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Invesco PMS is renowned as well as popular investment company available across the nation. In this article, we will have a detailed review of Invesco PMS, its Strategies, its Commission Models, its Investment Plans, Returns/ Performance and more.

Find out the detailed review of Invesco Portfolio Management Service here-

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Invesco PMS – Customer Ratings & Review

Invesco PMS Ratings
Returns Performance2.5 / 5
Services2.7 / 5
Charges2.8 / 5
Experience2.9 / 5
Strategies2.7 / 5
Client Support2.6 / 5
Overall Ratings2.7 / 5
Star Ratings★★★★★

Overview of Invesco Portfolio Management Services

The table given below is providing the details regarding the overview of Invesco PMS-

Company TypePrivate
Registered LocationMumbai, Maharashtra
LeadershipSaurabh Nanavati
Yr. of Establishment2007

Invesco PMS

Invesco is a highly leading and renowned investment management company available in India. The PMS company was established by Mr Saurabh Nanavati in the year 2007.

Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Invesco PMS company is registered under the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

One of the highly renowned and popular business modules of Invesco is a portfolio management service module. The company is greatly known for PMS services in the stock market. They have a huge range of fund managers who handle their PMS business.

Now, we will have a discussion regarding Invesco PMS Reviews, Charges, Returns and more.

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    Types of Invesco PMS

    The table given below is providing the entire details regarding the types of Invesco Portfolio Management Service.

    Types of PMS

    Normally, Invesco Portfolio Management Service company is good at providing both the type of PMS- (Discretionary and Non- Discretionary).

    Most of the people choose to prefer discretionary PMS because, with this type, the whole portfolio account can be managed by the fund managers of the company.

    And in non-discretionary PMS type, clients choose to get investment ideas from the renowned consultancy for making a final investment decision.

    Invesco PMS Fund Managers Details

    The table given below is providing the details of Invesco PMS Fund Manager’s Details.

    Fund Manager’s Details
    NameTaher Badshah
    Experience23 Years
    Highest QualificationMBA
    AUM (in Cr.)Approx 300 Cr.
    Number of Clients90+
    Investment TenureMinimum 3 yr.

    Mr. Taher Badshah (Chief Investment Officer – Equities)

    Since Invesco PMS is the leading asset management firm, it has various fund managers to handle its PMS business but the highly experienced one is Taher Badshah who is holding 23 years of experience in the field of asset management. Mr Taher Badshah is an MBA by profession.

    Mr. Amit Nigam (Portfolio Manager)

    The portfolio manager of Invesco is Mr. Amit Nigam. His experience accounts for 18 years in the Indian equity markets. His past experiences are linked to Essel Mutual Fund, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, BNP Paribas Mutual Fund, SBI Funds Management & Reliance Industries Ltd.

    As for the educational qualification, he holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and a PGDBM from Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

    Normally, the fund managers of Invesco PMS holds AUM of more than 300 Cr. and do handles more than 90 employees. The investment time duration for any client in Invesco PMS is a minimum of 3 years.

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    Invesco PMS Strategies

    The table given below is providing the details regarding Invesco PMS strategies.

    MID CAPCaterpillar ##

    The Invesco PMS company has designed all kinds of PMS strategies for all of its clients. They are normally focussing on large-cap strategy, diversified strategy and small-mid cap strategy.

    Here are some PMS strategies used by Invesco PMS-

    Invesco PMS Dawn

    Breaking out the terms of this strategy:

    • D – Demand recovery across cyclical and consumer discretionary sectors
    • A – Attractive valuation which endorses margin of safety
    • W – Winning companies which have made it the newly emerged demand cycle, where efficiency is highly attained.
    • N – New investment and credit cycle deployed provides a boost to earnings recovery.

    All in all, the strategy consists of investment which belongs to sectors which are set to benefit from revival in a cyclical recovery. Focus is majorly on reversion and value style, including companies which have quality business models and management.

    Approach in use here is Bottom-up, where stocks are picked up from any sector or market capitalization.

    Invesco PMS Rise

    This strategy takes into view, investment in equity and equity related market instruments. The resulting portfolio created, in on grounds of high conviction 20-25 stocks. The stocks shortlisted belong to the businesses, which are majorly likely to benefit from revival in economic growth.

