Centrum PMS or Portfolio Management ServiceCentrum PMS is a part of Centrum Capital. Centrum Broking was integrated in mid nineties and very soon it became a subsidiary of Centrum Capital. This PMS broking house caters to HNIs, NRIs, Corporates, Banks and Mutual Funds.

Let us quickly run down through the Ratings, Review, Strategies, Commission Models, Yearly Returns & much more about Centrum Portfolio Management Service.

Centrum PMS – Customer Ratings & Review

Centrum PMS Ratings
Returns Performance2.9 / 5
Services2.7 / 5
Charges2.8 / 5
Experience2.9 / 5
Strategies3.0 / 5
Client Support2.8 / 5
Overall Ratings2.9 / 5
Star Ratings★★★★★

The ratings seen in the above table enables us to get a fair understanding about the performance of Centrum PMS broking house in each and every field.


Overview of Centrum Portfolio Management Services

Information related to Centrum Portfolio Management Services Company is stated here below:

Company TypePrivate
Registered LocationMumbai, Maharashtra
LeadershipChandir Gidwani
Yr. of Establishment1997

Centrum is one among the top Full service stock brokers in India. The foundation of this Private Company was laid in the year 1997 by Mr. Chandir Gidwani.

Their registered office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Let’s check out what are the different types of Centrum PMS, their PMS Charges, PMS Returns & more.

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    Types of Centrum PMS

    Types of PMS

    Centrum PMS broking house gives the facility of Discretionary PMS and Non-Discretionary PMS to their esteemed clients. The customers can choose in between Discretionary or Non-Discretionary PMS.

    The latter would require a specific approval from the client for each portfolio transaction while the former does not require any approvals because in this case the entire PMS account is managed by the Fund managers of Centrum.

    Discretionary Portfolio Management is a widely accepted PMS in the market. However some clients do prefer to test investment growth by way of Non-Discretionary PMS to start with.

    Centrum PMS Fund Managers Details

    The Fund Managers details of Centrum Portfolio Management Service are mentioned in the table here below:

    Fund Manager’s Details
    NameAbhishek Anand
    Experience10 Years
    Highest QualificationMBA & PGDTFM
    AUM (in Cr.)Approx 800 Cr.
    Number of Clients200+
    Investment TenureMinimum 3 yr.

    The Fund Managers of Centrum PMS holds approximately Rs. 8,00 cr. as AUM and they handle more than 200 PMS clients. It has been observed that the clients usually lock their investments with Centrum PMS for a tenure of minimum 3 years.

    Abhishek Anand (Fund Manager)

    Mr. Abhishek Anand, the present Fund Manager of Centrum holds an MBA Finance from Mumbai University & PGDTFM from ICFAI University. He has won the award of Starmine Top Analyst Award for 2011-12 and 2012-13 in his career for the dedicated service that he has provided.

    He aces the institutional equity research domain from diverse sectors such as Telecom, Media, IT& Consumer, following 8 years of experience in said domain and a total of 10 years of experience on the whole.

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    Centrum PMS Strategies

    This table give will give the details about Centrum Portfolio Management Services Strategies:


    Centrum PMS broking house has six portfolio strategies for their PMS clients which are as follows:

    Hedged Portfolio – Thematic

    Investment plan is of this particular strategy is to invest in companies which have a record of sound management, stable business model and also strong fundamental. Investments are made in equity and equity related products of CNX100 companies with Next 50 stocks.

    The prime focus is on companies which have been delivering consistent returns of medium and long term timeframes and also put to use, derivative strategies which would protect them from going down the hill.

    Centrum PMS Good to Great

    Various types of investment standards are taken into account and significant efforts are placed to ensure the portfolio outperforms.

    Chosen stocks for investment are, high quality stock, with belong to the arena of Midcap and Smallcap. The target of investment is for long term basis.

    Centrum PMS Built to last

    There are a lot of PMS offerings provided from the company’s end, which includes the Built to Last Strategy. The basic idea here is of creating a strong portfolio, which possesses the capability of outperforming the benchmark Nifty100.

    Centrum PMS Deep value IV

    Creating value is the intent of this strategy. Investments are done in deep value stocks of mid and small-cap companies. Companies which have created scalable business models and are performing well in the market but fetching is good returns for the shareholders are on top of the list.

    Long terms investments are the purpose here and factors highly considered are business environment, or demand and supply threshold, which basically may lead to a turnaround.

    Centrum PMS Multibagger

    Design of this strategy is to have a hold on companies on the basis of deep value, also involving companies which are less popular and are small or mid cap companies.

