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Check out all details about DeltaStock Trading Platform here.

All the traders look for finding the best trading platform to make their investments decisions with a better brokerage company that supports the traders to the maximum in yielding profitable results.

If you, too, are sailing in the same boat and reading this post to know all about the trading platforms, then you have visited the right page.

Here, we will discuss all the web trading platforms of one of the prominent broker – DeltaStock. Read the article carefully to compare the two and make the right decisions.

About DeltaStock Trading Platform

DeltaStock is an online brokerage company known for its astonishing trading services. It offers web trading on more than 1100 tradable assets as CFDs.

DeltaStock Trading PlatformIt is one of the most secure platforms that comes with SSL (Secure sockets layer) encryptions that ensures the privacy, data accuracy, and verification of the users.

The traders can assure of complete safety and security of their account and funds at the DeltaStock trading platform.

It offers two types of trading accounts, including Delta Trading Live Account and MetaTrader 4 Live account, along with two trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and DeltaTrading.

Its superior trading services and wide range of options of tradable assets has made this platform the most chief platform for trading across the world and now has clientele in over 100 countries throughout the world.

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    DeltaStock Trading Platform – Top Features

    DeltaStock proudly announces the prominent trading platforms it offers and the trading features it comes with.

    MetaTrader 4 is one of the acknowledged trading platforms that offers advanced trading tools and features.

    Similarly, DeltaTrading is the broker’s own trading platform that has been designed with exclusive features and tools. Some of the significant features of both the trading platforms are-

    Wide range of Technical Indicators

    MetaTrader 4 is the trading platform that offers over 40 popular technical indicators to the DeltaStock MT4 account holders to use, including

    • Moving Average
    • MACD,
    • RSI,
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Many Others

    Charting tools

    DeltaStock Trading terminal also offers an assortment of charting tools and also allows you to even create custom indicators by using MQL4.

    It provides P/L charts to track the profits and losses. It also provides trading statistics and positions for a better assessment of trading activities.

    Complete Automation with EA (Expert Advisors)

    With Expert Advisor software, the trader can access the varying degree of automation of their trading and can also assess market analysis activities.

    Expert Advisors is the tool that instructs the trading platform to place and perform the technical indicators, pending orders and trailing stops, and other activities depending upon your financial strategies.

    Note- EA feature is to be added to your account at the time of account opening only.

    MT4 DeltaStock online trading platform also offers the users educational resources comprising of free audio-visual tutorials, webinars, learning courses, trading vocabulary, weekly market updates and blogs from the trading experts, and much more to help the traders understand the traits of trading to the core and make wise trading decisions.

    Limit Order

    Limit orders are an attractive feature that allows the traders to order to buy the particular financial instruments with a restriction on the maximum price and to sell the particular financial instrument at the lowest price.

    The order will take place only at a price mentioned or better.

    There are many more features DeltaStock trading platforms have to offer, such as Trailing SL/TP, Stop orders, VPS services, logical orders, etc.

    How to set up a DeltaStock Trading Terminal?

    DeltaStock trading platform involves the regular procedure to set up the DeltaStock Trading platform like any other trading platform.

    It offers superior compatibility with contemporary advanced devices such as Android devices, iOS devices (iPhones, iPads), Windows PC, etc.

    It is also compatible with web browsers, and with this approach, you do not have to download the app but can simply access the app online.

    To download the app on your devices, visit the app store of the specific device. (For example, visit Google play store for Android devices and Apple’s App Store for iOS devices), then search the app and click on the download button.

    The app is free to download and will be installed on your device within a few minutes. Now, Install the app on your device by accepting the terms and conditions of the app.

    To access the features of the app, you will have to follow the registration process and open an account with the app.

    Follow the account opening process to own the trading platform and get the necessary login credentials from the broker for your personal trading account associated with the trading platform of your choice.

    To download the trading platform or trading account app, visit the app store of the specific devices.

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    How to Own DeltaStock Web Trading Platform?

    Let’s discuss the process of owning the DeltaStock trading platform.

    It entails the users to follow a few simple steps and get associated with the platform as the account holder instantly.

    Visit the website of DeltaStock, and on the left-hand side, you will see the option of “open my account”.

    When you click on open my account, you will get two options: ‘open trading account’ and ‘open demo account’.

