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Today, We will check LKP Securities Complaints filed in NSE & BSE & also find its Industry Ratings.

LKP Securities aim at being your one stop destination for shopping all required financial products and services.

It represents the state of art technology and wished to accommodate the need of investors by means of Equity Broking in Cash and Derivatives, Internet based trading, Demat services, Debt and Money Market Broking, Currency, Loan against Shares and Margin Funding, Commodity Trading, Mutual Fund Distribution, IPO (New Issue) Distribution and Life Insurance Distribution.

Facts are the need for making investment options. You need facts and figure before you draw a conclusion of the company’s efficiency and here are the same in the form of LKP Securities Complaints and LKP Securities Ratings.


LKP Securities Complaints

To eliminate even the slightest possibility of regretting a decision later on we want you to go through the LKP Securities Complaints

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE 30
Resolved in BSE 30
Lodged in NSE 43
Resolved in NSE 43
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.18
Compliance Officer Name Siddharth Mehta
Complaints / Grievances Email grievances@lkpsec.com

Knowing what you are into is among the first thoughts everyone of us have. And questioning the option’s ability to maintain relationship is fair and as we view, the 30 and 44 number of LKP Securities Complaints lodged in BSE and NSE are quite high.

But the good news is they were all resolved duly, keeping the customers happy and contented.

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    LKP Securities Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Defining a company’s performance for yourself and then choosing it is a smart move indeed, and we would like to help by adding the information of  LKP Securities Industry Ratings

    RATING OUT OF 5-stars:
    Google Review 3.6
    Mouthshut 2.2
    Facebook 3.4
    JustDial 3.6
    Google Playstore 3.3
    Appstore 3.1
    Glassdoor 2.7
    Indeed 3.6
    MoneyControl 3.2
    Economic Times 3.2
    Top10StockBroker 3.2

    If you watch the way the company is rated you would say in a stance that it is average. We have the same views as well based on the information obtained from each of the websites.

    Every website displays an average LKP Securities Review for the company which does not put it on a negative side either.

    LKP Securities Google Review & Rating

    If people are in a lookout for products and services, it means the company is providing quality services and is the case for this company with LKP Securities Google Review of 3.60

    LKP Securities Mouthshut Review & Rating

    The efficiency of employees depend upon the company’s working environment which seems to have a loophole because the LKP Securities Mouthshut Review is 2.20

    LKP Securities Facebook Review & Rating

    Positive experience are an assurance in themselves, of quality services provided and the company lack bya slight difference in the ratio as LKP Securities Facebook Review is 3.40.

    LKP Securities Justdial Review & Rating

    Follow ups by investors are done on an overall basis and is what makes a company stand out and seems it has been somewhat achieved, for the LKP Securities Justdial Review is 3.60.

    LKP Securities Google Play Review & Rating

    Going hand in hand with the technology is the need of the hour too, which is not reached byt he company with LKP Securities Google Play Review of 3.30

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    LKP Securities Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    Features are meant to provide access of services to the customers and the company definitely is behind with LKP Securities Apple Appstore Review of 3.10

    LKP Securities Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Difficulty experienced by employees often taken the management down and is the case for the company with LKP Securities Glassdoor Review of 2.70

    LKP Securities Indeed Review & Rating

    Services and products should be always in the best quality which would keep the customers happy and the company is holding onto it LKP Securities Indeed Review of 3.60.

    LKP Securities Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Making growth a major part of the company is essential and looks like the company is behind, with LKP Securities Moneycontrol Review of 3.20

    LKP Securities Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Trying to stand out, by giving an outstanding performance is the plan of all companies but it is not achieved by this company for the LKP Securities Top10StockBroker Review is 3.20

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    LKP Securities Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Investors need to be smart enough and know the insider information, based on which they can make up their investment option.

    The statistics regarding the LKP Securities Complaints and LKP Securities Ratings says a lot for your decision, and you may mold it after going through the information we put up.

    Do let us know if you have issues with the figures shared, or if simply have something to convey to us. leave a comment in the section provided at the end of the page or you may even choose to raise a query in connection with the information.

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