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Here, In this article, you will find the detailed report of Inditrade Capital Complaints.

“A business needs order to survive and disorder to evolve”, Peter Drucker. In justification, stock market works similarly. Perfect order and strategy need to be pursued to achieve long-term financial goals.

It’s hard for stockholder to choose in this limitless business. Bringing up an article, exhibiting about Inditrade Capital.

With career span of more than four decades, Inditrade has acquired extensive knowledge in diverse fields like Finance, Investment, Capital and Securities.

Furthermore, we will confer about reviews, ratings and complaints of company to have a clear picture of it service quality.

Moving further, let’s study about Inditrade Capital Complaints filed in NSE & BSE as well as Inditrade Capital Industry Ratings given by numerous online forums.


Inditrade Capital Complaints

According to this report, company resolved 100 percent complaints timely, also No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients (%) is 0.07%, giving an idea of its smooth services.

Company is serving its customers since 1994 & keeping them at foremost priority. ITCL has recently launched Micro Lending Robocash Pte. And upgrading its system with more such plans.

Complaints (Last year)
Lodged in BSE 3
Resolved in BSE 3
Lodged in NSE 14
Resolved in NSE 14
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.07
Compliance Officer Name Sona Sahoo
Complaints / Grievances Email investorgrievance@inditrade.com

For any queries regarding resources, Investors can directly contact Sona Sahoo, Compliance Officer or can write on E mail Id mentioned above.

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    Inditrade Capital Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Considering ratings of all forums below, Company grabs rating of 3 stars on an average. Highlighting on the fact, company has shifted gears over years to enhance their resources and services.

    Ratings out of 5 stars
    Google Review 3.2
    Mouthshut Review 1.9
    Facebook Review 3.6
    JustDial Review 3.8
    Google Playstore Review 2.8
    Appstore Review 3.1
    Glassdoor Review 2.4
    Indeed Review 3.6
    MoneyControl Review 3.1
    Economic Times Review 3.3
    Top10StockBroker Review 3.1

    Inditrade Capital Google Review & Rating

    Clients admits that they have experienced moderate services. Google considering all feedbacks, gives 3.2 stars to ITCL.

    Inditrade Capital Mouthshut Review & Rating

    For every buying decision, MouthShut is your go-to app for consumer feedback and product discovery. Mouthshut gives 1.9 stars, this shows that ITCL needs to enhance its rough services to build trust in investors.

    Inditrade Capital Facebook Review & Rating

    Connecting the world, Facebook is one of the most visited sites. Facebook gives 3.6 stars and hence, ICTL comes up with moderate service they offer.

    Inditrade Capital Justdial Review & Rating

    Solving its purpose, Justdial gives 3.8 stars to Inditrade after collecting aggregate info about company’s assistance over phone, help lines, etc. Clients have shared good response about company’s support.

    Inditrade Capital Google Play Review & Rating

    Managing every investment detail offline is a task. Playstore gives the space to do business and keep all records online without making it hectic. Inditrade with its handy app on playstore is making trade easy for their clients and earns 2.8 stars. Further upgradation is going on.

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    Inditrade Capital Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    Appstore gives 3.1 stars to firm. Hence, revealing Investors gratification.

    Inditrade Capital Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Focusing on ambience of ITCL’s work station, employee seems disappointed with admin and demands for better policies. Rating 2.4 stars.

    Inditrade Capital Indeed Review & Rating

    Indeed gives 3.6 stars, revealing company aims at satisfying their staff by keeping admin and staff in sync. Existing workers shares positive response.

    Inditrade Capital Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Keeping record of performance of all the companies, Moneycontrol gives ITCL 3.1 stars, showcasing average performance of company. Investors can look upon as it is a trustworthy firm.

    Inditrade Capital Economic Times Review & Rating

    ITCL earns 3.3 stars from well known analyst, Economic times. It directs us that company gives strong competition in trading.

    Inditrade Capital Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Top10StockBroker is a trader itself and gives 3.1 stars to ITCL, which is an accomplishment to some extent. It implies that company has best resources in industry.

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    Inditrade Capital Complaints and Ratings- Conclusion

    Reconsidering the beginning point of this article, here we have showcased all the reviews and ratings of Inditrade making it easy for Investors to choose the best in Industry.

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