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Find out everything about Plus500 Trading Platform here. Plus500 Ltd is a globally trusted brand, widely known for its innovative trading platform.

With an impressive rating on both web-based and mobile trading platforms, Plus500 creates a remarkable spot among the leading brokers in the digital world.

If you are on the hunt for the best CFDs trading platform, this broker is definitely a go-to option. Plus 500 MetaTrader 5 provides you access to 2500+ CFDs instruments.

Leverage support alongside uplifts your trading experience with Plus500 brokers.

In this review, we will discuss in brief how the Plus500 Online Trading Platform works? What features does the broker offer? And what benefits do you receive? Let’s discover.

About Plus500 Trading Platform

Founded in 2008 and serving millions of clients worldwide at the present date, Plus500 Trading Platform is evolving into the most trusted online broker.

Plus500 Trading PlatformThis Israel-based trading platform is managed by a team of 200+ employees all the way from the company’s sub-head offices located in different nations.

Under the direction of the chief executive officer – David Zruia – also known as the founder of Plus 500 broker, the company has built a reputed image for itself within the shortest time.

The most notable thing that displays the Plus 500 Online Trading Platform as a reliable source is that the broker gets its license from top-tier regulators.

Namely, ASIC, CySEC, FCA, FSB, ISA, and MAS monitor trading and all the financial activities at Plus500.

But, in addition to these general details, there’s a lot to unwrap about Plus500.

No matter if you are a newbie or an expert trader, if you want to build the best money-making stream, perhaps Plus500 can help you out.

Let’s have a look at the features revealing lots of great points about Plus500 brokers.

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    Plus500 Trading Platform – Top Features

    Let this series of features you get at the Plus500 Trading Platform reveal all the major perks that a trader can receive on using and trusting Plus500 for trading.

    Available for Almost Every Device

    Plus500 is easy to access from almost any device. Mobile users can download the official Plus 500 trading app (both android and iPhone users).

    Desktop users (both Windows and Mac users) can trade via the Plus500 web trading platform.

    Live & Responsive charts

    Catch a glimpse of the market, what live charts define, get a clear and well-informed insight into every trading move before going further.

    Risk Management Tools

    If you aren’t fully assured about your studies and research work, consider using risk management tools.

    In this package, you receive limit orders, stop loss, take profit, and other great features that sky-rocket your success in trading.

    Multiple Language Support

    Plus500 Online Trading Platform also offers you trading services in multiple languages.

    There’s no need to get yourself puzzled around knowing the meaning of another language since you can find the content in your regional tone.

    Multiple Tradable Assets

    Crypto-currency, currency, stock, indices, commodities, and much more are available in the wide list of trading assets at Plus500.

    Free Learning Courses

    Learning courses bind users with Plus500 brokers since you get them free of cost on a single sign-up.

    Free Demo Account

    The free demo account is another best feature that they provide on trading platform.

    You can practice your trading skills in almost every market inside a virtual environment.

    Referral Offers

    If you represent a community or work as a part-time influencer, you can certainly make a good amount at Plus500 by joining a referral program run by the broker.

    Multiple Accounts

    Plus500 Web Trading Platform also features multiple tradable accounts. This includes mini accounts, premium accounts, and Islamic accounts too.

    Email Alerts

    Weekly and daily, you receive email alerts by the broker on various market subjects, including your own trading activities at Plus500.

    Good Customer Support

    24×7 hours customer support also wins trader’s hearts and encourages them to start using Plus 500 for trading.

    How to set up a Plus500 Trading Terminal?

    If you are in search of an easy-to-use trading platform that asks you for no downloads or installs, tap into the Plus500 Trading Platform and get yourself to stand out on the trading grounds.

    It hardly takes a few minutes to launch your first trading at Plus500 since the broker brings you a web-based trading platform.

    A simple sign-up provides you access to your personal trading account at Plus500.

    Yet, it’s worth noticing that the broker offers you two trading accounts in the mainstream.

    To simply put, users are required to select between standard and professional accounts.

    As the name itself defines clearly, ‘standard account’ is best for beginners with low investment capitals. Similarly, a ‘professional account’ is highly recommended to professionals.

    However, we don’t see any notable difference between standard and professional accounts at Plus500 Web Trading Platform.

    Yet, one thing definitely encourages us to pick a professional account above all since you are exposed to attractive leverage up to 1:300.

    If we talk about the standard account, you get only 1:30 leverage support which is pretty less. But if you are a newbie, going with the standard account is a worthwhile decision you must take.

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    How to Use Plus500 Web Trading Platform?

    It’s no surprise that most traders can consent to the Plus500 Trading Platform because it is one of the best brokers in this digital age.

