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When traders choose the right broker, they can easily trade on the forex market. ActivTrades is a prominent broker in Europe and, of course, globally.

The company was established in 2001 in Switzerland and then moved to London, UK.

Before traders dig deep into trading platforms, they need to understand the basics of the term web trading.

Ideally, web trading is likely to be an activity that takes place online and requires online platform access. ActivTrades trading platform allows traders to access various financial markets.

The web trading is ideally web-based, mobile or even. It can also be a combination of all.

About ActivTrades Trading Platform

The ActivTrades trading platform features two trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and 5.

ActivTrades Trading PlatformAdditionally, the best part is that the broker is likely to be compatible with popular browsers and, of course, mobile systems.

ActivTrades trading platform is both user-friendly and initiative with unique features. It is also suitable for beginner traders.

It includes several features like hedging and stop functionality. MetaTrader 4 is likely to offer a one-stop solution for the best possible trading experience.

The trading platform is quite extensive, featuring all the analytical tools and automated strategies.

Additionally, the ActivTrades trading platform allows traders to access CFD markets. On the flip side, MetaTrader 5 tends to take MT4 excellence to another level.

The ActivTrades trading platform claims to offer several improvements and features. They also feature risk management tips and better execution, and improved analytical strategies.

There are some expert advisors who are also available. Ideally, the MT5 is a choice for almost all experienced traders.

Traders can trade various financial instruments, including shares and forex. Furthermore, some critical perks of the platform include price alerts, historical data, and others.

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    ActivTrades Trading Platform – Top Features

    When traders choose the ActivTrades trading platform, they can access a plethora of features besides offering reliable encryption.

    The broker claims to provide a secure trading platform to traders. Some features of the ActivTrades trading platform are:

    A progressive trailing stop is one of the latest features that help traders protect their profit by allowing them to set up their excess tiers.

    It mainly modifies their trailing stop distance if the market reaches progressively to define trigger prices.

    Trailing stop

    This feature is a kind of stop-loss that is likely to trail or track the current price of one’s position.

    Additionally, when prices reach a destination, traders place their stop orders in terms of points from their order.

    Thus, it mainly differs from regular stops, which are likely to take effect once the specific goal is achieved.

    The best part of this feature is that it allows traders to take better control of markets by mitigating risk besides safeguarding profit.


    ActivTrades trading terminal offers a risk hedging strategy that allows traders to offset adverse price movements.

    They need to invest in various products but in different directions.

    Market sentiments

    Here you can monitor in which direction the market is likely to move.

    Additionally, the market sentiment allows traders to see the attitude of various traders towards an investment avenue in the market.

    The traders can see the instrument’s popularity and in which direction other traders are moving. The main aim here is to make better decision making.


    One can use the real-time charts available at ActivTrades trading terminal to allow traders to explore various historical trends.

    All traders need to do is see the current patterns and forecast their future moves.

    Traders can choose from more than 14 chart types and a plethora of indicators to make the most of their trading strategy.

    They can see the entire picture with ActivTrades, including simple moving averages and stochastic oscillators.

    How to set up a ActivTrades Trading Terminal?

    It is pretty easy to set up ActivTrades online trading platform. However, to start with the process, the traders need to follow some steps.

    Above all, the terminal is available for both desktops and windows.

    • Firstly, traders need to ensure they have an account with the broker. If traders don’t have an account, they can surely open one.
    • To get started with the ActivTrades online trading platform, one needs to select a particular forum and terminal.
    • Now, one needs to download the trading terminal, which is available for both beginners and professional traders.
    • When it comes to installing the trading terminal, traders need to choose the location where they wish to save it.
    • Once the software is installed, traders need to launch and run the file.
    • When the software opens up, traders need to enter their login credentials and other security elements.
    • The traders get their login credentials when they register with the company.
    • Once traders enter the login credentials and start trading in no time, they need to ensure they explore all features and tools before they make their first order.

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    How to Own ActivTrades Web Trading Platform?

    The traders need to open an account with the broker to start trading on this platform. Additionally, traders will see a pop-up form on this page.

