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Check the total number of Sushil Finance Complaints filed in NSE & BSE in this article.

Geared up to make an investment in Sushil Finance but anxious about efficiency?

Don’t be concerned. This article endeavors Sushil Finance Complaints and Sushil Finance

Industry Ratings. Collaborating client’s reviews on various platforms and company’s establishments in servicing clientele, this article comes up with comprehensive ins & outs of Sushil Finance.


Sushil Finance Complaints

To the fore is data of grievances filed in National Stock Exchange & Bombay Stock Exchange this year. It was found that number of complaint’s received were significantly lower than any other organization.

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE 5
Resolved in BSE 5
Lodged in NSE 7
Resolved in NSE 7
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.02
Compliance Officer Name Shri Rajnish Kumar
Complaints / Grievances Email helpdesk@sushilfinance.com

Giving 100 percent resolution to clients & with just 0.02 percent complaints against active clients testifies, Sushil finance is a leading equity research & broking house.

Corporation is moving ahead with observatory team to upgrade quality standards.

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    Sushil Finance Rating Out of 5 Stars

    When feedback is a key part of boosting your rational decision, it’s important to get it right.

    Pinning down Sushil Finance Ratings from some of the best websites.

    RATING OUT OF 5-stars:
    Google Review 3.3
    Mouthshut 1.8
    Facebook 3.8
    JustDial 4
    Google Playstore 3.6
    Appstore 3.3
    Glassdoor 2.7
    Indeed 3.6
    MoneyControl 3.8
    Economic Times 3.6
    Top10StockBroker 3.3

    Moving ahead to accomplish their vision, Corporation, customarily analyzes their strategies & investment research to pursue customer centric approach.

    Data above says, company is in business from last 3 decades and is delighting clients with 3 core pillar financial plan.

    Sushil Finance Google Review & Rating

    Google boldly displays, corporation is disciplined in providing trustworthy trade options. Customer keeps high expectations from company, hence ask for more efficient IPO’s and derivatives.

    Sushil Finance Mouthshut Review & Rating

    Mouth shut unveils, patrons does not stand with existing services as they are highly disappointed with complicated services. Sources says, company is trying to solve their problem & also aiming to create transparency in business.

    Sushil Finance Facebook Review & Rating

    Capitalist are highly satisfied with firm’s excellent wealth creation plans. This strategy is turning out to be multi-bagger for both retail and corporate clients. Facebook receives positives responses from clients of every genre.

    Sushil Finance Justdial Review & Rating

    Justdial appreciates company’s support and guidance to clients. Clear communication between parties reduces risk of any challenge in future.

    Sushil Finance Google Play Review & Rating

    Sushil Connect and savashare is prevalent in traders. While responding, traders recognize company’s efficiency. Play store uncovers, company values time and capital of buyers.

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    Sushil Finance Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    Appstore has the same story  alike play store, shares company is in race to find out more creative ideas to enhance existing app.

    Sushil Finance Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Employee shares good work experience at corporation. Some employees demand for more support from management. Glassdoor collectively unveils, company is good for startups.

    Sushil Finance Indeed Review & Rating

    Company considers entire work force as one & hence efficiently manages to treat them all with regular openings and new opportunities for existing employees as well as stress free work ambience.

    Sushil Finance Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Money control declares corporation with asset value of approx. 6000 crores, is in the favorite list of corporates.

    Sushil Finance Economic Times Review & Rating

    Corporation with their scientific approach establishes a way for patrons to meet their financial goals.

    Sushil Finance Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Top10Stock Broker discloses, firm serves satisfactory resources & is continuously developing well researched options to earn higher proceeds.

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    Sushil Finance Complaints and Ratings- Conclusion

    Corporation determines in giving financial collateral to families, individual, corporates. Start investing today for more hopeful future.

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