Find out JM Financial Complaints Report & How you can file complaint against the broking house in this article.

JM Financial is a leading house with years of experience, offering innovative financial products such as Equity and Equity Derivatives, Discretionary PMS, Margin Trade Financing, Currency, Commodity, Loan against securities, Exchange traded funds, Stock lending and borrowing mechanism, Loan against property, Depository services, Mutual funds, ESOP Financing and IPO financial.

Their aim is to provide all the individual investors with investment options as corporate.

Weighing down every aspect is necessary while picking up an investment option, which should also contain sneaking out for the JM Financial Complaints and JM Financial Ratings from last year, especially if your motive is appropriate wealth maximization, through diversification. You can find them both below, well defined.


JM Financial Complaints

Issues which the company will only be revealed when customers report them, and BSE and NSE facilitate lodging of complaints against JM Financial Complaints.

Read across the number of complaints to know the working relationship of the company with customers.

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE5
Resolved in BSE5
Lodged in NSE7
Resolved in NSE7
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0.02
Compliance Officer NameManishkumar Sabu
Complaints / Grievances

Issues may be of any kind, and on the part of anyone, but what matters is if they are keenly looked upon and probably solved as soon as possible.

Keeping customers hanging around is a sign of bad management and ethics, and so, we wish to let you know that JM Financial Complaints were all duly solved. BSE has 5 complaints and NSE 7, and they were all solved the same year.

This way, you may be assured the company does stand up for its customers in time of need.

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    JM Financial Rating Out of 5 Stars

    How well and how much you can expect from a company’s financial product, ranges from company to company and JM Financial Industry Ratings can be referred to, if you wish to have an outlook of the returns from this company.

    RATING OUT OF 5-stars:
    Google Review3.3
    Google Playstore3.6
    Economic Times3.8

    Launching a whole lot of products maybe in the books of the company, but this does not means they are all efficiently managed. Efficiency is what investors must aspire, not the list of products.

    This takes us to the insights of the company through the JM Financial Review, where the company is shows to be of average basis.

    JM Financial Google Review & Rating

    Demand needs to be proportionate to the company’s threshold, and 3.30 rating definitely doesn’t stand up to the requirement as per JM Financial Google Review

    JM Financial Mouthshut Review & Rating

    Uniformity is aspired from management, as well as employees and the JM Financial Mouthshut Review of 2.00 star, shows otherwise.

    JM Financial Facebook Review & Rating

    Positive reviews basically help a company bounce back strong every time and 4.00 rating from JM Financial Facebook Review speaks of it as the company’s strength.

    JM Financial Justdial Review & Rating

    Unlike employees, investors have a viewpoint of a company as a whole and 3.80 star rating from JM Financial Justdial Review dodged the base level of overall performance, growing upwards.

    JM Financial Google Play Review & Rating

    Availing services at the finger tips is now possible with technology and the company did manage to put up a good enough application which scored 3.60 stars from JM Financial Google Play Review.

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    JM Financial Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    Though, the luxury of finger tips solutions is not well facilitated in this app as the score for it is 3.30 from JM Financial Apple Appstore Review.

    JM Financial Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Running a company requires a lot of plans, and one such aspect which needs to be planned is the management of the company which definitely lacks at 2.50 JM Financial Glassdoor Review.

    JM Financial Indeed Review & Rating

    Services can be experimented in a number of ways, making customers happy and 3.90 JM Financial Indeed Review speaks of the efforts made to do so.

    JM Financial Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Experimenting with new strategies and heading towards the direction of growth seems to have take a slower pace for the company with 3.40 rating from JM Financial Moneycontrol Review

    JM Financial Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Survival is the key to doing business and making money is of profits and the company hit a rather slow path as per the JM Financial Top10StockBroker Review of 3.40 stars

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    JM Financial Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Research may spare you the possibility of your investment yielding absolute no return.

    Likewise, the possibility does remain constant, which is why investors need to get on line and know all the routes the company did take. We hope the route of JM Financial Complaints and JM Financial Ratings we put forward, would guide you how to take the steps.

    It is obvious to have something to say after going through the entire context, and knowing it would make us happy.

    Get in contact with us as the comment section down, at the end of the context belongs to you for the very purpose. Contrarily, raise a query.


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