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If you want to be limitless on the trading landscape, you must learn how to take advantage of every feature that comes your way on a trading platform.

The right broker makes every effort to give you the best service. So that you can make the most out of your expectation from their trading platform in one go.

Like ‘CMC Markets trading platform‘ because here you don’t just generate revenue but grab some insightful information that promotes growth.

In terms of pricing, and overall services, CMC Markets is one of the well-recognized trading platforms.

Nevertheless, whether this trading platform deserves to be called an excellent broker has been a debatable subject.

If you also want to use CMC markets, this article brings you a doubt-clearing discussion, so you make a great move.

About CMC Markets Trading Platform

CMC Markets Trading Platform is known as a globally-trusted broker. With the help of CMC markets, you can trade almost any sort of asset in no time.

CMC Markets Trading PlatformPeter Cruddas, Baron Cruddas – a professional banker and a businessman – are the names behind CMC Markets, who first introduced it in 1989.

There’s no surprise that the broker has come a long way, catering to the needs of traders across the different regions.

Even though CMC Markets Web Trading Platform has its roots connected with a decade-old history, still, you can find almost every modern tool inside this one of the best performing trading platforms.

From charts, indicators, and other helpful features, you can never run out of choices at CMC markets.

Before we dive deep into this CMC markets review, it’s worth noticing that ASIC and FCA regulate the broker.

This makes it certain that your invested amount is safe. Now, let’s talk further about this trading platform.

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    CMC Markets Trading Platform – Top Features

    At first glance, CMC Markets Trading Platform seems to grab positive reviews for a couple of great reasons that are very obvious through the features.

    This next-gen trading platform has a wide selection of tools and features that are easy to access from the web browser. Let’s have a quick overview of each of them in detail.

    Interactive Charts

    Without chart support, trading is undoubtedly an impossible subject. However, charts are also deemed as a backbone of every strategic move you make for a trade.

    That builds a key reason why CMC markets give great attention to charts and offer you multiple ranges on their trading platform.


    You can access CMC markets online trading platform on Desktop, Mac, and smartphone of any version.

    The trading platform is easy to access via web-based or mobile apps.

    Real-Time Updates

    The broker shares real-time updates with its users regarding the market, prices, and various aspects linked with trading.

    This feature helps a trader to keep his/her active eyes on every prospect.

    Research Reports

    Where the company stands, what’s its turnover, profit & loss, and so on. The research report features give you a clear insight into whether the respective trade is gainful or not.

    Multiple Languages Support

    The trading platform features multiple languages support. So that users can trade their favorite assets in their regional language and don’t realize the need to learn another language which takes time.

    Expert Advisors

    The broker even offers expert advisors to its special users that are willing to purchase bigger plans by CMC markets which cost a bit high.

    Risk-Management Tools

    Stop loss, take profit, and other risk-management tools are offered at the CMC markets trading platform.

    Thus, you feel stress-free about losses but focus on profits.

    Automated Trading

    CMC Markets Web Trading Platform also offers you some additional automated trading features that send commands to your portfolio on when to buy or sell an asset in the market at the exact price.

    How to set up a CMC Markets Trading Terminal?

    Before dipping inside CMC Markets Online Trading Platform, it’s worth noting that the broker doesn’t support Metatrader 5.

    In addition, you can trade on Metatrader 4 and the CMC web platform.

    1. First, you register yourself with the broker using your log-in id and other personal details. So that your account is approved and you don’t face any issues in the future.
    2. Upon successful account verification, you receive an email from the broker that must be secured as you’ll use it on the steps onwards.
    3. Now, to get started with Meta Trader 4 (MT4), go to the broker’s official website first and download MT4 on your device.
    4. Create a new log-in id and password that must be different from the log-in details you use at CMC markets official platform.
    5. Similarly, open MT4 and connect it with the CMC server. You can get more details on the CMC server inside the email that the broker sent to your registered email address when you sign-up.
    6. Click on your existing trading account and log in using your MT4 log-in details. Now you can launch your first trade.

    MetaTrader 4 comes with innumerable benefits, ranging from multiple indicators supports, charts, and much more. For specific reasons, if you don’t want to use MT4, you can take the help of the CMC web platform.

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    How to Use CMC Markets Web Trading Terminal?

    Your trading journey at CMC Markets Trading Platform begins from the first move when you sign-up for a trading account at the broker’s official website or app.

    The broker provides you access to its well-built virtual trading account (demo account) free of cost through a simple sign-up.

    You can use a demo account if you have any doubts that you want to clear before using the real account.

    Similarly, when you are ready to launch your first trade, proceed with further verification process mandated for real-account opening at CMC markets.

    Once the account is verified, you choose between MT 4 and the CMC web platform (as discussed above).

    Now that you are ready to start trading, fund your account with an ideal investment amount that you are ready to lose if anything wrong happens since it is the rule of trading.

    At the same time, if you are afraid of losing even a single penny, use risk-management tools.

