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NAGA trading platform is a great way to revolutionize your trading experience.

This new trading terminal runs on the MetaTrader 5 platform and is exclusive to NAGA group traders. NAGA is devoted to raising the level of trading experience for all of its users.

This article is oriented to give you all the information regarding NAGA’s new trading platform like its features, advantages, benefits, and also how to set up your NAGA trading terminal.

NAGA’s trading platform comes with lots of tools and functions to make your trading experience more streamlined and user-friendly.

Let us walk you through all that and also help you to make your trading journey easier.

About NAGA Trading Platform

NAGA MetaTrader 5 is a superior version of meta trader 4. It has all the features of MetaTrader 4 with a lot of additional new tools.

Naga Trading PlatformMT5 is a user-friendly terminal which makes it satisfactory, for not only professionals but also new traders.

Through this next-generation trading terminal, you can trade in all different types of the asset class in about just a click, which includes stocks, futures, and forex markets.

With the help of MT5, you can also take your automated trading to the next level.

MT5 is equipped with powerful tools and an advanced API system to make your trading less worrisome.

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    NAGA Trading Terminal – Top Features

    NAGA trading platform provides all the necessary tools for financial trading, technical and fundamental analysis, algorithmic and copy trading.

    You can also make your customized technical indicators using the high performance of the MQL5 programming language in the MT5 trading terminal.

    Let’s check through all the great features NAGA MT5 offers.

    Charts for Analysis

    The NAGA trading platform allows you to open up to 100 charts of currency and stock at a time.

    There are 21-time frames available to choose from, which will help you to track even a slight movement in the real-time stock prices.

    Orders Placement & transaction

    NAGA trading terminal provides many different order types and users can choose from it, according to their needs and requirements.

    Some of the order types are limit order, market order, stop order, trailing order, etc.

    Different order types are very useful in placing sophisticated trading strategies, which makes them one of the most important features of the NAGA trading terminal.

    Reporting Tools

    NAGA trading platform provides its users with a powerful trading system with the Market Depth and a system of separate accounting of orders and trades and it also supports a hedging option system for order accounting.

    NAGA MT5 has more than 80 technical indicators and analytic tools available for better performance and it doesn’t include 1000s of customizable free-of-charge indicators from their codebase.

    Its fundamental analysis tool can be used for monitoring price variations and various open-source economic and industrial indicators in the individual asset classes.

    How to Set up NAGA Web Trading Platform?

    Setting up your NAGA trading terminal is quite easy and you can do it by following the steps given below.

    Before getting started with the process, you should know that the NAGA trading platform is not limited to desktops.

    It’s also available on the web as a NAGA web trading platform and as well through Mobile apps.

    • Let’s get started with steps. First, you need to open a demo account and a trading account with the company.
    • Keep the credentials of the trading account with yourself and choose the trading platform to trade with.
    • Then, you need to download the trading terminal from the company’s website, www.Naga.com
    • After downloading, run the .exe file which you saved on your desktop, and that will lead you to installation.
    • Launch the terminal after installation, and provide your credentials at the time of log in.
    • After successful login, you will have full access to all the features of the NAGA trading terminal. Before placing orders, make sure to get familiar with the terminal by exploring all the things this software has to offer.

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    How to Use NAGA Online Trading Platform?

    The first thing to do is to open an account with the company, you can just click on the “Open Trading Account” button present here.

    Next, you need to fill out the application form that pops in front of your screen, fill in the details as asked in the application.

    After submitting, you will be redirected to another form, where you have KYC verification.

    You need to provide proof of your identity and address, which makes your account opening procedure complete.

    After completing the application process, the company will get back to you for verification.

    When verification is done, your credentials will be sent to your email address.

    Then you can download the trading terminal and start trading.

    Advantages of NAGA MetaTrader 5

    Trading with the NAGA MT5 terminal comes with many benefits, which would not only make your trading simple but also productive.

    You will get access to exclusive embedded MQL5 community chat, which will help you to interact with expert and professional traders around the globe.

    Advance tools like strategy tester, to test your different strategies from the data present within the system.

    With features like Netting, hedging, and market depth, the NAGA MT5 is the best trading terminal present in the market.

    NAGA MT 5 comes with

    • 38 technical objects
    • 44 graphing objects
    • 6 pending order types
    • 4 order execution types
    • transfer funds between accounts
    • economic calendar and partial order filling policies.

    Expert advisory and copy trading

    Collaboration with thousands of trading apps, which provides tons of trading bots and technical indicators in the built-in market.

    With the help of virtual hosting (VPS), you can even virtualize your trading account in the remote server using just a few clicks.

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    NAGA Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Now that you’re accustomed to the NAGA trading platform, its features, tools, functionalities as well as its superior offerings, you can take a journey to become an expert in trading.

    A fast, reliable, and user-friendly terminal is needed for a great trading experience and therefore NAGA MT5 should be the choice of every trader.

    NAGA offers both types of online trading platforms, for desktop and also for web, you can access the NAGA web trading platform via any browser through your computer.

    NAGA Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding NAGA’s Meta trader 5 platforms:

    What is the NAGA Trading Platform called?

    NAGA generally provides traders two separate trading platforms.

    The first is MetaTrader 4, which already has a large customer base.

    The second option is NAGA MetaTrader 5, which is an improved version with a variety of features. To trade in MetaTrader 5, you must register for a specific account.

    Does NAGA provide Web Trading?

    Yes, NAGA offers a web-based platform for traders who want to trade through their browser.

    They don’t need to download any additional apps or software to trade in their favorite instruments. The web-based platform proves to be useful.

    Is NAGA MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    Yes, you can download and use the software for free from the internet.

    You are not required to pay any additional fees to use the MetaTrader 4 or Metatrader 5 trading terminals.

    However, you must select the appropriate accounts, as the company offers distinct trading accounts for both platforms.

    How to download NAGA Trading Terminal?

    The trading terminal can be downloaded from the broker’s official website.

    On the other hand, you can go to Google and search for MetaTrader 5 and download it.

    After that, you’ll need to run the software to set it up.

    What features does the NAGA Online Trading Platform have?

    The Meta Trader 5’s efficiency can be measured using a variety of indicators.

    To begin with, the website offers online educational programs, allows for rapid order placement, offers a variety of order types, research tools, and much more.

    Can I trade in Shares via the NAGA MT5?

    Yes, the broker makes it possible to trade stocks using the Meta Trader program.

    You have the option of using the platform to trade stocks, just like any other financial instrument.

    In this way, the platform makes a significant contribution to the trading experience.

    Is NAGA MetaTrader 5 good?

    Yes, Meta Trader 5 (MT5) is currently one of the most advanced trading platforms accessible.

    So, if you’re interested in using the trading platform, you should research all of the specifics before signing up.

    The demo account is, without a doubt, the way to proceed.

    Can NAGA Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    Without KYC, you won’t be able to get a demo or a trading account, thus you won’t be able to do so.

    To begin the trading process, you must comply with the KYC procedure in one way or another.

    The KYC procedure simply assures the safety and security of your account and transactions.

    Does NAGA Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, trading recommendations are an important component of the account and platform.

    You may certainly benefit from the expertise of the analysts.

    The suggestions are useful, but you should not rely on them as your only source; instead, make your own decisions using the suggestions as a guide.

    How to Buy Currencies via NAGA Web Trading Platform?

    Purchasing currencies or any other instrument follows a similar procedure.

    Essentially, you should begin by watching the instrument and determining the appropriate investment price.

    When the instrument reaches the desired price, you may immediately make a buy order by providing the necessary information and hitting the buy button.

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