    If we define the holding period, the company states that the strategy does not necessarily stay invested throughout the life of the fund. But, the contrary idea adopted here is to keep up with buy and hold strategy on stocks till the period where they outperform.

    Centrum PMS Micro

    Investors who seek for long term capital appreciation will find this strategy suitable. Instruments which are chosen here belong to the equity class, which are also referred to as microcaps.

    Market conditions are thoroughly examined, in order to determine the highest stability to the portfolio. To achieve stability, the company basically select large-cap stocks, in particular weights, in this strategy.

    Centrum PMS Wealth Creator

    Two objectives are fulfilled via this strategy here, where long terms wealth creation is achieved alongside liquid needs are also met.

    The company aims to fulfil both the strategies here, by means of investing in large-cap stocks. Investing in large-cap stocks endorse liquidity. On the other hand, in accordance with deep value, the strategy aims at investment in mid-cap stocks to encourage wealth creation.

    Centrum PMS Returns / Performance

    This table will help you to figure out the details about Centrum Management Services Returns:

    Return (CAGR)1M11.10%2.40%12.50%13.90%18.70%3.20%
    InceptionJun, 2019Jul, 2019Dec, 2015Mar, 2012Jul, 2016Nov, 2011

    Every client looks forward to get a good rate of return for their investments. The rate of returns offered by Centrum PMS broking house is far satisfactory for the clients.

    The investors are convinced to avail the services of Centrum PMS house for the above attractive rate of returns.

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    Centrum PMS Investment Plans

    This table showcases the details about Centrum Portfolio Management investment slabs:

    Investment Plans
    Bronze (25L – 50L)Yes
    Silver (50L – 1 Cr.)Yes
    Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.)Yes
    Platinum (5 Cr. Plus)Yes

    This table explains us about the different Investment slabs that are offered by Centrum PMS to the clients. A fixed amount of Rs.25 Lakh is mandatory for investment in order to initiate your transaction with the Portfolio Management Service house.

    Minimum Rs.25 Lakh as a value of investment is a standard amount that is applicable for partnering with any other Portfolio Management Services house in India. In total Centrum PMS broking house has four types of Investment Plans viz: – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum that can be chosen by the clients.

    The Bronze plan starts with the range of is INR 25 Lakh and goes up to INR 50 Lakh. Silver Plan begins in within the range of Rs.50 Lakh and goes up to Rs.1 Crore.

    You can stick down to their Gold plan by making investments in between Rs.1 Crore up to Rs.5 Crore. However If your budget is high and you intend to invest for more than Rs.5 Crore with them then their Platinum plan can be grabbed by you.

    Centrum PMS house has different commission slabs for different schemes proposed by them. Your desire to pay low commissions can be fulfilled by making big investments.

    Centrum PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

    The Fees Structure of Centrum PMS Management Services is stated here below:

    Commission / Fees Structure
    Prepaid CommissionYes
    Volume% CommissionYes
    Profit Sharing% CommissionYes

    There are 3 types of categories in which Centrum PMS has classified their fees or commission.

    Centrum PMS Prepaid Commission

    In this type of commission the investor has to compulsorily make the payment in advance prior to the commencing of the actual tenure.

    The rate of commission charged in this format is extremely low due its nature of being a prepaid model.

    Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
    Investment – 25L – 50L1.1% of Investment
    Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr.1% of Investment
    Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.8% of Investment
    Investment – 5 Cr. Plus0.7% of Investment

    The commission in this type of model relies on the amount of Investment made by the client. If the investments are made somewhere in between Rs.25 Lakh up to Rs.50 Lakh then the prepaid commission that needs to shelled out is 1.1% of the Investment.

    When the investments are in between Rs.50 Lakh to Rs.1 Crore, the prepaid commission levied is 1% of total investment. For any value of investment that is more than Rs.1 Crore and up to Rs.5 Crore, the prepaid fee required to be paid to Centrum PMS house is 0.8% of the total investment.

    If your investment goes beyond a value of Rs.5 Crore at any point of time, then the management fees would be 0.7% of the amount invested.

    Centrum PMS Volume% Commission

    The Fees Structure at this juncture absolutely depends on the overall number of transactions done by your respective Fund Manager.

    There are other factors also like market condition and other aspects of investment taken in to consideration at the time of charging commission to the client.

    As an investor your will end up in paying a higher amount of commission by choosing this kind of model.

    Volume% Commission (Yearly)
    Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L0.12% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr.0.11% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.09% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus0.07% of Total Transaction Volume

    Here in this sort the commission amount mainly depends on 2 important factors viz: – (a) what would be the situation of the market and (b) the faithfulness of the Fund Manager associated with you.

