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Online trading platforms are currently the most convenient way to build side-hustles.

You are only required to give a few minutes and hours to the market, and the best income source is ahead.

Just like the Trade360 Trading Platform that till now has helped many people in becoming successful traders.

Mainly due to the reason that Trade360 is a multi-asset trading platform.

Since not every market is essential to work as expected daily, it’s worth putting a few portions of your investment in other markets and assets.

Luckily Trade360 makes it happen at one place – on its trading platform – where you can trade the ETF, Stocks, Commodities, and much more.

However, this isn’t enough. You are exposed to certain excellent benefits upon signing up for a trading account at Trade360 that we’ll be discussing below.

About Trade360 Trading Platform

Trade360 Trading Platform continues to become a popular choice among traders. However, the reasons behind the rising popularity of Trade360 are very obvious.

Trade360 Trading PlatformIt is a multi-asset trading platform geared up with every essential tool you need to excel in your trading career.

CySEC regulation is another major thing that helps brokers to build a trusted image in the industry.

If we talk about the launch of this trading platform, Trade360 first made its appearance in the financial market in 2013.

Till then to now, the broker has built a global empire of its trading services. Trade360 Web Trading Platform currently handles a worldwide network of clients and isn’t limited to a specific region.

However, unlike other trading platforms, you are only offered MT5 access alone and not MT4. The web-trading facility is also available via web-trader.

Above all, the most notable thing we found out in this review was, the broker provides a self-select leverage facility which is an unusual thing.

Next, we have rounded up the key features of Trade360, which also gives us a solid insight into the broker’s overall excellence and its benefits to traders.

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    Trade360 Trading Platform – Top Features

    Trade360 Trading Platform gives you an elevated trading experience.

    But the major credit goes to the powerful features that the company attaches with its trading services.

    These features are as follows.

    Trade Multiple Assets

    You are allowed to trade multiple assets on a single trading platform.

    There’s no need to carry out an additional arrangement to park a portion of your investment in other assets.

    You can see every market here. Simply go to the asset section and start trading. However, the majority of the assets are tradable via CFDs.

    Financial Market News and Reports

    Financial market news and daily reports are other great features of the Trade360 trading platform.

    You can always stay updated with the ongoing activities in the market.

    You can keep your active eyes on ups and downs in the financial world.

    In addition, reports of a particular share, best performing and worse performing assets are also shared with clients.

    Educational Materials

    As you sign in to Trade360 Online Trading Platform, you can find a list of helpful guides and tutorials offered absolutely for free to traders.

    These educational materials aren’t less than a treasure for beginners because they make you skilled at trading if you are a novice.

    Multi-device access

    You can access the Trade360 trading platform on multiple devices.

    To simply put, mobile users can access Trade360 trading facilities via the MT5 trading app.

    On the contrary, desktop users can access trading support via MT5 desktop software.

    However, the web-trading facility works smoothly and is accessible on every device.

    A detailed draft of the commission

    This is an unusual thing. Not so many brokers share a detailed insight into their commission, spreads, and additional charges on their trading services, but Trade360 does.

    Multiple trading accounts

    Besides Trade360 Web Trading Platform, two different trading accounts, e.gStandard, and Zero spreads trading accounts are offered in MetaTrader 5, which is good.

    Multiple trading account access means you have the opportunity to self-select trading conditions.

    How to set up a Trade360 Trading Terminal?

    Let’s have a look at the account set-up process.

    After all, we have discovered so many great things about Trade360 Trading Platform that now it becomes equally essential to learn the account opening process at a glance.

    Here’s a detailed tutorial-

    • First, keep your Gmail ID ready to pass out the sign-up process
    • Now visit the Trade360 trading platform and enter this ID in the asked fields
    • Submit personal details, including proof that defines your legal identity in a particular country (e.g., driving license, Identity card, home address, bank details, passport size photo, etc.)
    • If the broker asks you to select account type before proceeding, then do the same because the step will be mandatory, no matter if you have registered or not registered to Trade360 Online Trading Platform.
    • After selecting a trading account and successfully submitting your sign-up and personal details, proceed.

    Although you can start trading at Trade360 via web-trader straight without any need for downloads or additional software installs.

    But if you prefer trading via MetaTrader 5, then, of course, you must know the whole process.

    To simply put, users trading via MetaTrader 5 and Trade360 services attached will initially need to download and run MT5 software on their device.

    Simply, link both trading accounts and software to build a complete trading structure.

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    How to Use Trade360 Web Trading Platform?

    The whole criteria of buying and selling assets at Trade360 Trading Platform is quite simple for a few assets.

    In contrast, you may require an additional helpful tutorial for most assets to execute a trade successfully.

    To simply put, the process of trading stocks/shares is limited to standard buying and selling activities.

    But you need to learn lots of other things too. Such as learning charts, knowing which indicators work pretty well in a particular time frame, etc.