    Charts and indicators alongside keep you well-informed about your trading exercise so that you detect the right bearish and bullish phase that gets desired results.

    On one tap, you can easily switch from a real account to a demo account which has its own benefits.

    If you are a bit doubtful about the market, consider trading on a demo account free of cost.

    Advantages of CMC Markets Trading Platform

    After wrapping so many great things about CMC Markets Online Trading Platform, it’s time to cover key benefits you receive on trading with CMC markets.

    Most might not have been covered in the discussion above. These benefits include-

    • Access thousands of tradable assets
    • Tools and other technical features are provided
    • Offers attractive leverage up to 1:500
    • Access in multiple languages
    • Expert advisor services
    • 24×7 hours customers support
    • Support MT4 Trading platform
    • The web-based trading option is available
    • CMC markets have its official mobile trading app
    • Provides live chats, research reports, and email alerts support
    • ASIC and FCA are the top-tier regulators behind CMC markets
    • Accessible for both Android and iOS users
    • Offers demo account with virtual currency

    So these are the significant advantages you receive on choosing CMC markets as your best trading platform above all.

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    CMC Markets Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In the end, it’s no longer that difficult a chore to make the final choice about CMC markets.

    With the list of positive reviews and a glance at the features, we can undoubtedly find CMC markets one of the most innovative brokers.

    If you also want to launch your first trade at CMC Markets Trading Platform, you are free to do so by following some basic registration guidelines.

    The broker offers you MT4 and CMC web trading platforms that you can choose as per your own choice.

    So that you are fully sorted out on your target, make sure you don’t forget to take the assistance of tools that are offered solely for your support inside CMC markets.

    CMC Markets Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the CMC trading platform:

    What Is CMC Markets Trading Platform Called?

    CMC Markets in a normal language is abbreviated with the name CMC markets. It is a publicly-traded platform where anyone can visit to trade their favorite asset on the go.

    You can also download the CMC markets official app by simply typing “CMC markets” in the Apple app store and Play Store search bar.

    Does CMC Markets Provide Web Trading?

    Yes, CMC markets provide web trading options. If you don’t want to download additional trading platforms such as MT4 or MT5, the option helps you a lot.

    Web trading platform by CMC supports almost every feature that you need to execute successful trading in no time. From basic tools, features to charts, everything is available inside.

    Is CMC Markets Trading Platform Free To Use?

    CMC markets isn’t a free trading platform. The broker charges commissions on trading that are pretty reasonable. Apart from that, the broker asks you for zero amount to submit as an initial deposit.

    Thus, you can review the real account thoroughly without spending even a single penny on getting started.

    How To Download MT4 for CMC markets Trading Platform?

    You can download MT4 to start trading with the CMC markets trading platform by visiting the broker’s official website.

    You can also find some helpful guides by the broker that explains everything on how to download and connect MT 4 and CMC markets trading platform.

    Download link is also available on CMC markets official website.

    What Features Does CMC Markets Online Trading Terminal have?

    CMC markets offer a wide array of features on its trading platform. From indicators, charts, to other helpful risk-management tools, you get everything in the features’ basket.

    At the same time, the broker even offers some genuinely remarkable educational features that you can’t leave unnoticed.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via CMC Markets Trading Platform?

    Yes, traders can trade in shares via the CMC markets trading platform. From common companies to some highly popular and top-ranking enterprises, you can trade any share at CMC markets.

    No matter if you are a swing trader, day trader, or long-term investor, the broker has every facility for you. Use tools and conduct a thorough technical analysis to achieve your target.

    Is CMC Markets Trading Platform Good?

    CMC markets trading platform is undoubtedly a brilliantly performing thing that helps you trade your favorite asset in your favorite market respectively.

    Using special tools, charts, and other helpful features, you can expect predictable results from your trading moves at CMC markets.

    The broker also shares educational content and email alerts with its registered users.

    No wonder, it is an all-including trading platform where you get most of your expectations.

    Can CMC Markets Web Trading Platform Be Used Without KYC?

    Top-tier regulators regulate ‘CMC Markets trading platform. Hence, every person’s identity and authentic details are essential to be shown who is willing to start trading at CMC markets.

    Thus, EKYC is mandatory if you want to start trading at the CMC market trading platform.

    If you are unable to qualify for the EKYC process, you aren’t permitted to use a CMC trading account.

    Does CMC Markets Trading Platform Provide Tips?

    Yes, the CMC markets trading platform shares some exciting tips on how to scale your trading at CMC markets.

    Though, these tips aren’t offered in the live market.

    Apart from that, you can grasp these tips by visiting CMC Markets’ educational section.

    Beginners can also take the support of the Demo account to grasp some basic understanding of CMC markets.

    How To Buy Currencies Via CMC Markets Web Trading Platform?

    Buying currencies via CMC markets is simple as buying other assets at the CMC markets trading platform.

    All you need is a clear vision; if you find great potential in currencies, take the help of charts and indicators and trade currencies on the go.

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