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Today, We will check Upstox Complaints filed in NSE & BSE & also find its Industry Ratings.

Upstox is a discount broker in the trading industry which is backed up by famous personalities such as Ratan Tata. It is well known for offering low brokerages, providing high and steady returns in the form of high margins, altogether in one trading platform.

Through Upstox, people can efficiently trade in equity, Futures, options, currency and commodity. With all the services comes backlashes and so did Upstox register a few complaints against it.

Few of Upstox Complaints were specified in the last financial year by the investors of the company. You can find them along with Upstox Ratings in the tables.


Upstox Complaints

We drew up the below table on Upstox Complaints which were catalogued in BSE and NSE, alongside the resolved ones.

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE 15
Resolved in BSE 15
Lodged in NSE 21
Resolved in NSE 21
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.12
Compliance Officer Name Ravi Kumar
Complaints / Grievances Email compliance@upstox.com

The above table displays the Upstox Complaints which are 15 in BSE and 21 in NSE and revolves around the resolution status of the company from the last year.

All the above mentioned queries and complaints were effectively resolved upon which the company attained 100% resolution status in the present year. This shows the effective management of the company in terms of customer satisfaction.


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    Upstox Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Get the brief Upstox Industry Ratings put forward from different mediums of review and know the company’s overall performance.

    RATING OUT OF 5-stars:
    Google Review 4.2
    Mouthshut 2.3
    Facebook 3.1
    JustDial 3.3
    Google Playstore 3.9
    Appstore 3.7
    Glassdoor 2.8
    Indeed 3.2
    MoneyControl 3.6
    Economic Times 3.6
    Top10StockBroker 3.1

    Though the Upstox Review gives an average of 3 star rating, the fact that it has 4.20 star rating in the search engine giant pours on a positive response on the company.

    Satisfactory level has been on a rise and prediction is that it would be better in the future through this table.

    Upstox Google Review & Rating

    The Upstox Google Review is 4.20, which means good and services are vastly loved by people and people ahve been finding ways to get in contact through the search engine.

    Upstox Mouthshut Review & Rating

    The Upstox Mouthshut Review gave a rating of 2.30 and hence is an indication of the employees being under pressure to perform better.

    Upstox Facebook Review & Rating

    The Upstox Facebook Review stands at 3.10, and the entire place is majorly crowded with positive things and perspective for the company.

    Upstox Justdial Review & Rating

    The held 3.30 rating given by Upstox Justdial Review we can presume that the performance of the company is on a level which can be concluded satisfactory.

    Upstox Google Play Review & Rating

    The Upstox Google Play Review has marked a review of 3.90 and we can draw a possibility of the apps reaching 4 star soon.

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    Upstox Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    The pronounced 3.70 rating in Upstox Apple Appstore Review showcases that app goes with the interest of its audience proportionately higher.

    Upstox Glassdoor Review & Rating

    The supported 2.80 rating mentioned in Upstox Glassdoor Review we can assume the management is alright in terms of the working nature.

    Upstox Indeed Review & Rating

    The Upstox Indeed Review decided on 3.20 rating, which means the performance in total is satisfactory for majority group of customers.

    Upstox Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    The previous investment Upstox Moneycontrol Review is at 3.60 and the growth of the company can be predicted on various terms.

    Upstox Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    We discovered the Upstox Top10StockBroker Review, which is 3.10. It can manage to take a place in the race which happens to prevail in the stock broking industry.

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    Upstox Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Backed up by the famous personalities, this company ought not disappoint you in terms of returns on investment.

    Upstox is headed in the right direct for the Upstox Complaints resolution is met and customer services are granted in full scales. As far as the Upstox Ratings, are considered, you can surely see it is on a pretty good level.

    Get in touch with us through the comment section below by sharing your views on the topic. On the contrary, raise a query with us to get your issues assisted by us. We will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

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