    Trailing SL and TP is also a great practice you need to become skilled at to play safely in the riskiest market, such as CFDs.

    Trade360 Web Trading Platform doesn’t guarantee profits from particular assets. It is solely your learning and experience which helps you secure the profits that you desire.

    At the same time, if you are trading currencies, then make sure you have an idea about Pips, lots, and spreads.

    However, a demo account is the best way to learn the nitty-gritty of trading. Trade360 recommends using a demo account first if you aren’t good at trading.

    Even though you are a professional trader, you can still use a demo account to learn everything about trading practically.

    Advantages of Trade360 Trading Platform

    Coming above the standard features, account opening process, and the overall criteria of trading online at Trade360 Trading Platform, it’s time to discover the key benefits of the Trade360 trading platform at a glance.

    • Trade360 is a multi-asset trading platform.
    • CFDs trading is also available across multiple instruments
    • Self-select leverage facility is a genuinely fantastic thing
    • Trade assets via various trading accounts
    • Free educational material is one of the best things
    • A free demo account with virtual currency support is available
    • Industry-famous MetaTrader 5 trading platform is also available
    • Smoothness in the user interface is remarkable
    • Friendly customer support services
    • Easy to understand, and transpired draft of commission, charges, and spreads

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    Trade360 Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Ultimately, it won’t be wrong to say that Trade360 Online Trading Platform addresses traders’ varying needs and tries solving them all with its best-in-class trading services online.

    The broker makes trading easy for traders by adding multiple features to its services.

    You can learn and become skilled at trading while executing real-time trades at Trade360. The demo account allows you to practice your learning at Trade360.

    The unique feature of Trade360 is that you can self-select leverage for particular trading which is an unusual thing.

    Still, you need to know the terms and conditions attached with every specific feature and facility that Trade360 offers.

    Trade360 Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Trade360 trading platform:

    What Is Trade360 Trading Platform Called?

    Trade360 trading platform is an online trading platform where you can trade multiple currencies through a single interface.

    The platform has been a popular choice among traders because you are exposed to various trading features and useful functions which equally assist you across multiple trading verticals.

    You can find Trade360 on Google search results simply by mentioning ‘Trade360’ in the search box.

    Does Trade360 Provide Web Trading?

    Yes. Trade360 provides a web trading facility.

    You can access the web-trading facility exclusively via your web browser, whether you are a mobile user or a desktop one.

    The broker provides a web-trader facility via web-trader, which assures you about the server’s reliability and smoothness in trading.

    Is Trade360 Trading Platform Free To Use?

    No. Trade360 isn’t a free trading platform. Although it provides services at a reasonably lower cost, still, it is worth noting that trading services aren’t free here.

    You need to submit the minimum deposit amount and required consent to trade charges. Penalties are also levied on users at Trade360 trading platform.

    Demo accounts and educational facilities are the only things offered for free at Trade360.

    How To Download Trade360 Trading Terminal?

    You can download the Trade360 trading terminal simply from the web browser of app stores.

    In short, a link to download the MT5 trading platform can be found on the broker’s official website.

    At the same time, if you are a mobile user, then you can download MT5 in the application version.

    Application versions are available on both Apple app stores and android play store.

    What Features Does Trade360 Online Trading Platform Have?

    Trade360 online trading platform has multiple trading features focused on delivering a fantastic trading experience to clients worldwide.

    The multiple trading assets, diversity of trading accounts, and trading software choices are all some of the coolest features of Trade360.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Trade360 Trading Platform?

    Yes. You can trade in shares via Trade360 trading platform.

    You only need to learn the basics of trading, how exactly assets are traded, where and how to trail SL, TP to play a secure move must be learned first.

    The demo account is the best source to gain practical experience in trading.

    Once you are ready to trade, simply visit Trade360, download MetaTrader 5, simply log in to web-trader, and start trading stocks online.

    Is Trade360 Trading Terminal Good?

    Yes. Trade360 recommends both web-trader and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals.

    Both trading terminals work smoothly, thanks to their responsive interface and fast server.

    In no time, you can trade assets and conduct market research at your fingertips, which makes Trade360 trading terminal a brilliant thing.

    Can Trade360 Web Trading Platform Be Used Without KYC?

    No. the Trade360 web trading platform can’t be used without EKYC.

    You need to verify your identity to the broker first; only then will you be allowed to buy and sell assets as an average trader does.

    The process is mandatory because it builds a secure and trusted trading environment for all.

    Does Trade360 Trading Platform Provide Tips?

    Yes. Trade360 trading platform makes some beneficial educational trading available to its clients.

    You can learn the basics of trading and spruce up yourself to be an advanced-level trader. You can even execute all your learning in real-market conditions – right inside the demo account – without losing even a single penny.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Trade360 Web Trading Platform?

    You can buy currencies via Trade360 web-trading platform.

    Simply log in to your account >> Go to asset section >> select currencies>> select lot size>> and start trading as soon as you are ready.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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