    Traders need to fill in the details on ActivTrades Web Trading Platform, which will redirect them to another state.

    Here, traders need to complete the KYC verification where they need to provide their identity proof and address.

    Once traders complete the KYC process, they can use their accounts. The broker will connect with traders when they receive the KYC application.

    After the verification is complete, the broker will open an account for the trader. Lastly, traders can download the terminal and start trading instantly.

    Advantages of ActivTrades MetaTrader 5

    Check out the various benefits of ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 here –

    • The ActivTrades Web Trading Platform offers reliable encryption, so trading is safe and secure here.
    • Additionally, traders can also take help from expert advisors.
    • The best part is traders can thoroughly analyze the financial market using various features, including charts.
    • The mobile trading feature is also available for traders, which makes trading easy for traders.
    • Traders can also check multiple order types here.
    • Furthermore, the high-performing terminal is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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    ActivTrades Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The ActivTrades broker offers a fantastic online trading platform, and it mainly includes two media, including MT4 and MT5.

    By using these platforms, traders can access the latest information, education resources, and online trading tools.

    These tools allow traders to manage their portfolios and develop the best possible trading strategies.

    Furthermore, the ActivTrades Web Trading Platform offers the best possible responsive design.

    When using the trading platform, the traders can check all the market opportunities whenever they want.

    The stunning performance available here allows the broker to stay ahead of other brokers here.

    Hence through the platforms, the traders can make the most of their trading strategy.

    ActivTrades Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the ActivTrades Forex Trader:

    What is the ActivTrades Trading Platform called?

    The ActivTrades mainly offers two trading platforms.

    Meta trader 4 features a primary trading platform specifically for beginners.

    On the flip side, the Meta trader 5 is the upgrade trading platform that offers a plethora of features. It is mainly available for professional traders.

    Does ActivTrades Metatrader 5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, the ActivTrades trading platform offers web trading to traders.

    The trading platform is ideal for traders who wish to trade using such a browser.

    They can use the platform and easily invest in various investment avenues without having to download extra apps.

    Is ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    Yes, the ActivTrades trading platform is free to use and easy to use.

    The best part is that traders don’t need to pay extra fees to download meta-trader four and meta trader five platforms.

    But to start trading, traders need to choose some respective account.

    The broker offers various accounts traders can choose as per their budget and goals.

    How to download ActivTrades Trading Terminal?

    It is pretty simple to download the ActivTrades trading terminal from the broker’s official site.

    On the flip side, traders can also choose to search for the trading terminal on google and download the software.

    Once traders download the process, they need to set up the software by operating it.

    What features does ActivTrades MT5 have?

    The ActivTrades trading terminal offers a plethora of features to traders.

    These features make trading easy for them.

    Additionally, the trading platform has educational content also so the traders can learn about traders and make good investment decisions.

    Finally, there are some research tools that allow traders to analyze the market.

    Can I trade in Shares via the ActivTrades Trading Platform?

    Yes, the traders can trade in shares through the ActivTrades trading platform. But there are some specific conditions that traders need to meet while dealing here.

    First, it means traders need to check if there is any account only for share trading.

    If that’s the case, the traders can choose the same and start trading.

    Is ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 good?

    The ActivTrades is undoubtedly a fantastic trading terminal that offers a plethora of trading facilities.

    The app is pretty rich and has the best trading features, allowing traders to make the most of their trades in the forex market.

    They can also choose from the different investment avenues available.

    Can ActivTrades Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No traders cannot use the trading platform without EKYC.

    It is mainly because the EKYC feature allows traders to complete the verification process.

    Once the traders complete the verification process, they can avail the login details to start trading.

    Does ActivTrades MetaTrader 5 provide Tips?

    Yes, there are some expert advisors available who provide tips to the traders.

    These traders can make the most of their trades with these tips.

    How to Buy Currencies via ActivTrades MT5?

    Traders can easily buy currencies through the trading terminal.

    They just need to keep an eye on the currency pair they need to deal in.

    In addition, traders need to ensure they make perfect investment decisions before strategizing on any investment.

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