    Picked up stocks are efficient in terms of operating and financial leverage, and also dividend yield. Precisely speaking of the stock selection approach, stocks with recovery potential and attractive valuations make up this portfolio.

    Invesco PMS Caterpillar

    Companies which make up to the portfolio of this strategy are the ones which are fundamentally strong and also have high growth. The strategy picks up stocks from both midcap and small cap companies.

    The major focus is businesses which have a sustainable growth or the ones with niche and also have emerging business prospects. Investment opportunities which are under owned and overlooked are of consideration here.

    Through deploying bottom up approach, stocks pricked have a high potential of earning growth and P/E expansion. All in all, this strategy targets businesses with attractive returns on capital and adequate cash flow, alongside competitive advantage and industry attractiveness.

    Invesco PMS Returns / Performance

    Find out the details regarding Invesco Portfolio Management Service returns in the table given below-

    StrategyDAWN ##RISE ##Caterpillar ##
    Return (CAGR)1M3.26%7.64%9.51%
    InceptionAug, 2017Apr, 2016Jun, 2006

    The rate of return of Invesco PMS is extremely impressive and healthy. The broking house is capable enough to beat ten years of MFR (mutual fund returns).

    The healthy return rate of Invesco Portfolio Management Services has made the company sort of top-notch PMS solution available in the country.

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    Invesco PMS Investment Plans

    The below-given table is providing a good understanding of Invesco PMS Investment plans.

    Investment Plans
    Bronze (25L – 50L)Yes
    Silver (50L – 1 Cr.)Yes
    Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.)Yes
    Platinum (5 Cr. Plus)Yes

    The table given above is defining the investment plans of Invesco PMS company. The company has customized convenient investment plans for all its customers. Normally, a minimum of Rs. 25 lakh is required for making an investment in any renowned company.

    The Invesco PMS has all types of investment plans available. Bronze investment slab is between the range of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh. The Silver investment slab is in the range of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 Cr.

    Gold investment plan is in the range of Rs. 1 Cr. to 5 Cr. And the Platinum investment plan is available to only those clients who holds an investment portfolio of more than Rs. 5 Cr.

    Since the Invesco portfolio management service company has all an availability of all types of investment slabs. It has also customized several commission models for its clients in order to provide more convenience and satisfaction.

    Invesco PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

    The table given below is providing a better understanding regarding the commission slabs of Invesco PMS.

    Commission / Fees Structure
    Prepaid CommissionYes
    Volume% CommissionYes
    Profit Sharing% CommissionYes

    The Invesco PMS company has categorised the commission model into 3 parts.

    Invesco PMS Prepaid Commission

    In prepaid commission slab, management payout or commission payout is imposed in advance before the real-time period of investment portfolio starts.

    Since it is a prepaid commission slab, the commission charges are comparatively lower than the commission slabs.

    Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
    Investment – 25L – 50L1.5% of Investment
    Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr.1.4% of Investment
    Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.1.2% of Investment
    Investment – 5 Cr. Plus1.0% of Investment

    The prepaid commission slab of Invesco PMS company is completely dependent on the investment volume.

    If the investment volume is in the range of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh, the management charges will be 1.5% of the total investment amount. If the investment volume of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 Cr., the management fees will be 1.4% of the total investment value.

    With the high level of investment volume like- Rs. 1 Cr. to Rs. 5 Cr., the management charges will be 1.2% of the total investment value. And above Rs. 5 Cr. of the investment portfolio amount, the commission fees will be 1.0% of the total investment value.

    Invesco PMS Volume% Commission

    The Invesco PMS volume % commission model is entirely dependent on the total number of investment transactions made by the portfolio or fund manager.

    The commission structure also has a dependency on the situation of the market and some other such aspects of the total investment amount.

    It has a high management fees payout as compared to other commission slabs.

    Volume% Commission (Yearly)
    Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L0.15% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr.0.14% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.12% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus0.10% of Total Transaction Volume

    In this commission slab, the management charges are imposed according to the loyalty of the fund manager and the market situation as well.

    If the transaction value of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh, the management charges will be 0.15% of the total transaction value. If the transaction value is in the range of Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 Cr., the management charges will be around 0.14% of the total transaction amount.

    For high transaction volume like- Rs. 1 Cr. to Rs. 5 Cr., the commission payout will be around 0.12% of the total transaction amount. And more than Rs. 5 Cr. of the transaction value,  the commission payout will be around 0.10% of the total transaction amount.

