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Amid the rise of money-making opportunities in the financial market, online trading has made highlights.

Most have joined Trade360 as they believe it is the best way to dive into the trading world. But, Trade360 Commission often makes it harder for traders to reach a positive conclusion.

Across numerous verticals, the broker sounds fair enough, but opinions are two-fold when it comes to “trading charges”.

Hence, this article covers a brief discussion over the commission you pay when trading online at Trade360. These commissions can range from charges per Trade to penalties.

Dive into this article to know them better.

Trade360 Commission or Brokerage Charges

Like many other brokerage firms, Trade360 Commission comes from both spreads.

Trade360 Commission or Brokerage ChargesIn simple words, GBP/USD has a Spread of 5 pips. On the other hand, EUR/USD has a Spread of 3 pips.

Fortunately, no direct charges on Trade are levied. Still, you should keep an active eye on spreads because it is the primary income source to the broker.

Coming to the account maintenance charges, we found that the broker asks you to pay $100 after every 45 days against AMC.

We believe it is a bit unfair because brokers usually charge AMC after a year or two but Trade360 charges after every 45 days.

Still, it is advised to check every condition related to AMC on the broker’s official website.

While venturing through the commission and charges section, consider finding hidden charges or charges on transactions too.

These miscellaneous charges can even cause a hitch in your decision of choosing Trade360.

Apart from that, your choice for a trading account type also decides the major commission and brokerage charges at Trade360.

Read on; perhaps you may still find Trade360 an excellent choice for your trading career.

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    Types of Trade360 Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account TypeMini AccountStandard 360 AccountGold AccountPlatinum AccountVIP Account
    Initial Deposit500 USD1000 USD5000 USD10,000 USD50,000 USD
    Spread5 pips5 pips3 pips3 pips2 pips
    Leverage1:30 (Retail) 1:400 (Professional)1:30 (Retail) 1:400 (Professional)its 1:30 (Retail) 1:400 (Professional)1:30 (Retail) 1:400 (Professional)1:30 (Retail) 1:400 (Professional)

    Trade360 offers multiple trading accounts but keeps the leverage ratio equal in each – reserved 1:30 for retail users and 1:400 for professional ones. But charges and spreads vary.

    Here is a quick glimpse into the Trade360 Commission and how they fluctuate with the conditions attached with separate trading account types at Trade360.

    Mini Account

    Mini account has one of the lowest charges on Trade.

    However, Trade360 Charges no commission on Trade because the broker’s commission comes primarily from spreads that start from 5 pips.

    In addition, no commission is charged except for penalties that you invite when you make a mistake or don’t comply with trading conditions.

    Submitting a minimum deposit amount – 500 USD is also mandatory.

    Standard 360 Account

    Standard 360 accounts have similar conditions for spreads that you see in a mini account. You can trade every asset at zero commission in this account.

    But the minimum deposit amount is 1000USD. This means you will need to submit $1000 first to access trading services.

    Gold Account

    Gold Account users need to submit 5000 USD to pass the minimum deposit amount condition. But in comparison to our previous options in the list, you are exposed to 3 pips on spreads.

    The leverage and commission-free trading facility stay the same in this account.

    Platinum Account

    Platinum account users submit 10,000 USD to pass the minimum deposit amount condition, which is way higher.

    But these account users are exposed to some more immense benefits making this condition fairly reasonable.

    Spreads are, however, fixed to 3 pips like our previous Gold Account, discussed above. Apart from that, we don’t see any change in leverage. A commission-free trading facility is available.

    VIP Account

    VIP Account is designed for elite customers who trade in the financial market with thick capital.

    Therefore, Trade360 Fees are almost nil in this account, and spreads also drops to 2 pips. And beyond a surprise, the minimum deposit is the highest in a VIP Account.

    To simply put, you need to submit 50,000 USD to pass the minimum deposit amount condition for a VIP account.

    Trade360 Account Opening Process

    After knowing the Trade360 Commission, it’s worth catching a glimpse of the steps involved in the account opening process to access trading facilities and services on the go.

    • As usual, you will be passing a basic sign-up requirement first
    • Submit a valid e-mail address and get it verified through a confirmation message sent by the broker in your inbox
    • Submit documents, personal details, addresses, and other asked details to qualify the EKYC process
    • Choose the desired trading account that you find suitable for your trading style
    • Read Trade360 Brokerage carefully before proceeding
    • Submit minimum deposit amount – ranges between 500 to 10000 USD (based on your account type)
    • Now you are all set to trade assets online at Trade360. You are exposed to a total of 500 tradable assets from a different market. So choose the best market, best-suiting your trading style and experience, and go-ahead

    Trade360 Fees must be your top area of consideration throughout the trading process because the broker’s income is built-in spreads in the mainstream.

    Trade360 offers you commission-free trading services. Hence, your maximum focus should be weighing up the spreads. However, hidden charges may also exist, so consider viewing them as well.

