, and indicators to assist in the technical analysis of the assets.
    • Moreover, you retain all the controls over all your trades
    • Furthermore, there is FXStreet economic calendar and news which helps you in the fundamental analysis as well and stay updated
    • With this Trading Platform, you can do copy trading as well.
    • Moreover, the cTrader terminal of Fondex has automation tools and trading options as well.
    • Finally, to top it all, the Fondex Online Trading Platform has been chosen as the Best cTrader Broker, Best Technology corporate leadership awardee, Best FC trading Platform in 2018, and a lot more.

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    Fondex Trading Platform – Conclusion

    To conclude it all, trading with the Fondex Trading Platform means trading with the best in the market.

    Fondex is providing top-notch platforms for its traders and investors to enhance their trading experience.

    So, if you are looking for a trading platform that can work for you, and to enhance your trading experience, then you need to open an account and download the Trading Platforms.

    Fondex Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fondex trading platform:

    What is the Fondex Trading Platform called?

    The trading platform is powered by cTrader so, it is often known as cTrader terminal or mobile trading application.

    You can trade with ease and security on this platform.

    Does Fondex provide Web Trading?

    Yes, there is a Fondex Web Trading Platform as well.

    You do not need to download this platform. You can just open the same and start trading by logging in to it.

    Is Fondex Trading Platform Free to use?

    Yes, all Fondex platforms are free-to-use platforms.

    You can just have the trading account Fondex and then you can use all these platforms without any hidden or extra charges.

    How to download Fondex Trading Terminal?

    To download the Fondex Trading terminal you need –

    Visit the Fondex website, Click on the “Platform” tab

    On the right-hand side, you will find the download link. You have to click on “Desktop” under the version tab

    Once you click on it, an exe. file will open

    Then you need to run the exe. file and the terminal to install the terminal software on your desktop/laptop.

    What features does the Fondex Online Trading Platform have?

    The features which make Fondex Trading Platform are –

    Superior quality security

    Seventy in-built trading indicators

    Multiple language options

    Wide variety of tradable instruments

    Different customization options

    Can I trade in Shares via the Fondex Trading Platform?

    Yes, you can trade shares of different companies using the Trading Platform.

    All you need to do is to select the share you want to trade.

    Then click on the BUY or Sell option and enter the units and price at which you want to buy or sell and place the order.

    Is Fondex Trading Terminal good?

    Yes, the Fondex Trading terminal is known for its excellent interface, security, and great performance.

    It got many awards like the Best trading platforms awards multiple times.

    Can Fondex Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    The KYC is necessary for opening an account with Fondex.

    Then using the Fondex Online Trading Platform for real trading requires the Fondex account. So, without KYC you cannot trade.

    Does Fondex Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, Fondex has all research data and advisory support available on the Trading Platform.

    You can get daily market tips, trading tips, suggestions, top picks, and a lot more.

    How to Buy Currencies via Fondex Web Trading Platform?

    If you want to buy currencies using the Fondex Web Trading Platform you need to –

    Choose the currency pair you want to trade

    Enter which currency you want to BUY and which you want to Sell

    Enter the units you want to buy

    And then place the order

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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