    The broker offers you an all-inclusive trading solution that binds millions of users from different countries with Plus500.

    From interactive charts, advanced indicators to conducting a thorough technical analysis, to risk-management tools, you get almost every essential support from the broker.

    Swing traders and day traders can undoubtedly expect more from the Plus500 Web Trading Platform.

    Yet, it’s worth noting that the broker doesn’t offer MT4 and MT5 trading platforms’ support. This is undoubtedly an unfavorable subject for many brokers.

    The broker only offers you a web-trading platform in which you receive almost every feature and support aligned perfectly together on the interface.

    For more assistance, you can even take the help of a demo account that the broker offers to every user.

    Advantages of Plus500 MetaTrader 5

    Before we reach the final thoughts about Plus500, let’s wrap up a few major benefits you receive at the broker. The major benefits include the following:

    • Multiple tradable assets are a wow factor
    • Crypto-currency trading is available
    • 24×7 customer support service
    • Free demo account
    • Islamic trading account is present
    • Separate accounts catered to the user’s needs differently
    • Email alerts services are available
    • Referrals offer available
    • Expert advisors available
    • Technical tools and indicators available
    • Stop-loss available
    • Take Profit Available
    • Educational Sources available

    And lots of other big benefits you can access on choosing Plus500, your reliable forex broker.

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    Plus500 Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In the final thoughts, it is very obvious how the Plus500 Trading Platform builds a reputed place in the trading sector.

    Indicators, technical tools, interactive charts, and access to multiple assets, there’s so much to see at Plus500.

    Whether you have little trading experience in the past or you are an expert trader, take advantage of the educational resources that Plus500 brokers provide for free.

    In terms of commission and account opening, the broker seems to play a fair game.

    So you don’t have to deal with any issue at Plus500; the broker gives you 24×7 hours full-time customer support. Even on Sundays, you can connect with the Plus500 team, which is truly impressive.

    Plus500 Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Plus500 trading platform:

    What Is the Plus500 Trading Platform Called?

    Plus500 is a publicly-traded platform where everyone can trade their favorite assets in their preferred market.

    From forex, crypto to the stock market, the broker has a wide selection of assets available for trading at Plus500. The best thing is, you can access Plus500 on both desktops, mobile too.

    Does Plus500 Provide Web Trading?

    Plus500 is a web-based trading platform.

    There’s no need to download any additional platform, e.g., MT4 or MT5 at Plus500, since the broker provides you with a web-trading facility that you can access from both smartphone and desktop devices.

    Is Plus500 Trading Platform Free To Use?

    Plus500 is a free trading platform where users can discover lots of great tools for free. Though, buy and selling activities are subjected to fees and commission.

    Thus, it’s worth checking the commission section before you log in for a trading account at Plus 500. Apart from that, demo accounts and educational services are free to use at Plus500.

    How To Download Plus500 MetaTrader 5?

    Plus500 is a web-based trading platform that doesn’t ask you for any additional downloads or installs to access trading services by the broker.

    What Features Does the Plus500 Online Trading Platform Have?

    Plus500 has an extensive list of features that deliver the best trading experience to the users.

    The platform is packed with technical tools, charts, indicators, and many other great things that amp user experience.

    You can also access some premium facilities by the broker, which provides you access to several great benefits on the go.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Plus500 Trading Platform?

    Yes, you can trade in shares via Plus500.

    Though, you can trade almost every asset at Plus500 since the broker supports 2500+ tradable assets.

    Users can tap into their reliable market and trade the most desired assets they wish to trade.

    For example – one can trade crypto-currency, currencies, stocks, commodities, and much more at Plus500 online broker.

    Is Plus500 MT5 Good?

    Plus500 is one of the best-performing online trading platforms where you can find almost every trading facility on the go.

    You can trade your favorite asset, from crypto-currencies, stocks, indices, metals to commodities.

    Tools on the interface help you conduct a thorough technical analysis and ensure you get most of what you target at Plus500.

    Can Plus500 Web Trading Platform Be Used Without e-KYC?

    Plus500 won’t be able to provide you with any trading service if you don’t comply with EKYC guidelines.

    Users who fail to submit ID proof, bank details, home address, and other essential details can never access the trading service at Plus500.

    Does Plus500 Trading Platform Provide Tips?

    Yes, the Plus500 trading platform shares trading tips with its users, be it professional or beginners that are a part of its educational services.

    But it’s worth noting that the broker doesn’t provide any tip or educational support during the live market.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Plus500 Web Trading Platform?

    It’s easy to buy currencies via the Plus500 MetaTrader 5.

    All it takes is your studies, understanding, and knowledge to make your forex trading totally gainful in which the broker helps you through its well-structured interface where you get every feature within reach.

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