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Here, In this article, you will find the detailed report of DBFS Securities Complaints.

DBFS Securities is a well-established company which rather believes in the traditional way of providing stock broking services, with the inclusion of technology integrated services. It has 150+ branches to give you the services you are in search of.

It majorly deals in Equities, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management and Services, Pension Plans, Loan Products with an experience of 27+ years.

We gathered the statistics of DBFS Securities Complaints along with DBFS Securities Ratings from the last fiscal year from a number of websites to let you know your investment option.


DBFS Securities Complaints

Spot the DBFS Securities Complaints brought forward by the users in BSE and NSE and know if they were duly resolved as they are meant to be.

Complaints (Last year)
Lodged in BSE 0
Resolved in BSE 0
Lodged in NSE 5
Resolved in NSE 5
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0
Compliance Officer Name Rohit Sahani
Complaints / Grievances Email helpdesk@dbfsindia.com

Statistics from the above DBFS Securities Complaints show the capability of the company in tackling with its clients. There have been absolutely no recorded complaints in BSE last year, while there have been 5 complaints lodged in the NSE.

The 5 complaints have however been resolved within the appropriate time granting the company a 100% resolution rate. This means you can definitely expect a good relationship with them.

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    DBFS Securities Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Here, we have come up with the collection of DBFS Securities Industry Ratings from many websites which might draw your attention.

    Google Review 3.7
    Mouthshut Review 2.2
    Facebook Review 4
    JustDial Review 3.8
    Google Playstore Review 3.4
    Appstore Review 3.1
    Glassdoor Review 2.7
    Indeed Review 3.8
    MoneyControl Review 4.1
    Economic Times Review 3.2
    Top10StockBroker Review 3.1

    The DBFS Securities Review table displays the company to be average in most of the aspects, while it shows a downwards drift in few website and an upwards drift in the other couple website.

    But the 4.1 review for money control website shows the improvement the company has brought along the course of time.

    DBFS Securities Google Review & Rating

    The search engine giant has designated a rating of 3.7 from DBFS Securities Google Review. It speaks of the people who are in search of the company and seek out for its services.

    DBFS Securities Mouthshut Review & Rating

    This DBFS Securities Mouthshut Review furnishes a rating of 2.2, displaying the struggle employees are going through to pull the operations together.

    DBFS Securities Facebook Review & Rating

    4.0, was vouched by DBFS Securities Facebook Review and this shows a majority of good experiences over negative ones.

    DBFS Securities Justdial Review & Rating

    We found a 3.8 rating given by DBFS Securities Justdial Review which presented a good enough overall performance of the company.

    DBFS Securities Google Play Review & Rating

    We established a rating of 3.4 DBFS Securities Google Play Review from the platform which shows a reasonably working app which has good enough features to suffice.

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    DBFS Securities Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    The tagged 3.1 rating from DBFS Securities Apple Appstore Review lets us know the app has features barely matching the need of the people.

    DBFS Securities Glassdoor Review & Rating

    The site DBFS Securities Glassdoor Review displayed a rating of 2.7 which shows the difficulty in management and employee satisfaction and efficiency.

    DBFS Securities Indeed Review & Rating

    The DBFS Securities Indeed Review released a 3.8 rating, indicating how well services and products are serving the customer and it is slightly above the required bar.

    DBFS Securities Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    The news medium DBFS Securities Moneycontrol Review held for the company a rating of 4.1 making us aware that company has grown in the past few years.

    DBFS Securities Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Acquires DBFS Securities Top10StockBroker Review is 3.1 showing the company is just average in every category

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    DBFS Securities Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    The drawn out conclusion from the statistics from the last fiscal year is that company is performing well in terms of customer services as we see positive responses from the existing user base.

    The DBFS Securities Complaints are all successfully taken care of, indicating the company’s strong ties. The DBFS Securities Ratings lets us know that the company would fetch you a reasonable amount of return on investment.

    We value your opinion, and would love to hear what you have to say in regards with the above mentioned statistics. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section given below, or you may as well raise a query.

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