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In this article, you can find out everything about Lakshmishree Investment Complaints & its industry ratings.

Lakshmishree Investment is a leading house in stock broking industry. It commenced its operations from the year 2005, providing steady returns and services for all the financial services.

It offer services and products ranging from equity, commodity, IPO, derivatives, Mutual funds, currency, depositories etc trying to create nationwide network.

If you want to keep up with the decision you are taking up and need stats in the form of assurance, we could help you out with the Lakshmishree Investment Complaints and Lakshmishree Investment Ratings information from the last financial period.


Lakshmishree Investment Complaints

If you are having second thoughts about the ties company has with its customers, we recommend a look at the below table of Lakshmishree Investment Complaints from the stock exchanges BSE and NSE.

Complaints (Last Year)
Lodged in BSE 0
Resolved in BSE 0
Lodged in NSE 2
Resolved in NSE 2
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.04
Compliance Officer Name R. Parul
Complaints / Grievances Email support@lakshmishree.com

Hope you have all your clarity after looking at the table given above, because the figures are well illustrated and the Lakshmishree Investment Complaints from NSE and BSE are well sorted out.

0 complaints says it all, we mutually agree, while the 2 remaining complaints which came into limelight through NSE won’t seem as an issue too because they were duly solved, giving the company 100% resolution rate.

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    Lakshmishree Investment Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Here are stats for the second thoughts emerging in your mind regarding the confidence and performance of the company, as in the  Lakshmishree Investment Industry Ratings.

    Ratings out of 5 stars
    Google Review 3.4
    Mouthshut Review 2
    Facebook Review 3.6
    JustDial Review 3.8
    Google Playstore Review 3.4
    Appstore Review 3.5
    Glassdoor Review 2.5
    Indeed Review 3.7
    MoneyControl Review 3.3
    Economic Times Review 3.1
    Top10StockBroker Review 3.1

    The above table was to clarify your confidence issues in respect with the company based on the Lakshmishree Investment Review.

    Though the reviews sound average, we assume the risk factor is kept at minimum, thereby leading to progress, as satisfied customers from the Facebook review speak on behalf of the company.

    Lakshmishree Investment Google Review & Rating

    Demand and services travel the same path, though we cannot say much of services, we believe few people have been in search for the company with the Lakshmishree Investment Google Review of 3.4 star.

    Lakshmishree Investment Mouthshut Review & Rating

    2.0 rating is not a pretty good rating as it shows employees are left over with only stress and work load, as per the Lakshmishree Investment Mouthshut Review.

    Lakshmishree Investment Facebook Review & Rating

    Existing customers have a mix of everything to share, there are a slight majority of good experience over the bad experiences as the stats are 3.6 for Lakshmishree Investment Facebook Review

    Lakshmishree Investment Justdial Review & Rating

    Company is enclosed entirely with the need for quality performance and we assume a rating of 3.8 from Lakshmishree Investment Justdial Review says a good overall performance.

    Lakshmishree Investment Google Play Review & Rating

    Features of application takes you close to the products and services of the company and the site Lakshmishree Investment Google Play Review says, the company is yet to catch with 3.4 rating.

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    Lakshmishree Investment Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    This app performs better and give you exactly what products and services the company offers as the rating from Lakshmishree Investment Apple Appstore Review is 3.5

    Lakshmishree Investment Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Employees are not in amends with the management, thus having a hard time with the company with Lakshmishree Investment Glassdoor Review of 2.5 stars

    Lakshmishree Investment Indeed Review & Rating

    Seems the customers are content with the services and products the company has in store with it as the displayed rating from Lakshmishree Investment Indeed Review is 3.7

    Lakshmishree Investment Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    We believe growth drives a company into progress, which seems to be missing by a bit according to the Lakshmishree Investment Moneycontrol Review of 3.3 stars.

    Lakshmishree Investment Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Survival race is on in the industry and the company is getting things wrong in a couple of places as it shows a 3.1 in the Lakshmishree Investment Top10StockBroker Review

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    Lakshmishree Investment Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Good decision making takes you to the verge of wealth maximization and we decide on making your concepts clear when you take this company as your investing firm.

    We made sure you find all the statistics in the form of Lakshmishree Investment Complaints received and the Lakshmishree Investment Ratings the company managed to secure.

    We would over to reassure the above context in your way, so, let us know what you wish to convey to us, or how you can add something to it, in the comment section below.

    Raise a query if you have any doubt regarding the complaints and the ratings.

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