    Invesco PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

    The Invesco PMS profit-sharing commission model is really convenient because the management charges are paid only when the profit value is realized. Such type of fees structure provides high-profit volume and minimise risk also.

    Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
    Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L25% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 5L – 10L24% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 10L – 50L22% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 50L Plus20% of Profit

    Profit sharing % commission slab is usually a highly suitable and convenient commission structure available for all the portfolio clients. It is totally based on investment portfolio performance. Basically, this type of fees structure is provided to the existing clients with the asset management company for 3 years and also the clients holding a huge investment portfolio.

    For a portfolio with a profit value of Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh, sharing of profit will be 25% of the total profit value. If the portfolio with a profit value of Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh, the management charges will be 24% of the total profit value.

    With a high amount of profit value on the investment portfolio like- Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh, sharing of profit will be 22% of the total profit volume. And more than Rs. 50 lakh of profit on the portfolio, the profit sharing will be 20% of the total profit amount.

    Since the Invesco PMS company has designed very suitable and flexible fees structures. The broking house also imposes some other type of charges including- upfront fees, custodian charges, brokerage charges, depository charges and exit load charges etc.

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    Invesco PMS Charges

    The table given below is providing the entire details regarding the Invesco PMS charges-

    Management FeesAs per commission model
    Upfront Fees0.75% – 1.25% of Asset Value
    Brokerage Charges0.007% – 0.011% of Total Transaction Value
    Custodian Charges0.17% – 0.27% of Asset Value
    Depository Charges0.10% – 0.18% of Asset Value
    Exit Load – within 12 months0.7% – 1.0% of Withdrawal Value
    Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree

    Here is the entire list of charges levied by Invesco PMS company-

    • Management Charges- The Invesco company levy management fees according to the fees structure opted by the client and PMS house.
    • Upfront Charges- Upfront charges are charged as advance fees. This kind of charges is levied between the range of 0.75% to 1.25% of the total asset value.
    • Brokerage Charges- Brokerage charges are also levied by the PMS house. It is normally between the range of 0.007% to 0.011% of the total transaction value.
    • Custodian Charges- Custodian charges are charged as per the asset value. This type of charges ranges from 0.17% to 0.27% of the total asset value.
    • Depository Charges- Depository charges are levied between the range of 0.10% to 0.18% of the total asset value.
    • Exit Load Charges- Exit load charges normally has a dependency on withdrawal amount and withdrawal time as well. If the withdrawal is made during 1 year then the commission charges will be 0.7% to 1.0% of the total withdrawal amount. If it is processed post 1 year then no commission charges are taken by the PMS house.

    Invesco PMS Benefits

    The table given below is providing the entire details regarding the Invesco PMS benefits-

    Benefits / Advantages
    Top-up FacilityYes
    Back office ReportsYes
    Email UpdateYes
    SMS UpdateYes
    Watsapp UpdateNo
    Portfolio ViewYes
    Detailed ViewYes
    Flexible Commission ModelYes
    Flexible Investment PlansYes
    Massive ExperienceYes

    Here is the list of benefits associated with Invesco PMS company-

    • The Invesco PMS provides appropriate top-up facility to all its clients for huge convenience.
    • It avails login details or credentials to all its customers so that all the clients can be able to check the entire details and reports of their investment portfolio easily.
    • The company provide Email update as well as SMS update facility to the clients for checking the updates regarding all the happening transactions by the fund manager.
    • It also provides flexible investment plans and suitable commission models to all the customers for huge satisfaction.
    • The Invesco PMS house has massive experience in the Portfolio Management Service sector.

    Invesco PMS Customer Care

    The table given below is providing the details regarding Invesco Portfolio Management Service Customer Care-

    Customer Care
    Call SupportYes
    Email SupportYes
    Chat SupportNo
    Watsapp SupportNo
    Relationship Manager SupportYes
    Call to Fund ManagerYes – 2 to 5 Times a month
    Issue Resolving TAT11 working days

    The Investor PMS house provides call support so that their existing portfolio investors can directly call to their fund manager for any query.

    Email support is also provided to the clients for the huge satisfaction and convenience.

    The Invesco PMS company is also good at offering appropriate Relationship Manager Support. Client’s holding a huge investment portfolio can call to their fund manager 5 times in a month and clients with low investment portfolio can call to their fund manager 2-3 times in a month.