    Trade360 Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit OptionsCash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal OptionsCredit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer

    Don’t forget, Trade360 Commission can even exist in payment and withdrawals. Such as, most brokers charge a significant fee when withdrawing funds from your account.

    But luckily, there’s nothing to panic about because we found that the broker doesn’t charge any fee on account funding or withdrawals. If we talk about the major payment gateway broker provides to its clients, these are as follows –

    • For withdrawals – Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, Wire Transfer
    • For Payment – Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer

    Still, you should be cautious about transaction charges. Don’t panic. The broker doesn’t charge any additional amount over Trade360 Brokerage.

    It is your bank or financial institution which may charge you a significant amount on the transaction.

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    Trade360 Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies TradingYes
    Commodities TradingYes
    Indices TradingYes
    Stocks TradingYes
    Cryptocurrency TradingNo
    ETF’s TradingYes
    Bonds TradingNo
    FUTURES TradingYes
    OPTIONS TradingNo
    Supported CryptocoinsN/A
    Total Tradable Assets500
    Number Of Currency Pairs50
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies0
    Number Of Stocks350
    Number Of Indices8
    Number Of Commodities5
    Number Of FuturesN/A
    Number Of OptionsN/A
    Number Of BondsN/A
    Number Of ETFs60

    As already highlighted, Trade360 trading platform offers a total of 500 tradable instruments to traders. You are exposed to a total of 500 tradable instruments.

    But there’s a catch. In the mainstream, the broker deals in stock trading. You can find Major industry stocks and other smart collections readily available on Trade360 trading platform.

    But you can enter another market and Trade other assets only via CFDs. The broker doesn’t provide direct Trading facilities in any other market except for Stocks.

    Please note enter CFDs trading if you aren’t confirmed about the risk levels in CFDs.

    Trade360 Commission can be a modest loss, but lack of knowledge in CFDs can be worse than that.

    But thanks to the broker, who makes helpful tutorials and other valuable things available in its educational materials list. So use them and improve your experience in trading.

    Trade360 Commission – Conclusion

    In this article, we have explored some unbelievable things on Trade360 Charges.

    It won’t be wrong to call Trade360 one of the most costly trading platforms because the minimum amount and spreads both are high.

    But charges are also reasonable because you reap the benefits of some mind-blowing features that you get to see only at Trade360.

    Luckily the broker doesn’t charge any additional fees on transactions. You can fund accounts and make withdrawals without any other expenses.

    Still, you are advised to choose an ideal payment method that costs you less, mainly on international transactions. The broker makes multiple payment methods available to users, which is a great thing. In our other Trade360 full reviews, you can learn more about them in brief.

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    Trade360 Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Trade360 Brokerage Charges or Fees:

    Does the Trade360 Charge Commission?

    No. Trade360 doesn’t charge any commission on Trade. The broker offers a commission-free trading facility to its clients because the primary income source of Trade360 is built-in spreads.

    The broker makes money from the difference between the Bid and Ask price.

    How Much Does Trade360 Charge Brokerage?

    Trade360 doesn’t impose direct trading charges. The broker offers commission-free trading services because it makes income from spreads.

    What Is The Minimum Deposit Required In Trade360?

    The minimum deposit amount required to launch your first Trade at Trade360 varies significantly.

    You either submit USD 500 and select higher spreads or submit USD 10,000 to access the lowest spreads. However, trading at Trade360 trading platform is commission-free.

    How Much Leverage Does Trade360 Provide?

    Trade360 has separate leverage support available for both retail and professional clients.

    Retail clients access 1:30 leverage while experienced users are exposed to 1:500 leverage support. Surprisingly, leverage in every trading account is the same.

    How Much Is Spread At Trade360?

    Spread at Trade360 trading platform can vary from one trading account to another.

    The broker offers multiple trading accounts, each following different values for spreads. So read them carefully.

    What Type Of Commission Plans Are Available In Trade360?

    Trade360 follows only a single commission plan – which is spread. Apart from that, the broker charges no commission on Trade.

    Does Trade360 Provide Crypto-currency For Investment?

    No. You can’t trade crypto-currency at Trade360.

    The broker deals in stocks and shares in the mainstream. Trading in other markets is possible via CFDs only.

    Is Trade360 A Legit Forex Broker?

    Yes. Trade360 is a legit Forex Broker. It is regulated by Cyprus Security Exchange Commission, which makes it a trusted name in the industry.

    Also, the broker has been providing trading services since 2013 and is not a new player.

    Can I Invest In Trade360 With $5?

    Yes, but maybe not. You trade assets with a market price of $5 or less, but to access the trading service, you need to submit a minimum deposit amount that starts from USD 500.

    Are There Any Hidden Charges Available With Trade360?

    No. the Trade360 commission has no hidden charges.

    Nevertheless, you should read every fee and charge carefully to avoid any confusion in the future.

    The proper chart and description on brokerage and related charges have been detailed on Trade360 official website.

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