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In this article, you can find out everything about Guiness Securities Complaints & its industry ratings.

Guiness Securities is a stock broking company providing services all across the country, including West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and New Delhi.

It offers financial services and product of diversified nature in order to fulfil the needs and requirements of the diversified customer base they have in store.

Should you need to study the company before making an investment decision, we wish to help you in that aspect and have managed to gather Guiness Securities Complaints and Guiness Securities Ratings.


Guiness Securities Complaints

Putting forward the figures which lets you know the Guiness Securities Complaints lodged in BSE and NSE last year with their treatment.

Complaints (Last Year)
Lodged in BSE 0
Resolved in BSE 0
Lodged in NSE 6
Resolved in NSE 6
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.14
Compliance Officer Name Divakar Pattnaik
Complaints / Grievances Email info@guinessgroup.net

The number from the above table tells you all the Guiness Securities Complaints which were listed in the stock exchanges.

BSE reads nil remarks and the NSE had 6 complaints against the company which were successfully resolved keeping the company in the status of 100% resolution rates companies.

This basically features the good side of the company, where customer service can be praised.

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    Guiness Securities Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Putting forward the Guiness Securities Industry Ratings from different platforms which would help you know the present performance of the company as per other websites, and if this company is worth investing with.

    Ratings (Out of 5 stars)
    Google Review 3.6
    Mouthshut Review 1.9
    Facebook Review 3.6
    JustDial Review 3.8
    Google Playstore Review 3.5
    Appstore Review 3.2
    Glassdoor Review 2.4
    Indeed Review 4
    MoneyControl Review 3.2
    Economic Times Review 3.1
    Top10StockBroker Review 2.8

    The number from the above table gives you the information on Guiness Securities Review which is average in consideration of all the ratings together. But, with a 4 star rating given in the midst of the tables gives up hope the company is worth investing.

    Guiness Securities Google Review & Rating

    Our beloved search engine giant Guiness Securities Google Review has listed a 3.6 rating, speaking that customers are looking for the company’s products and services as in their demand stays constant.

    Guiness Securities Mouthshut Review & Rating

    This Guiness Securities Mouthshut Review produced a rating of 1.9 and so, work pressure and strain on employees is high enough.

    Guiness Securities Facebook Review & Rating

    The widely famous Guiness Securities Facebook Review of 3.6 star. This means, there are a mixture of good experiences with bad ones noted in the site.

    Guiness Securities Justdial Review & Rating

    This medium Guiness Securities Justdial Review gives an overall rating of 3.8 telling us the overall performance of the company would be in good measure.

    Guiness Securities Google Play Review & Rating

    The rating from Guiness Securities Google Play Review shows a number of 3.5 wherein the features are alright and working smoothly without wow factor.

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    Guiness Securities Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    The rating from Guiness Securities Apple Appstore Review shows a number of 3.2 and so the features are not so good or working smooth enough.

    Guiness Securities Glassdoor Review & Rating

    A rating of 2.4 can into notice from Guiness Securities Glassdoor Review showing the working nature and environment of the company is not satisfactory.

    Guiness Securities Indeed Review & Rating

    This Guiness Securities Indeed Review listed up a 4 rating, whereby the services and products offered by the company do satisfy the customers.

    Guiness Securities Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    The signified rating from Guiness Securities Moneycontrol Review is of 3.2 to where sight growth can be witnessed by us from few years.

    Guiness Securities Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    We got a rating of 2.8 from the Guiness Securities Top10StockBroker Review and this company actually has a lot more to catch up to.

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    Guiness Securities Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    With the industry’s bar so raised up and competition flying over and above the expectations, the company’s average performance would only let it servive for a while.

    The company has to do a lot to increase its Guiness Securities Ratings whereas the Guiness Securities Complaints and the resolution rate let’s us know the company is pretty much an expert in the customer service domain.

    We would be waiting for your response and how you agree or disagree with the information we put up regarding the complaints and rating of the company. hit us up in the comment section below or raise a query to hear from us

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