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In this article, you can find out everything about Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints & its industry ratings.

Kalpataru Multiplier plays diverse role in the industry of stock broking with their expertise. They act as trusted partners; they are time tested and transparent stock broker and are investment advisor.

Kalpataru Multiplier have been providing financial products and services from the year 1992, and widely deal in share trading, Derivative (F&O) Trading, Currency, IPO, Demat, Mutual Fund and Pan Card Services.

Investments are the saving of your life and assurity is to be obtained if it is put in the correct platform. Here is how you can evaluate the company, based on Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints and Kalpataru Multiplier Ratings gathered from last calendar year.


Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints

Judging your way out is not the option when investment is spoken of, you need stats and here is our share of contribution of Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints denoted from BSE and NSE.

Complaints (Last Year)
Lodged in BSE 0
Resolved in BSE 0
Lodged in NSE 2
Resolved in NSE 2
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.04
Compliance Officer Name Amitabh Manya Jain
Complaints / Grievances Email complaint@kalpatarumulti.com

The above information relates to the complaints which the company had to face in the last year in both the stock exchanges BSE and NSE. BSE witnessed 0 complaints which is fabulous, likewise, 2 complaints received on the NSE platform were as well resolved.

Hence there is no harm is saying the company has 100% resolution rate as per the Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints.

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    Kalpataru Multiplier Rating Out of 5 Stars

    On the additional front, we are here to contribute further to the stats, which comprises of the Kalpataru Multiplier Industry Ratings obtained from websites belonging to diverse domains.

    Ratings out of 5 stars
    Google Review 2.8
    Mouthshut Review 2.2
    Facebook Review 3.8
    JustDial Review 4
    Google Playstore Review 3.1
    Appstore Review 2.8
    Glassdoor Review 2.7
    Indeed Review 3.6
    MoneyControl Review 3.7
    Economic Times Review 3.2
    Top10StockBroker Review 3.2

    Here is the further addition to the stats, sparing you from blind judgement options.

    All the notable sites contributed their share of Kalpataru Multiplier Review in the above table, showcasing the company is average in all aspect, except the overall performance which is denoted by JustDial to be 4.

    We believe the company is trustworthy afterall.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Google Review & Rating

    An idea of demand in the market helps make decision and with the Kalpataru Multiplier Google Review of 2.8 stars, we can say the demand is kind of blur.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Mouthshut Review & Rating

    Employees hold the company and the Kalpataru Multiplier Mouthshut Review of 2.2 shows the employees are under a lot of strain and stress.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Facebook Review & Rating

    Holding up with the satisfied customers is important, and 3.8 star rating from the Kalpataru Multiplier Facebook Review say the feedback have been majorly good and also negative.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Justdial Review & Rating

    Positive overall performance speaks from all the ends, and 4.0 star rating from the Kalpataru Multiplier Justdial Review shows the company is at a good place.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Google Play Review & Rating

    Technology adds on to the services and company’s offering and the concept for the company seems to drift away as the Kalpataru Multiplier Google Play Review is 3.1 star.

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    Kalpataru Multiplier Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    So, is how technology is not at its maximum efficiency for the company with Kalpataru Multiplier Apple Appstore Review of 2.8 star.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Poor management produces inefficient employees and this seem the exact case for the company as the rating from the Kalpataru Multiplier Glassdoor Review is 2.7 star.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Indeed Review & Rating

    Services are meant to make customers happy and it seems the company managed good results, as in par results with the rating of 3.6 star from Kalpataru Multiplier Indeed Review.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Moderate growth can be clearly displayed on the company’s charts as per the rating of Kalpataru Multiplier Moneycontrol Review which is 3.7 star.

    Kalpataru Multiplier Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Staying efficient seems to be a challenge for the company as of now for the Kalpataru Multiplier Top10StockBroker Review of 3.2 speaks for it.

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    Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Investment options are diverse and we aim at providing you with the means of assurance where you thorough evaluate the company before choosing it as an investment option.

    We hope the Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints and Kalpataru Multiplier Ratings got you through, helping you stay grounded with your decision.

    If you find our content and the information provided above convincing we would love to know the same from your end.

    Leave a comment in the section given below and we will surely revert back as soon as we can, or raise a query for quick assistance.

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