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Find out all details about the JustForex Trading Platform here.

JF Global Limited working from St Vincent and the Grenadines is a big trading company that owns and operaes an online trading company called JustForex.

JustForex was established in 2012 and works under the regulations and principles of the parent company. This online currency broker is operated and monitored by the Financial Services Authority, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The broker provides a variety of trading accounts which range from commission-free trading accounts to commission-based accounts.

They also provide a well-equipped demo account and Islamic factory account features. Specific traders can also get ECN account access.

The company has also developed some trading software called trading platforms or trading terminals and, in this article, we would be discussing the JustForex trading platform.

About JustForex Trading Platform

To use all the facilities, instruments and various other features provided by the broker software or a platform had to be present where the users could trade on the various global trading markets directly from the chat.

JustForex Trading PlatformSo, to provide easier and advanced trading facilities to the customers, the company offers a trading software called the trading platform, also known as the JustForex trading terminal.

This terminal can be downloaded from the official website and is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile browsers.

For all the traders who are frequent travelers, the company has also developed a mobile trading application that is available for Android and iOS.

All the features that are available in the JustForex trading platform are also available in this mobile application.

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    JustForex Trading Platform – Top Features

    JustForex allows all its traders the ability to trade on various JustForex trading platforms like the MetaTrader 4 and meta trader 5 platform for PC and Mac and the meta trader 4 web trader platform.

    Now let us discuss each of the platforms and all their features.

    MetaTrader 4 for PC

    The users registered with the company are allowed to trade on the globally recognized and the most favoured Meta trader 4 platforms for PC.

    Some of the advantages and features include:

    • The user can directly manage their account, open, close, and modify all their orders on the various markets. You can use both instant and market execution orders.
    • You can use the one-click trading feature to make decisions
    • Access to nine-time frames and you can also analyze the data. The users can also enjoy the constant flow of each data or differentiate the global tendencies on the monthly graph
    • You can design and print your graph. Various color schemes, graph types communicators, and marks are available to make them easy to read
    • Automated trading with expert advisors is provided. The customers can buy pre-made expert advisors’ software from the market or can develop their own with the MQL4 scripting language
    • Analyze the market debt and always understand the latest market tendencies
    • Stay updated with the daily news.
    • Users will receive real-time financial data along with various crucial alerts with free internal mail that can be customized according to your needs and timing
    • Access to trading signals. You can follow the top traders and understand their strategies trading skills and craft orders by replicating their orders
    • You can integrate all your tools. Also, you can add your data sources, fit in plugins and create a powerful trading solution.

    MetaTrader4 Web Trader

    The JustForex Web Trading Platform has some exclusive features that include:

    • MetaTrader is a globally recognized platform that can be used online on Gentoo, Chrome operating system, or even FreeBSD as long as you are connected to the internet and have a regular web browser where the platform will work
    • You will enjoy powerful features like nine-time frames, 13 indicators, graphical objects, chart exporting measures, and various other features of the MT4 desktop
    • Various offline capabilities include storing your data even if you’re not online. You can mail, check trading history and also check free downloaded charges without an internet connection.
    • 16th reading feature where you can create, edit and delete orders with a single click and you can trade on the 1M time frame
    • Customizable charts are available where you can change the color schemes, the chart elements, the indicators, the chart types, and various other parameters to increase your trading experience
    • Desktop user interfaces are available where orders can be managed in the same interface along with the same tabs
    • Forex compatibility is available: Both in standard market execution features are available, you can set up delayed orders and you can also use the stop loss and take profit feature

    MetaTrader5 for PC

    Some of the exclusive advantages of trading with MetaTrader 5 are:

    • Option to trade on stocks, currency pairs, indices, and various other instruments in a single interface
    • Instant alert system available for important news and other market news
    • The one-click trading feature is available along with drag and drop features
    • A total of six spending order types includes buy stop, limit, sell stop limit
    • Access to 21-time frames that include MN1, m30, M15, M1, M5, H4, D1, H1
    • You can use 44 graphical objects for various chart publications and other developments
    • You can use 40 technical indicators in your daily trading
    • analyze the state of the market
    • A specific marketplace to trade robots and various other strategies which also includes the top list of the most powerful and successful solutions along with freelancing problems for all developers
    • Huge community support that constantly develops new plugins, advanced add-ons, and other improvements for the platform
    • Virtual server services are also available where you can improve your execution speed

    How to set up a JustForex Trading Terminal?

    Now we will be discussing the entire process of setting up the JustForex trading platform In simple steps.

    • You can navigate to the website and click on open a trading account.
    • Your account will be activated within 24 hours and then you can select the trading platform that you want to use.
    • The platform can be downloaded from the official website. You will have different download links for different trading platforms and different days of operation like Windows or Mac.
    • You must install the application immediately and then run it.
    • Now you can log in with the trading platform and use all the trading tools, instruments, and various other features
    • You will also have access to a demo account that is available on the trading platform. You can use the demo account to learn about the future, get a custom, and practice investing.

