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Get a detailed understanding of Samco Complaints filed in NSE & BSE here along with its Industry Ratings & Review.

SAMCO is one of the leading discount broking house, with an aim to let everyone invest in a way where they would be able to maximize their wealth.

They provide the investors, financial product of all categories, such as platforms, leverage products, Tools, Education, Market updates etc. They have the provision of Platforms, tools, resources suited for your needs and requirements.

The rate at which investment companies are growing is quite impressive and you might to select the best company, we understand. And we are here to help you with it by providing insights on SAMCO Complaints and SAMCO Ratings.


Samco Complaints

The art of investment demands a lot of information and it includes the SAMCO Complaints as a criterion of judgement.

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE 13
Resolved in BSE 13
Lodged in NSE 19
Resolved in NSE 19
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients 0.01
Compliance Officer Name Narayan Thanvi
Complaints / Grievances Email narayan.thanvi@samco.in

You might be having your share of judgement on the basis of the above information. We assume it would be positive as the information says so.

The 13 and 19 Complaints which were received in the BSE and NSE can actually be considered to judge the resolution level of the company and can say the company is pretty good at its job of handling the SAMCO Complaints.

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    Samco Rating Out of 5 Stars

    The art of investment also asks of the performance and measure it as a basis of judgement leading decision making which can be found from SAMCO Industry Ratings

    RATING OUT OF 5-stars:
    Google Review 4.1
    Mouthshut 1.9
    Facebook 3.9
    JustDial 4.1
    Google Playstore 3.8
    Appstore 3.1
    Glassdoor 2.4
    Indeed 4.1
    MoneyControl 3.6
    Economic Times 3.8
    Top10StockBroker 3.4

    Weighing in all the above details is necessary and we got SAMCO Review from all the sites, to let you know how the popular sites have been in favour of, or against the company.

    As far as we can see, the company is given 4 and 3 star rating, indicating the quality performance and services it renders.

    Samco Google Review & Rating

    Knowing a fact about company’s demand is a knowing how well it is performing and with SAMCO Google Review of 4.10 star the demand heavily exists.

    Samco Mouthshut Review & Rating

    People working for the company are to be taken care of but it is the least of concern for company with SAMCO Mouthshut Review of 1.90.

    Samco Facebook Review & Rating

    Consulting the existing userbase is what aspiring investors think of and, this company is well praised by its existing investors as per the  SAMCO Facebook Review of 3.90

    Samco Justdial Review & Rating

    Sum total of the activities of a company takes it high into the industry gaining investors and the SAMCO Justdial Review of 4.10 shows the same is successfully adopted.

    Samco Google Play Review & Rating

    Designing up an app with all the services provided has been achieved by the company with SAMCO Google Play Review of 3.80.

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    Samco Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    On the contrary, designing this app didn’t bring the same impact on the platform as it was marked with a SAMCO Apple Appstore Review of 3.10

    Samco Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Employees’ lagging behind is the result of poor management and 2.40 rating from SAMCO Glassdoor Review conveys it

    Samco Indeed Review & Rating

    Company needs to keep track of investors and need to keep them happy which seem to be the priority as the SAMCO Indeed Review is 4.10

    Samco Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    Aiming high has been in the books of the company says SAMCO Moneycontrol Review of 3.60, where growth was experienced.

    Samco Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    Catching hold of the norms of industry is splendid and the company is almost reach up to it with SAMCO Top10StockBroker Review of 3.40

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    Samco Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    Keeping the above information about the SAMCO Complaints and SAMCO Ratings in concern we wish to state that would be a great decision to invest with the company, given all the quality services it provides to its investors and how it takes care of them.

    We would be glad to accept, if you have anything to sad onto the above context. The comment section is solely given for the purpose of sharing views regarding the complaints and ratings, or viewers may raise a query.

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