Get a detailed understanding of FRR Shares Complaints filed in NSE & BSE here along with its Industry Ratings & Review.

FRR Shares, Incorporated in 2010, serves best resources in business after intense research. They deal in shares, insurance and other investments. Aiming for quality services, there were some complaints filed by clients.

This article emphasizes on FRR Shares Complaints lodged in BSE and NSE along with FRR Shares Industry Ratings given by well-known online forums.


FRR Shares Complaints

Stats below shows number of grievances filed & resolved. In addition, this table shows percentage of complaints received against number of clients active.

Complaints (Last year)
Lodged in BSE0
Resolved in BSE0
Lodged in NSE5
Resolved in NSE5
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0
Compliance Officer NameMr Nitin Lakhotia
Complaints / Grievances

Company has outshone in terms of services, trades and profits in short span of time. 100 percent resolution was given to complaints. This shows that firm values their investors time and money

Customer can contact Mr Nitin Lakhotia, compliance officer or can write on for any query.

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    FRR Shares Rating Out of 5 Stars

    To know the competence, its best to go through rating & reviews firm gets. Below is the data, illustrating business accomplishments in terms of utilities they administer.

    Ratings – (Out of 5 Stars)
    Google Review3.6
    Mouthshut Review2.3
    Facebook Review4
    JustDial Review3.8
    Google Playstore Review3.2
    Appstore Review3.3
    Glassdoor Review2.8
    Indeed Review3.8
    MoneyControl Review3.4
    Economic Times Review3.6
    Top10StockBroker Review3.4

    FRR Shares Google Review & Rating

    With 3.6 stars, Google reveals moderate services are provided. Some customer find challenges in dealing with online portal of company.

    FRR Shares Mouthshut Review & Rating

    Mouthshut gives 2.3 stars, it appears that investors are not satisfied with utilities company provide.

    FRR Shares Facebook Review & Rating

    Facebook gives 4 stars; this shows that clients have shared positive feedback. Investors willing to opt this organization can look upon.

    FRR Shares Justdial Review & Rating

    Justdial gives 3.8-star, it implies that authentic information is provided by firm like Helpline number Email ID & address for customer assistance.

    FRR Shares Google Play Review & Rating

    With 3.2 stars, we can assume that customers are satisfied with company’s app and finds it time saving.

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    FRR Shares Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    Appstore is of the same view as Play store, it seems that company’s app has unique features and customers are happy with service. (Rating 3.3 stars)

    FRR Shares Glassdoor Review & Rating

    With 2.8 stars, Glassdoor reveals that some employee has shared negative feedback about management. There’s a need of development in company’s management.

    FRR Shares Indeed Review & Rating

    In contrast to Glassdoor, Indeed rates 3.8 stars, it implies that staff is satisfied with company policies and it is a green signal for new staff to look upon.

    FRR Shares Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Money Control gives 3.4 stars, it shows that average services are given. With time company is upgrading its resources for competitive business in market.

    FRR Shares Economic Times Review & Rating

    ET gives 3.6 stars. It shows some capitalists found profitable to invest with organization.

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    FRR Shares Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    FRR is increasing competition in main market. Hence there is a chance of high profits in future. One can look upon to fulfill their financial goals. Fund managers should keep the organization in list.

    For any queries leave your comment below.

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