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Find out all details about EightCap Trading Platform here.

Since EightCap is offering both the trading terminals on its trading platform, it has become one of the top preferences of traders worldwide.

Many traders are looking for a detailed description of both the Eightcaps MetaTrader 5 and what all they offer?

So here, to help you with the crucial information you need about Eightcaps MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

we have come up with this review to assist you in getting complete know-how of the functionalities of both the trading terminals and help you in deciding which one is best for your needs.

About EightCap Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the most powerful trading platforms throughout the world that asserts to be the providers of the latest, advanced, and efficient trading tools and features.

EightCap Trading PlatformEightCap MetaTrader 5 trading platform offers the traders the opportunity of multi-asset trading. At EightCap’s MT4 platform, you can trade in Forex, indices, and commodities.

But at the MT5 trading platform, along with forex, indices, and commodities, you can trade in shares as well.

Both the EightCaps web trading platforms offer advanced trading features and automated trading tools. You can access the trading platforms on any of the devices such as Android, iOS, desktop, etc as it has superior compatibility with all these devices.

The MT5 trading platform is also available with the Web Trader version, wherein you do not have to download it but can access it online.

The MT5 trading platform offers 21 times frames and 38 technical indicators and on the other hand, the MT4 trading platform offers 9 times frames and 30 technical indicators.

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    EightCap Trading Platform – Top Features

    Have a look at the below-listed features offered by EightCap trading platform:

    Advanced charting package

    The most advanced trading platform that is the MetaTrader 5 holds the capability of powerful charting wherein it can analyze short and long-term price trends.

    Fundamental Analysis

    EightCap online trading platform MT5 offers two significant trading features including an Economic calendar and financial news that helps in analyzing the market to give the trader an intense view of the activities that influence the market movement.

    It counters more rapidly to news-obsessed movements.

    Web Trader Platform

    Both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are acknowledged for their brilliance in providing trading services but what brings a significant difference between the two platforms is the Web trader platform.

    The MT5 trading platform offers the web trader platform that allows the trader to access the web browser version of the MT5 trading platform.

    The trader can access it from Windows, macOS, and Linux Powered devices. It does not require a desktop download.

    Trade with Robots

    At MT5 online trading platform, the trader can either buy trading robots or create their own to automate their analysis and trading execution.

    You can build your trading robot with MQL5 Wizard.

    Use the simple-to-use expedient block and if you are an expert, you can also build up to it with MQL5 IDE development.

    Powerful Trading System

    The EightCap trading terminal also offers chief trading systems such as one-click trading, market depth, netting, or hedging modes, along with many other systems direct from charts to give you powerful control over your trading activities.

    EightCap being the provider of two internationally acclaimed trading platforms provides many more crucial trading features to provide the trader automated trading, such as Guaranteed limit orders, offers promotions, Expert Advisors, API Trading, Trailing SL/TP, OCO orders, social trading/ copy trading, offers promotions, Guaranteed fills/liquidity, email alerts, and trading from the charts.

    The broker also provides a complete educational academy to all of its traders to get complete know-how of the latest updates in trading strategies.

    At the EightCap web trading platform, the traders get the latest updated blogs from the trading experts, CFD and Forex insights, a trading week ahead, MetaTrader guides, trading strategy guidance, etc.

    How to set up an EightCap Trading Terminal?

    Using any trading platform is very easy until it is set up and owned in your device and ready to use.

    However, setting up the trading platform is also not complicated and engages a few of the simple procedures to follow.

    Here in this article, we are going to put some light on how to set up the EightCap trading platform.

    • When you want to set up a trading platform, you first have to visit the webpage of the EightCap trading company. Now, you will see the option of ‘open my account’. Click on this option to proceed.
    • Now, you will get a choice to pick one of the trading accounts out of the two that EightCap offers. The two trading account options are- Standard account and Raw Account. Choose the one as per your suitability.
    • After selecting your preferred account type, you will now have two options of the trading platforms that are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Again you have to choose one and proceed further.
    • The next step is the application form. Fill the form and submit it to provide the broker necessary information about you.
    • The most crucial step is the EKYC step where you have to submit your Passport, identity card, bank statements, PAN card, residential proof, etc in soft copies to the broker.
    • Lastly, fund your account with the minimum required balance and make payment for the initial brokerage fees.
    • After doing all the formalities mentioned above, it will take around 24 working hours to approve and open your account.

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    How to Own EightCap Web Trading Platform?

