In this article, you can find out everything about Findoc Investmart Complaints & its industry ratings.

Findoc is playing a major role in share market. It has widened its business in a very short time. It is already running in the list of top suppliers of the nation.

Findoc Investmart gives a wide range of investment options to capitalists. Apart from being established there were some cases of complaints in current year.

This article throws light on Findoc Investmart Complaints and Findoc Investmart Industry Ratings given by various online forums.


Findoc Investmart Complaints

Stats below shows number of grievances filed & resolved. In addition, this table shows percentage of complaints received against number of clients active.

Complaints (Last year)
Lodged in BSEShiv
Resolved in BSE0
Lodged in NSE5
Resolved in NSE5
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0
Compliance Officer NameShiven Kumar
Complaints / Grievances

Company has outshone in terms of services, trades and profits in a very short span of time.

Firm also aim at expertise and was able to resolve 100 percent complaints. It is commendable to establish such strong reputation in market.

For any assistance, customer can contact Shiven Kumar, Compliance Officer or write on

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    Findoc Investmart Rating Out of 5 Stars

    To know the competence, its best to go through rating & reviews firm gets. Below is the data, illustrating business accomplishments in terms of utilities they administer.

    Ratings (out of 5 Stars)
    Google Review3.8
    Mouthshut Review2.1
    Facebook Review4.1
    JustDial Review3.9
    Google Playstore Review3.3
    Appstore Review3
    Glassdoor Review2.6
    Indeed Review3.4
    MoneyControl Review3.2
    Economic Times Review3.1
    Top10StockBroker Review3.3

    Findoc Investments Google Review & Rating

    With 3.8 stars, Google reveals that online portal of company is user friendly. Clients can easily access information about investment options.

    Findoc Investments Mouthshut Review & Rating

    Mouthshut gives 2.1 stars, this reveals that firm fails to satisfy customers. One should deeply research before investing in same.

    Findoc Investments Facebook Review & Rating

    Facebook gives 4.1 stars, clearing chaos, Investors can confidently look upon its resources. Clients have shared their positive feedback.

    Findoc Investments Justdial Review & Rating

    With rating of 3.9 stars, we can assume customer are happy with assistance of firm. They speedily resolve customer issues & gives authenticated information to them.

    Findoc Investments Google Play Review & Rating

    Playstore gives 3.3 stars, it appears that company’s app is widely winning trust of clients in terms of privacy and fast service.

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    Findoc Investments Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    Appstore is on same page as Playstore. It gives 3 stars to firm, which implies that corporation app is handy to use.

    Findoc Investments Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Glassdoor gives 2.6 stars; it shows that employee face work strain and there’s a need of development in organizational structure.

    Findoc Investments Indeed Review & Rating

    With 3.4 stars, Indeed reveals that staff has shared their positive feedback about firm. One who is willing to work in Findoc can definitely go for.

    Findoc Investments Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Money control gives 3.2 star, this implies moderate services are served. Company has grown over years. Customers are happy with investment options available.

    Findoc Investments Economic Times Review & Rating

    With 3.1 star we can assume, some customers are not satisfied with the utilities. One should research before investing.

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    Findoc Investmart Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Findoc is emerging as strongest competitor in market. Investor can look upon as it seems to be profitable in future.

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