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Check the total number of ICICI Direct Complaints filed in NSE & BSE in this article.

ICICI Securities rolled out a retail trading and investment service called ICICI Direct wherein it offer various instruments such as Online Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Mutual Fund & IPO & more.

With all the exclusive services rolled out such as 3-in-1 account, etc, it yet attracted a number of issues. There are a series of ICICI Direct Complaints which were reported in the fiscal year.

Here are the statistics of the complaints, along with ICICI Direct Ratings.


ICICI Direct Complaints

The table below shows the ICICI Direct Complaints figures lodged in BSE and NSE and the same which were resolved by at the earliest of convenience.

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE92
Resolved in BSE92
Lodged in NSE132
Resolved in NSE132
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0.02
Compliance Officer NameMamata Jayram Shetty
Complaints / Grievances Emailcomplianceofficer@icicisecurities.com

The table displays the ICICI Direct Complaints, which were lodged in the last financial year. It also shows the present status of the complaints which are left unresolved. 92 and 132 complaints were registered of which all of them have been solved, which portrays the positive side of the company.

With 100% resolutions status attained by the expert, the company is pretty much moving its track to progress.

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    ICICI Direct Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Here is a brief ICICI Direct Industry Ratings obtained from various platforms, which displays the company’s overall performance.

    RATING OUT OF 5-stars:
    Google Review3.8
    Google Playstore4.2
    Economic Times3.3

    The average ICICI Direct Review of the app does not fall past the 3 star rating which indicates that the company is actually performing well enough.

    The services offered are up to the expectations of the customers, and the satisfaction level is at par as well.

    ICICI Direct Google Review & Rating

    Recent ICICI Direct Google Review is 3.80, which means it is actually performing as per the features it has been assigned with. With the at par performance employees are in a fix to improve it even further.

    ICICI Direct Mouthshut Review & Rating

    Recent ICICI Direct Mouthshut Review gave a rating of 2.00 and hence, the employees need to work hard and try to enhance every aspect of the company.

    ICICI Direct Facebook Review & Rating

    Recent ICICI Direct Facebook Review stands at 3.00, which is an average rating. Though with less demand, we can assume that the users have almost shared a mixed of satisfactory experiences as well as unsatisfactory ones.

    ICICI Direct Justdial Review & Rating

    With 3.20 rating given by ICICI Direct Justdial Review¸we can presume that the performance of the company as average in all aspects.

    ICICI Direct Google Play Review & Rating

    Recent ICICI Direct Google Play Review has marked a review of 4.20 which is super satisfying by the way. The app has been in demand and users mostly have good things in store for the performance of the company.

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    ICICI Direct Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    The granted 3.90 rating in ICICI Direct Apple Appstore Review showcases that the features added in the app serve the users best and that they are highly in demand.

    ICICI Direct Glassdoor Review & Rating

    With 2.50 rating mentioned in ICICI Direct Glassdoor Review we can assume the performance of the company is somewhat okay. There is a long way for the employees to go and we are positive they would make it.

    ICICI Direct Indeed Review & Rating

    Recent ICICI Direct Indeed Review decided on 2.90 rating, which means improvements is on its way and the company will surely see brighter days in the future.

    ICICI Direct Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    The trading medium ICICI Direct Moneycontrol Review is at 3.10. average rating means the performance of the company is good as of now.

    ICICI Direct Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Here is the ICICI Direct Top10StockBroker Review, which is 4.00. This means the company is on its way to secure the title of top stock broker pretty soon.

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    ICICI Direct Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    ICICI Direct being a part of the ICICI group speaks volumes and is a guarantee in itself. With such wide options of investment, you will get returns which would be higher than your expectations.

    The ICICI Direct Complaints may be overlooked by the fact that ICICI Direct Ratings is above par.

    You can always choose to contact us in case of any queries. Let us know how you perceive the rating and reviews provided in the article in the comment section below. Feel free to raise queries, and we will be happy to resolve it.

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