    The issue resolving TAT for Invesco PMS is 11 working days.

    Invesco PMS Conclusion

    Invesco PMS is the leading and most popular fund management company available across the country. Their convenient portfolio service management strategies has also given fine results to all the clients.

    The flexible investment plans and commission models of the company provide a lot of convenience to the clients. The services and support system is also very useful.

    Are you in search of a portfolio management service company? Go for Invesco PMS and get convenient services regarding the investment portfolio.

    Invesco PMS FAQs

    Ques – How can I invest with INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – All clients have an option to invest directly, without intermediation of persons engaged in distribution services. To invest in Invesco PMS, the procedure is absolutely easy and hassle free. Once you open our site, you will find a Invest In Invesco PMS fill up form right on the website. One needs to fill in the compulsory details that are required including your name, mobile number and city of Residence. Select your service requested and click on submit. This way you will be led to the further steps of investment.

    Ques – Who is the current fund manager of Invesco PMS?

    Answer – Invesco is a well-established and renowned investment management firm in India. Mr Saurabh Nanavati founded the PMS company in the year 2007. Its head office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Invesco PMS is registered under the Board of Securities Exchange of India (SEBI).

    Ques – What is the approx AUM of INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – Invesco Pvt Ltd has a huge list of Fund managers or Portfolio managers. Mr. Amit Nigam is the highly experienced and educated fund manager available in the company. He has more than 18 years of experience in portfolio management service sector In terms of educational qualifications, he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Roorkee Indian Institute of Technology and a PGDBM from the Indore Indian Institute of Management.The fund managers of Invesco PMS usually hold an AUM of over 300 Cr. The length of investment period for every Invesco PMS customer is a minimum of 3 years.

    Ques – Where can I check return or performance of INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – The returns and performance of Invesco PMS is present right  at our website. The return rate of alchemy portfolio management service providing company is quite healthy and impressive. It has a capability of Beating MFR (mutual fund returns) of around 10 plus years.

    The safe and robust success of the company has made it into the country’s top PMS business list. We show the full facts and figures in a tab for the convenience of our customers. Alchemy is known for having an exceptional portfolio management service and has exceeded mutual fund returns for more than 10 years.

    Ques – What are the different strategies used by INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – The article provides the various strategies that Invesco incorporates within the form of a table in our website. As per the table in our website, PMS house has various types of effective PMS strategies. The basic strategies are PMS Dawn, Invesco OMS Caterpillar’s and more.

    Ques – Where to find the fee structure and commission rate of INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – The data regarding all the details of INVESCO PMS is present in the website. We have provided detailed information with all the important heads and done so in the form of tables and charts. Henceforth, to find the fee structure and commission rate of INVESCO PMS, one can locate the details easily in our website provided.

    Ques – How to call or reach INVESCO PMS customer care?

    Answer – Invesco PMS gives priority to their clients. It provides all required support so that the clients do not feel inconvenience while dealing with the Alchemy PMS. One can directly call the company to get the answers to their questions. The company has also provided Email and WhatsApp facility for the convenience of the clients. A relationship manager is also appointed by the company to make the relationship strong between the fund manager and investors.

    Ques – What are the benefits of investing with INVESCO?

    Answer – The company provides flexible investment plans as well as commission/fee models so that clients can choose according to their convenience.

    • The customer support system is well-structured with a lot of benefits. Invesco PMS provides all its customers with sufficient top-up facilities for tremendous convenience.
    • It provides all its clients with login information or passwords so that all customers can conveniently review the full details and reports of their investment portfolio.
    • Hence, if you are looking to get a reliable PMS house with a superior return, you can choose the company without any hesitation.

    Ques – What are the different charges involved with INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – There are various charges involved in the Invesco PMS. The taxes that are levied include: Upfront fees, Brokerage charges, Custodian charges, Depositary charges and Exit Load Charges. The management fee is decided on the basis of the commission model opted, the fund manager, risk, investment amount.

    Ques – Where can I find all the details about INVESCO PMS?

    Answer – All the details regarding the Invesco portfolio management services are provided in the website. To make the work absolutely feasible and flexible for our customers, we have provided the data through charts, maps and graphs. This way the customer can easily locate all the information they require within our website.

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