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FXPrimus Trading Platform integrates innovations in its brokerage services that make it one of the favorite trading platforms for traders of this age.

Being a globally reputed broker, FXPrimus endeavors to fit every trader’s demands.

And providing multi-market access is also the key strategy of FXPrimus that attracts clients from different nations.

FXPrimus is a well-regulated online trading platform. Hence it becomes a trusted source for beginners too. If you also want to start trading at FXPrimus, read on.

This review covers everything about FXPrimus, from features, broker overview to key benefits. Let’s know more about this platform.

About FXPrimus Trading Platform

FXPrimus Trading Platform has been building a reputed spot for itself in the financial industry since 2009.

FXPrimus Trading PlatformThe trading platform has been regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) from South Africa.

The broker has been a trusted choice for traders worldwide because there are dozens of factors that make the FXPrimus MetaTrader 5 a popular source to begin trading online.

FXPrimus Web Trading Platform is famous for its user-friendliness. A decent internet connection and a smooth working device are the only components you need to consider to enjoy trading via the broker’s official website.

From swift executions of orders, instant withdrawals to unique functions, FX Primus capabilities benefit traders in many ways.

The broker is fully compliant with regulators so that you don’t encounter any crisis or lose your hard-earned money ever in the future.

Let’s catch a glimpse of tradable features that make FXPrimus a brilliant trading tool.

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    FXPrimus Trading Platform – Top Features

    FXPrimus Trading Platform takes every essential measure to provide a secure and fully reliable trading environment for its clients.

    Keeping them in mind, the broker adds every capability in its trading platform that has been discussed in the list of features below.

    Trading Calculators

    FX Primus believes that each of its clients should have access to every trading facility. Be it hundreds of tradable instruments or a trading calculator to weigh up PIP and profits.

    In addition, a currency converter is also provided to the users.

    Trading Tool Suites

    Trading tools are also offered to traders that are extremely helpful in identifying an ideal buy and sell price. Knowing exactly where the market will move is undoubtedly the biggest challenge.

    But trading tools by FXPrimus make it easier and fully manageable.

    Indicators, charts, and other risk-management tools make you feel confident about each asset you trade at the FXPrimus trading platform.

    Meta Trader

    FXPrimus Online Trading Platform provides trading services via MetaTrader 4 only.

    In addition, no trading platform support is available. From desktop to smartphone, mac to windows, android to iPhone, download MT4 in any operating system and launch trade.

    User Guide

    The user-guide manual ensures your trading journey is flawless and effective from start to end. How can you install meta trader on your devices? How can you link MT4 with the FXPrimus trading platform? All information has been detailed in the user guide.

    Demo Account

    The demo account or virtual trading account is also available. You can use a demo account for free and gain comprehensive knowledge of executing orders and trading assets online.

    The virtual environment of the demo account enhances the user experience since it is smartly designed to provide a realistic experience of trading.

    Educational Tools

    Weekly outlooks, live webinars, seminars, expert guests, videos, and blog tutorials are also available at FXPrimus.

    If you aren’t good at trading, educational tools are the best source to grasp the basics and advanced-level trading strategies.

    Bonus and Promotion

    FXPrimus Web Trading Platform also runs promotions and offers for its clients. You can also partner with FXPrimus or become an affiliate for the broker.

    How to set up a FXPrimus Trading Terminal?

    Let’s explore the account set-up process at FXPrimus Trading Platform if you also wish to become a member of this internationally recognized multi-asset trading platform.

    1. As usual, submitting log-in details is the primary step of opening a trading account. FXPrimus Online Trading Platform asks its users to submit email IDs and passwords and offers access to basic and free trading services. Do submit the needful and proceed with the next step.
    2. After that, you need to qualify for the EKYC process (submit, ID proof, Home Address, and Bank Details)
    3. Once your account is verified, proceed with the MT4 trading platform.
    4. Download MT4 trading platform on your device (Note: available for both window, mac, and smartphones)
    5. Create a link between MT4 and FXPrimus trading platform or take help from user-guide for ease of access.
    6. Set up the basic things, and launch your first trade.

    Discover the best performing trading strategies in educational tools. Explore tools, and carry out a deep market analysis. For better assistance, never forget to take advice from the demo account.

    You can access the demo account in the registration process right after log-in in to FXPrimus.

    There’s no need to provide EKCY Documents since the broker’s demo account is a free service.

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    How to Use FXPrimus Web Trading Platform?

    FX Primus Trading Platform uses advanced integrated tools and software to provide a premier quality trading experience.

    Still, beginners often face lots of challenges when it comes to launching the first trade.