    • To own the trading platform, go on the option ‘open trading account’. Then again, you will get two options of trading accounts with the DeltaTrading platform and with MetaTrader 4 trading platform, respectively.
    • Choose the preferred trading platform option as per your suitability and proceed further.
    • Now the first step of opening the account is the registration form. Fill the registration form with appropriate information and submit it. The information demanded at the time of registration is crucial as it authenticates the user’s identity and also helps in providing complete security and safety to the user’s account and funds.
    • Now the second step is the EKYC of the account. In this step, there are few significant documents that you may have to submit at the time of opening the trading account, such as identity card, photographs, Passport, PAN card, etc.
    • Lastly, choose the payment options to deposit or withdraw funds in the trading accounts out of the various payment options DeltaStock Web trading platform offers.
    • After completing all the formalities mentioned above, you will get your account approved within 36 working hours and get the login credentials on your email id.
    • Use the login credentials to enter your account and customize it as per your preferences. Make your trading strategies, and you are good at executing your trades.

    Advantages of DeltaStock MetaTrader 4

    Some of the main advantages of the DeltaStock MetaTrader 4 are- 

    • It provides detailed trading history and allows the traders to access logs of all the trading transactions orders and more quickly and easily.
    • DeltaStock trading platform also provides personalization options in abundance, such as saving groups of price charts, templates of charting instruments, templates of frequently used indicators, and much more.
    • With DeltaStock’s online trading platform, the users can access multilingual client support in 28 chief languages. It also sends daily and monthly statements in English.
    • The users can manage two or more trading accounts simultaneously with the help of MetaTrader 4.
    • DeltaStock Web trading platform is a powerful platform that provides four trading order types and real-time price quotations.
    • It offers CFDs on more than 80 major currency pairs and instruments such as forex, oil, indices, precious metals, shares, etc.
    • The users can opt for automated trading by employing the Advanced software Expert Advisors.
    • With the DeltaStock MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, the traders can use an unlimited number of open price charts and over 40 tools for market analysis.

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    DeltaStock Trading Platform – Conclusion

    DeltaStock’s online trading platform is considered as one of the strong platforms for traders to make investments with and yield desired results.

    We have discussed in detail the various facets of the DeltaStock trading terminals to give you an overview of how these platforms work and which trading platform out of the two options provided by DeltaStock is best for you.

    DeltaStock Trading Platform FAQs

    Here are the FAQs related to the DeltaStock trading platform:

    What is DeltaStock Trading Platform called?

    DeltaStock offers two trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 trading platform and the Delta Trading platform.

    MetaTrader 4 trading platform is a globally acknowledged web trading platform that offers many advanced features and trading tools.

    DeltaTrading is the in-house trading platform of DeltaStock that also offers a range of trading features and personalization tools.

    Does DeltaStock provide Web Trading?

    DeltaStock provides two DeltaStock trading terminals to operate the trading accounts online via web browsers and access to the live forex markets to buy or sell the financial instruments.

    Users opt for MT4 and DeltaTrading platforms for web trading.

    Is DeltaStock Trading Platform Free to use?

    The broker provides a demo account to the traders to access for free without any kind of charge. But the actual trading accounts are not free to use.

    There are specific brokerage fees mentioned on the website that is to be paid by the account holder at the time of account opening.

    After opening the account, there are some other charges involved depending upon the services you opt for.

    The traders have to deposit the funds before using the trading accounts.

    How to download DeltaStock Trading Terminal?

    To download the DeltaStock trading terminal, visit the app store of the specific device, like for Android devices, visit Google play store, and for iOS devices, visit Apple’s app store.

    Now, search for the DeltaStock trading terminal app and click on the download button. The app will be downloaded to the device within a few minutes.

    Install the app on your device and proceed with the registration process.

    What features does DeltaStock Online Trading Platform have?

    DeltaStock online trading platform provides some of the most advanced features such as Expert Advisors, OCO orders, Trailing SL/TP, API Trading, hedging, stop orders, VPS services, Educational materials, technical analysis, range of technical indicators, charting tools, etc.

    Can I trade in Shares via DeltaStock MetaTrader 4?

    Yes, with the DeltaStock MetaTrader 4, you can trade in shares.

    The platform provides trading in CFDs on over 1000 instruments, including forex, shares, gold, silver, indices, shares, futures, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs.

    Is DeltaStock Trading Terminal good?

    It is certainly one of the best trading terminals as it is regulated by the EU and also holds fast to the regulations of MiFID law of the EU.

    It ensures complete safety against cybercrime and provides appropriate protective measures to its traders.

    Also, it offers SSL that is Secure sockets layer encryptions that ensures the privacy, data accuracy, and verification of the users.

    Can DeltaStock Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No, the DeltaStock web trading platform requires EKYC is mandatory, and it needs to be performed to assure the security of the user’s account and funds.

    Does DeltaStock Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, the DeltaStock trading platform provides Tips.

    How to Buy Currencies via DeltaStock Web Trading Platform?

    Visit the web trading platform, select the financial instruments and click on the buy button to proceed with the trading.

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