    If the yearly transaction volume is in between Rs.25 Lakh to Rs.50 Lakh, the Management fees charged is around 0.12% of total transaction volume. If your transaction value falls in between Rs.50 Lakh to Rs.1 Crore, then 0.14% of total transaction amount needs to be paid.

    A lesser amount of commission is charged for a higher amount of transaction volume in short if the transaction volume is above Rs.1 Crore and up to Rs.5 Crore, the charges are 0.09% of the total transaction volume.

    If your transaction volume can beat the value of over Rs.5 Crore, the Management fees charged by Centrum PMS house would be 0.07% of total transaction volume.

    Centrum PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

    This model in the opinion of investors is rated as a very well-situated model to them. The Management fee in this style of model is paid by the investors only after they have realized their profit.

    The percentage of the commission charged here is very high no doubt on that but at the same time the risk involved is comparatively very low out here.

    Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
    Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L27% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 5L – 10L25% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 10L – 50L22% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 50L Plus19% of Profit

    Due its nature of demanding commission on the basis of the performance of the portfolio, the Investors are found very keen on choosing this model.

    The profit sharing is 27% for a portfolio that achieves profit in a range of Rs.2.5 Lakh up to Rs.5 Lakh. 25% would be the Profit volume that requires to be shared with the PMS house for the profit range in between Rs.5 Lakh to Rs.10 Lakh.

    When your profit scales up somewhere around in between Rs.10 Lakh to Rs.50 Lakh, the profit sharing is 22% and if your profit reaches above Rs.50 Lakh, then the profit sharing with Centrum PMS team would be 19% of the total profit.

    This broking house also has the facility to design special tailor made customized commission models for all their dear investors.

    Over and above the Commission or Management Fees charged by Centrum PMS house, there are quite a few other charges like Upfront Fees, Brokerage, Depository Charges, Custodian Charges and Exit Load that has to be compulsorily paid to the PMS house.

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    Centrum PMS Charges

    The details of Centrum Portfolio Management Services Charges are clarified in this table:

    Management FeesAs per commission model
    Upfront Fees0.75% – 1.25% of Asset Value
    Brokerage Charges0.007% – 0.011% of Total Transaction Value
    Custodian Charges0.17% – 0.27% of Asset Value
    Depository Charges0.10% – 0.18% of Asset Value
    Exit Load – within 12 months0.7% – 1.0% of Withdrawal Value
    Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree

    In addition to the commission fees the following charges are also required to be paid to Centrum PMS Group:

    Management Fees – Here the fees structure would be as per the commission model that has been mutually agreed by both the parties – the client & the PMS team.

    Upfront Fees – 0.75% – 1.25% of the asset Value is the upfront fees that would be required to be paid to Centrum PMS team.

    Brokerage Charges – The Brokerage charges would be somewhere ranging in between 0.007% – 0.011% of total transaction value.

    Custodian Charges – The custodian change charge that is levied by the PMS house from their clients is somewhere in between 0.17% – 0.27% of Asset Value.

    Depository Charges – The PMS depository charge of this broking house would be in between 0.10% – 0.18% of Asset Value.

    Exit Load Fees – The Exit load fees is 0.7% – 1.0% of the withdrawal value if the amount is withdrawn in within a period of 1 year of portfolio creation.  However the Exit Load fee is absolutely free if the withdrawal takes place after the period of 1 year. Yes you heard it right there is no Exit Load fee for transaction after one year.

    Centrum PMS Benefits

    This table will brief you on the benefits of Centrum Portfolio Management Services:

    Benefits / Advantages
    Top-up FacilityYes
    Back office ReportsYes
    Email UpdateYes
    SMS UpdateNo
    Watsapp UpdateNo
    Portfolio ViewYes
    Detailed ViewYes
    Flexible Commission ModelYes
    Flexible Investment PlansYes
    Massive ExperienceYes

    Several benefits that are offered by Centrum PMS house are listed here below:

    There is a Top-up facility provided by this PMS house to all their investors.

    The investors can access their web services with the help of their online medium that facilitates all the latest reports and portfolio information.

    They have provisions of Email Update and SMS Update on timely basis for all the transactions that take place in the clients account.

    This PMS house also believes in making provisions of Flexible Investment Plans and Flexible Commission Models for the investors.

    Centrum PMS house has a massive experience in Portfolio Management Services for best possible results.

    Centrum PMS Customer Care

    This table gives you a fair idea on what kind of Client Support is lined up by Centrum Portfolio Management Service:

    Customer Care
    Call SupportYes
    Email SupportYes
    Chat SupportNo
    Watsapp SupportNo
    Relationship Manager SupportYes
    Call to Fund ManagerYes – 3 to 7 Times a month
    Issue Resolving TAT8 working days

    The Customer Care support extended by the team of Centrum PMS house is quite appreciable.