    However, it also happens because traders aren’t fully aware of what their broker has to offer them. So let’s make it easier for you. Opening a trading account at the FXPrimus Web Trading Platform is easy.

    But for trading, you need first to understand the MT4 trading platform. The broker offers trading services predominantly via the MT4 trading platform.

    If you have experience in the past with Meta trader 4, getting started with FXPrimus shouldn’t be a big challenge to you.

    But if you are a beginner, it’s worth getting yourself familiarized with FXPrimus via a demo account.

    How can you execute orders? How to find assets and play strategic moves? You can better learn everything about trading via a virtual trading account facility.

    Though launching your first trade at FXPrimus isn’t a big battle that you can’t conquer. Indeed, it is extremely easy at FXPrimus.

    If you are a registered user at FXPrimus who recently has received an account verification message from the broker, simply log in to your trading account.

    Catch a glimpse of the asset section and find an ideal asset you find good for trading. Conduct market analysis using indicators and tools and execute orders online.

    Advantages of FXPrimus MetaTrader 5

    FXPrimus MetaTrader 5 benefits its users in multiple ways. The major benefits have been shortlisted below-

    • Trade multiple assets through a single platform
    • Instant order executions
    • Robust features and comparatively low trading fees
    • Trade via globally renowned MT4 trading platform
    • Demo account with virtual currency support is offered
    • Promotion and trading offers are available
    • The educational facility is truly remarkable
    • 24×5 hours friendly-customer support services
    • User-guide is also available
    • Access services on multiple devices

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    FXPrimus Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Before we end this discussion on the FXPrimus Online Trading Platform, let’s once again glance at the features and special elements of FXPrimus through this conclusion.

    FXPrimus is a regulated trading platform operational since 2009. The trading services at FXPrimus operate via the MT4 trading platform. Educational tools, deals, and promotions are also offered by FX Primus.

    Aspiring traders can settle on FXPrimus with confidence because it is a trusted choice among traders. To ensure you get instant resolution of your problems, the broker provides 24×5 hours customer support services.

    FXPrimus Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the FXPrimus trading platform:

    What Is FXPrimus Trading Platform Called?

    FXPrimus is a financial trading broker that provides brokerage services via its trading platform online.

    Such as, you can trade assets at FXPrimus using your smartphone and desktop devices.

    FXPrimus provides a trading facility via web-based and mobile apps to its users.

    Does FXPrimus Provide Web Trading?

    FXPrimus doesn’t provide a direct web-trading service to its users. The broker offers trading facilities via the MT4 trading platform.

    Hence, you need to download the MT4 trading platform on your device first to access FXPrimus trading facilities.

    Is FXPrimus Trading Platform Free To Use?

    Yes, you can use the FXPrimus trading platform for free since many services are offered at no cost.

    However, trading isn’t free. You are needed to submit a minimum deposit amount and need to comply with spreads and trading charges.

    How To Download FXPrimus Trading Platform?

    FXPrimus provides trading services via the MT4 trading platform only. Simply get the link to the MT4 trading platform from the broker’s official website and start trading.

    However, you can also install MT4 from the play store if you are a mobile user.

    What Features Does FXPrimus Online Trading Platform Have?

    FXPrimus trading platform has multiple trading features and instruments to offer to its users.

    You can trade multiple assets – all at the same time, conduct market analysis, learn trading strategies and get yourself better at trading via a demo account.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via FXPrimus MetaTrader 5?

    Yes, you can trade in shares via the FXPrimus MetaTrader 5. All you will be doing is, log in to FXPrimus MT5.

    Tap into the asset section, explore available instruments and commence a beautiful trading journey with FX Primus. You can find shares of some famous companies here.

    Is FXPrimus Trading Platform Good?

    In the mainstream, FXPrimus offers trading services via the MT4 trading platform, which is believed to be trusted and one of the most popular trading platforms.

    Besides, the broker provides no additional platform to start trading.

    Can FXPrimus Web Trading Platform Be Used Without KYC?

    FX Primus doesn’t accept clients who don’t comply with EKYC rules.

    You need to clarify your identity to the broker first through valid ID proof, address proof, and bank details. So that FX Primus could provide you instant access to its trading services.

    Does FXPrimus MT5 Provide Tips?

    Yes, the FXPrimus MT5 offers trading tips to its users.

    Simply log in to FX Primus’s official website and tap into educational tools. Discover a range of opportunities buried inside these mind-blowing educational sources.

    How To Buy Currencies Via FXPrimus Web Trading Platform?

    You can buy currencies via the FXPrimus trading platform. For this, you will be required first to log in to the FXPrimus trading account. Go to the asset section >> find currencies > > click on the best performing asset and start trading online.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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