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    How to Use JustForex Web Trading Platform?

    You need to learn some simple steps before investing in the market. The steps have been mentioned below

    • You need to open a trading account with the company on the company’s client registration page
    • On the application, the page fills out some of the important details and click on submit.
    • Now you have to submit identity proof or verification process
    • Your account will be activated within 24 hours and then you can select the trading platform that you want to use.
    • The JustForex trading terminal can be downloaded from the official website. You will have different download links for different trading platforms and different days of operation like Windows or Mac.
    • Now you can log in to your trading platform with your trading account details
    • You must try adding and withdrawing funds and must also try out the demo account
    • Note: The passport must be changed for security reasons.

    Advantages of JustForex MetaTrader 5

    Exclusive advantages that you will receive after using the JustForex trading platform are:

    • All the commission-free trading accounts are available on the platform
    • All the asset classes provided by the company can be accessed on the platform
    • The leverage amount is about 1:3000
    • Forex ECN trading feature is also available
    • Regulated by the financial services commission
    • You will have segregated trading accounts
    • SSL encryption is also available
    • Multi-level system of service to support unlimited directive transaction
    • Is available for Windows, Mac, and web browsers
    • Web trader available

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    JustForex Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Owned and operated by JF Global Trading Ltd, The broker is quite famous in South Africa.

    From SSL encryption to high tier encryption along with segregated bank accounts and negative balance protection, makes JustForex a favourite option in the market.

    The broker provides three types of trading platform options: MetaTrader 4 for PC, MetaTrader 5 for PC, and JustForex Web Trading Platform.

    The customers registered with the company would have the option to trade using 150 asset classes that cover stocks, Indices, commodities, bonds, forex, and ECN.

    To make the trading process easier the broker also provides a wide range of analytical materials for use by the traders.

    The trading accounts provided by JustForex are Standard Cent Account, standard account, raw spread account, pro account, Islamic account, and demo account features.

    Some of the measures include segregation of client funds from the company pool of funds, offering liquidity protection from 18 credible banks so as to safeguard the funds in case of any asset liquidation. The broker is also a member of the compensation scheme that will help the clients and the customers in case of any fraud or liquidation.

    All the platforms have unique features and can be customized according to the needs and requirements of various traders.

    JustForex Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the JustForex trading platform:

    What is JustForex Trading Platform called?

    The broker provides a total of three types of JustForex Online Trading Platform: MT4, MT5, and MT4 web traders.

    All of the trading platforms are available for Windows and Mac and can be customized according to your requirements.

    Does JustForex provide Web Trading?

    Yes, the broker has also developed a web trading platform called MT4 web trader. Some of the features include:

    • Universal support future that means that the MetaTrader 4 can be used online on Gentoo, Chrome operating system, or even FreeBSD as long as your device has a modern web browser where the platform will work
    • You will enjoy powerful features like nine-time frames, 13 indicators, graphical objects, chart exporting measures, and various other features of the MT4 desktop.
    • Desktop user interfaces are available where you can manage your orders in a similar UI along with the same tabs, windows, and various stats on the desktop version.
    • 16th reading feature where you can create, edit and delete orders with a single click and you won’t be late to a trend even on the 1M time frame

    Is JustForex Trading Platform Free to use?

    No charge is required to use the trading platform.

    All you need is a trading account with the broker, select the trading terminal from that you need, and enjoy all the premium features.

    How to download JustForex Trading Terminal?

    Visit the official website to download your desired trading terminal directly to your device.

    What features does JustForex Online Trading Platform have?

    Some of the specific features of the JustForex Online Trading Platform include:

    • Access to a demo account
    • 24×7 activation
    • Multilingual customer support
    • Supports many languages
    • All the asset classes can be treated

    Can I trade in Shares via the JustForex MetaTrader 5?

    Along with the various other asset classes you are also allowed to trade in shares via the trading platforms.

    You must visit the official website to learn about the trading accounts that support shares trading.

    Is JustForex Trading Terminal good?

    The trading terminals are quite simple and can be customized according to the various requirements of different users.

    The user interface is quite simple, and the terminals are also available in 12 plus languages.

    Can JustForex Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No, you are not allowed to use the JustForex Online Trading Platform without KYC verification.

    This is because without KYC verification or identity verification your trading account will not be activated thus the platforms cannot be used.

    Does JustForex Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Expert tips and advisors are available for all beginner traders. The traders can also contact experts at the company or professional traders through the social trading platform.

    How to Buy Currencies via JustForex Web Trading Platform?

    The company provides a variety of payment methods which are available for all users.

    The type of payment method depends on your country of residence or the jurisdictional area.

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