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Check the total number of Competent Finman Complaints filed in NSE & BSE in this article.

A premier and well established stock broking house which reads by the name Competent Finman, offers versatile products and services belonging to the financial sector.

Located in Chandigarh, it offers multiple offers which include free demat account, discount on brokerage, trading happy hours, etc. Being a part of the industry since 2000, it helped investors avail significant returns on investments.

We acquired the statistics from a number of platforms and put them up together to give you an insight on the Competent Finman Complaints along with Competent Finman Ratings status, if you ever have any consideration for an investment option.



Competent Finman Complaints

Take a look at the table and know the stats on Competent Finman Complaints submitted in BSE and NSE to know how many of them were solved.

Complaints (Last Year)
Lodged in BSE0
Resolved in BSE0
Lodged in NSE1
Resolved in NSE1
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0
Compliance Officer NameSatyam Sood
Complaints / Grievances Emailinfo@competentindia.net

The drafts above explain the Competent Finman Complaints received from the reputed stock exchanges BSE and NSE. You can clearly scan the content in a matter of seconds and see there have been absolutely no complaints registered in the BSE exchange.

One complaint was registered in the NSE which was worked upon effectively and resolved on time. This makes the company get a 100% resolution rate, proofing the company has strong ties with its customers.

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    Competent Finman Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Go over the brief representation of Competent Finman Industry Ratings in order to know the place it holds in various aspects and if you are deemed to get your deserving returns back on investments.

    Google Review3.4
    Mouthshut Review2.1
    Facebook Review4.2
    JustDial Review4
    Google Playstore Review3.1
    Appstore Review3.7
    Glassdoor Review2.6
    Indeed Review4
    MoneyControl Review3.4
    Economic Times Review3.2
    Top10StockBroker Review3.1

    The table displays a mixed overall Competent Finman Review drawing your attention to Indeed and the Just Dial review where it has a 4 start rating. It speaks well of the performance of the company and how it can satisfy the customers.

    Competent Finman Google Review & Rating

    The Competent Finman Google Review has a 3.4 rating, and it results into assumption that the products and serviced are being seeked out for.

    Competent Finman Mouthshut Review & Rating

    The lower rating of 2.1 is given by Competent Finman Mouthshut Review where, the employees need to work too hard with a lot of strain.

    Competent Finman Facebook Review & Rating

    A positive rating has been granted by Competent Finman Facebook Review and it is 4.2. It is a good rating where majority of the people got good experiences with the company.

    Competent Finman Justdial Review & Rating

    We found the rating given by Competent Finman Justdial Review is 4 where the overall performance displayed by the company is excellent.

    Competent Finman Google Play Review & Rating

    The Competent Finman Google Play Review put a mark on 3.1 rating which means the app is alright to use. the features of the apps are somewhat liked too.

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    Competent Finman Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    The pinned down 3.7 rating in Competent Finman Apple Appstore Review speaks there is a lot of improvement needed to make the app customer friendly.

    Competent Finman Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Pronounced rating for Competent Finman Glassdoor Review is 2.6. The management of the company is not full and employee difficulty exists too.

    Competent Finman Indeed Review & Rating

    The Competent Finman Indeed Review decided on 4 rating, and so, we can safely say the customers are quite satisfied and happy with the services the company has provided in the course of time.

    Competent Finman Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    The medium of trading provided by the company has managed a 3.4 rating from Competent Finman Moneycontrol Review wherein growth has been a part of the company in the past years

    Competent Finman Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    We received a 3.1 rating to be granted to the company by Competent Finman Top10StockBroker Review. Quality services can be expected but efforts need to be high to emerge a place in the industry.

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    Competent Finman Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    The company shows a possible trait of being a good bearer of investments, as the Competent Finman Complaints rate is zero at present and, the Competent Finman Ratings are fine enough too.

    You will get a pretty decent return on your investments as the existing users have been content with their investment options.

    Take a glance at the end of the page where we have provided an area to let you share your views on the details mentioned above.

    Hit us up in the comment section and let us know how you conceived the data and feel free to raise a query for us to assist it.

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