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How to invest in Stock Market? – A beginner’s guide to Stock Trading

Last Updated Date - Mar 21, 2023

The most sensible reason for you to invest in stock market is the prospect of not having to work your entire life!

There are only two ways to make money: by working and/or by having your money work for you. Stocks are but one of many possible ways to invest your hard-earned money.

Whether your goal is- to send your kids to college or to retire and your time in Western Ghats in natures lap, investing is essential to getting you where you want to be.

A Beginners guide to Stock Market Investment

If you stash your money instead of investing it, your money doesn’t work for you and you will never have more money than what you saved as inflation will slowly eat away the real value of your hard-earned asset.

By investing your money, you are getting your money to work for you by earning interest/premium on what you put away or by buying and selling stocks that increase in value.

Stock Market Investment gives you best returns

Why stocks have upper hand against instead of other options, like: bonds, rare coins, crypto currencies, etc.?

STOCKS provide the maximum potential returns this is the reason why smart investors prefer in stocks. And over the long term, no other type of investment tends to perform better.

So, top10stockbroker.com thinks that by educating yourself and using the knowledge in this story, you can make the risk acceptable relative to your expected reward.

We will help you understand the right businesses to invest and caution you the ones to avoid with the help of our top stock brokers in India. Again, investing in stock is well worth, because over long period of time, your money can work harder for you than in any other investments.

On the downside, stocks tend to be the most volatile investments. This means that the value of stocks can drop in the short term.

There’s also no guarantee that you will actually realize any sort of positive return for sure. It really doesn’t matter how you do it.

Whether you invest in stocks, bonds, MF, Derivatives, precious metals, real estate, your own small business, or any combination of them, the aim is the same: to make investments that will generate more cash for you in the future.

As we say, “Money isn’t everything, but you must have enough money before you say this.”

Stocks are like Trees

When we’re younger (as we are the youngest nation on Globe), saving for something that’s years away—like retirement—may not seem important right now.

But that is exactly when we should start saving. The longer the money is invested, the more time it gets to grow.

And one of the ways to give money a chance to grow over the long term is by investing in some form of stocks.

Stocks are just like trees. Here you plant a sapling when you are young to enjoy its fruits when you turn old, or when the plant is bearing fruits. Whichever is early.

If you are among the stock shy, then we present you three reasons to consider stocks when saving for a far-off goal like retirement.

3 Reasons Why Stock Market Investment is the best form of investment

Stocks have offered the most potential for growth

How much Rs 9500/- (Nine thousand five hundred) invested in INFOSYS stock would be worth over the history of the stock market?

Answer: For instance, 100 shares issued in the IPO in 1993 at Rs 9,500 have multiplied into 12,800 shares valued at Rs 4.15 crore as on March 31,2011 indicating a compounded growth rate of 59%. (reference – The Times of India)

still thinking Why STOCKS??

You can probably ride out stock market drops

It makes sense to own more stocks, but if market drops still make you nervous, remember this:

It may be painful for a time, but if the stock market behaves as it has over long term, you should be able to weather out the tough time when the stock is falling.

This is the reason one should own the stock for the longer duration.

You don’t need to put all your hard-earned money into stocks

We believe that a right mix of investments should be based on a person’s time horizon, financial situation, your goals to be achieved and tolerance for risk.

But, as a general rule, those with longer investment horizons should have a significant, broadly diversified exposure to stocks.

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