    Owning the EightCap trading platform is again a crucial step but involves no complications.

    The reason is EightCap trading platform shares superb compatibility with all the devices including Android, iOS, etc. it is also accessible on your web browsers.

    If you want to download the trading app, then simply visit Apple’s app store for iOS devices or Google play store for Android devices.

    After visiting the app store of the particular device; search for the EightCap trading app and click on the download button. Now the app will be downloaded to your device within a few minutes.

    Now you have to install the app on your device by agreeing to all the pages of terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

    You can also download the software for the Windows PC.

    After downloading the app, login into your account with the login credentials that the broker will send you in your email at the time of opening your account.

    Visit your trading account, look around, customize it as per your needs, make trading strategies and execute your trading practices.

    Advantages of EightCap MetaTrader 5

    EightCap’s trading platforms, MT5 and MT4 offer an abundance of advantages that help the investors in making best trading practices and yield maximum gains.

    Let’s discuss a few of the major benefits that you get when you trade with EightCap MetaTrader 5. The benefits are-

    • EightCap offers 24 x 5 customer support to help the traders resolve their queries. It also provides live chat and email customer support to be more approachable at any point in time.
    • At this trading platform, you get a tight spread as low as 0.1 pips.
    • The trading platform offers the maximum leverage of 500:1.
    • At the EightCap trading platform, apart from MT5 and MT4, you also get a capitalize.ai automated trading solution to help you fetch better trading opportunities and exercise your trading skills to the maximum.
    • The traders get free withdrawals at this platform.
    • The EightCap web trading platform is a well-known trading platform regulated by ASIC and VFSC. It is adhered to the rules and regulations of these major regulatory authorities and hence assures complete security and safety.
    • It provides the minimum trade of 0.01 lots.
    • You can check its positive review on its website.

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    EightCap Trading Platform – Conclusion

    EightCap is a renowned trading platform, known for its good customer reviews and rating online. It offers the best trading platforms with superior trading features.

    Get the complete information about both the trading platforms –MT4 and MT5 here and compare them well to decide the most suitable trading terminal for your trading requirements.

    Also, consider the capitalize.AI trading solution that offers excellent automated trading tools.

    EightCap Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the EightCap trading platform:

    What is the EightCap Trading Platform called?

    There are two trading platforms named as EightCap MetaTrader 5 trading platform and EightCap MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It also provides a capitalize.AI trading platform.

    Does EightCap provide Web Trading?

    EightCap provides two trading platforms including MT4, and MT5, along with Capilize.AI out of which the MetaTrader 5 trading platform is accessible with a web browser and offers web trading.

    With MT5 web trading, you can enter the live forex market and trade on the real live prices of the financial assets.

    Is the EightCap Trading Platform Free to use?

    EightCap trading platforms are free to download but are not free to use.

    Each of the trading platforms involves a particular brokerage fee while accessing the trading accounts.

    There is some initial deposit amount also required to be paid at the time of opening the account to proceed with the trading activities.

    How to download EightCap Trading Terminal?

    Visit the app store of your device, search for the EightCap Trading Terminal and click on the download button.

    As soon as you click on the download button, it will start downloading for free without asking for any charges.

    Once the download is finished, install the trading terminal on your device by accepting the terms and conditions and log in.

    What features does the EightCap Online Trading Platform have?

    EightCap online trading platform offers some significant trading features including Fundamental analysis, advanced charting package, web trader platform, trade with robots, powerful trading systems, OCO orders, Trailing SL/TP, social trading/ copy trading, offers promotions, Guaranteed fills/liquidity, email alerts, trading from the charts and more.

    Can I trade in Shares via the EightCap Trading Platform?

    Yes, the MT5 trading platform of EightCap trading platform offers to trade in shares as well as forex, indices, and commodities.

    Is EightCap Trading Terminal good?

    It is an advanced trading platform, regulated under ASIC and VFSC, and follows the strict guidelines of these authorities to ensure the safety and security of the traders, their account, and their funds. Hence it can be concluded as a good trading terminal.

    Can EightCap Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    EKYC is the essential process to be fulfilled and the EightCap web trading platform cannot be used without EKYC.

    Does EightCap Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, EightCap online Trading Platform provides Tips.

    How to Buy Currencies via EightCap Web Trading Platform?

    Visit the trading account; choose your preferred financial instruments you want to trade in.

    Enter the volume of the assets you want to sell or buy and click on the sell or buy button to execute the trade.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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