    A Direct Call facility is provided by them which can be used by the clients to resolve issues or queries of any sort at any point of time.

    There is a full support of Email and Watsapp granted by them to their clients.

    The customers can also approach their Relationship Manager without any hassle.

    You can call their Fund Managers directly for at least 3 to 7 times in a month.

    All issues are resolved by the Centrum PMS team in within 8 working days.

    Centrum PMS Conclusion

    The schemes offered by Centrum PMS are very interesting and grabbing the attention of the investors from time to time.

    Their schemes have the flair to meet the investment needs of privileged clients who demand persistent portfolios. Their expertise in the finance sector with a vibrant team ensures that the investments done with this PMS house will surely bring good results on the table.

    All your investment reservations can now be easily tackled with the large number of strategies that Centrum Portfolio Management Services are offering to the investors to pick from.

    Centrum PMS FAQs

    Ques – How can I invest with Centrum PMS?

    Answer – The method is extremely quick and trouble-free when investing in Centrum PMS. You can find the complete form for Invest In Centrum Brokerage PMS when you visit our website. Complete all necessary information, including your name, city and mobile number and then select the critical service by clicking the Enter button. This takes you to the next phase of your investment

    Ques – Who is the current fund manager of Centrum PMS?

    Answer – MBA Finance from the Mumbai University & PGDTFM from ICFAI University is held in Abhishek Anand, the new fund manager for Centrum. In his lifetime work for the devoted service he rendered, he received the Starmine Top Analyst Award for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

    Ques – What is the approx AUM of Centrum PMS?

    Answer – The Centrum PMS Fund Managers keep around Rs. 8,00 cr. as AUM and they handle more than 200 PMS clients. It was found that customers typically lock their investments for a period of at least 3 years with Centrum PMS.

    Ques – Where can I check return or performance of Centrum PMS?

    Answer – In the article published on our website we have all the data and information for you. Therefore all you need to do is access the post if you are looking for the return or success of Centrum PMS. The data will be displayed in the table with the customer’s ease in mind.

    Ques – What are the different strategies used by Centrum PMS?

    Answer – There are 6 portfolio strategies for Centrum PMS broking house and these are  a) Hedged Portfolio- Thematic b) Centrum PMS Good to Great c) Centrum PMS Built to Last d) Centrum PMS Deep value IV  e) Centrum PMS Multi-bagger  f) Centrum PMS Micro g) Centrum PMS Wealth Creator

    Ques – Where to find the fee structure and commission rate of Centrum PMS?

    Answer – In the article you can found the fee structure and fee rate for Centrum PMS. Two different heads provide detailed detail on both issues. You just have to scroll ahead and you can find the information you are interested in looking for.

    Ques – How to call or reach Centrum PMS customer care?

    Answer – Centrum PMS provides you with support for customer services like call, e-mail, Whatsapp and a couple of other podiums. In the study, you have a section that tells you about the types of customer service services available and how many or how often they are used.

    Ques – What are the benefits of investing with Centrum PMS?

    Answer – This PMS House provides all its investors with a top-up service. With the aid of their online medium, investors can access their web services, facilitating all the latest reports and product information. You have arrangements for e-mail alerts and text message updates on all customer account purchases on a timely basis. This organisation is also optimistic in introducing flexible investment strategies and templates for investors for flexible commissions. Centrum PMS has vast portfolio management expertise for best results.

    Ques – What are the different charges involved with Centrum PMS?

    Answer – The following expenses are also due to the Centrum PMS Party in addition to the committee fees: Management fees – here the compensation arrangement will be in compliance with both sides, the client & the PMS team, the commission model mutually decided upon. Upfront fees – 0,75% – 1,25% of the asset value are the initial fees charged to the PMS team of Centrum. Brokerage charges – Brokerage fees vary from 0,007% – 0,011% of the overall transaction value. Custodian charges – The custodian shift charges received from its customers by the PMS house are between 0.17% and 0.27%. Depository charges – This broking house will have a PMS depository fee of 0.10% – 0.18% of asset value. Exit Charges – the exit payment fee shall be 0.7% – 1.0% if it is removed within one year after the formation of the portfolio.

    Ques – Where can I find all the details about Centrum PMS?

    Answer – We make sure we keep all the information and data you need intact inside this article that you are given so that you have a fast and easy access. We send you specific steps and information about the dealer that will help you to understand where you are going to invest.

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