Here, In this article, you will find the detailed report of Basan Equity broking Complaints.

Basan Equity broking is a leading brokerage company which has offers such as save brokerage, 5-in-1 account and has an exclusive easy to trade platform.

They deal in a great number of financial products such as Equities, Futures, Options, Commodities, ETFs, Currencies, IPOs and also help in financing such investments for their clients. It belongs to the category of non-govt company which came into operations in the year 2017.

Here is the pattern of Basan Equity Complaints as well as Basan Equity Ratings which was registered last year in the stock exchanges BSE and NSE. You can examine the statistics easily.


Basan Equity Complaints

The table drawn below has all the figures and number which state the Basan Equity Complaints and the ones which were successfully resolved as soon as possible.

Complaints (Last Year)
Lodged in BSE0
Resolved in BSE0
Lodged in NSE0
Resolved in NSE0
Percentage of No. of Complaints Received Against Number of Active Clients0
Compliance Officer NameRanjeeta Soni
Complaints / Grievances

The table displays the Basan Equity Complaints, as per the statistics obtained from the previous year records and the present year resolution status.

The good news is there were absolutely no filled complaints against the company through the reputed stock exchanges BSE and NSE. Also, the Percentage of No. of complaints received against number of active clients lies at 0, another positive aspect of the company.

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    Basan Equity Rating Out of 5 Stars

    Go through the given below Basan Equity Industry Ratings obtained from various platforms, and understand the performance accordingly.

    Ratings out of 5 stars
    Google Review3.3
    Mouthshut Review2
    Facebook Review4
    JustDial Review3.8
    Google Playstore Review3.6
    Appstore Review3.3
    Glassdoor Review2.5
    Indeed Review3.9
    MoneyControl Review3.4
    Economic Times Review3.8
    Top10StockBroker Review3.4

    The average Basan Equity Review of the app revolves around 3 star, making it average in all aspects apart from the public opinions received through facebook.

    With a good maintained customer relationship the products and services might be highly of use according to the present user base.

    Basan Equity Google Review & Rating

    The Basan Equity Google Review is 3.3, and the search engine says the performance level is ok with proportionate demand for the goods and services.

    Basan Equity Mouthshut Review & Rating

    The Basan Equity Mouthshut Review gave a rating of 2.00 and hence, the employees are required to improve a lot more than they could be assuming.

    Basan Equity Facebook Review & Rating

    The Basan Equity Facebook Review stands at 4.00, which is a great rating. Demand for the company is there and so do the users speak good of the company, with slight dominance of negative things.

    Basan Equity Justdial Review & Rating

    With 3.80 rating given by Basan Equity Justdial Review¸we can presume that the performance of the company is on the verge of betterment.

    Basan Equity Google Play Review & Rating

    This Basan Equity Google Play Review has marked a review of 3.6 which is on average basis. Thee app may be loved and the features are as well liked by the user base.

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    Basan Equity Apple Appstore Review & Rating

    The marked 3.3 rating in Basan Equity Apple Appstore Review let you come to terms with an app which is responsive enough with good features.

    Basan Equity Glassdoor Review & Rating

    Stated 2.5 rating tagged in Basan Equity Glassdoor Review, the performance of the company is kind of steady, as the expectations lie upon the management to take stand.

    Basan Equity Indeed Review & Rating

    This Basan Equity Indeed Review hung up on 3.90 rating, which means improvements is highly appreciated and followed by the management.

    Basan Equity Moneycontrol Review & Rating

    This Basan Equity Moneycontrol Review is at 3.4, and the attributes of growth for this stock broking company do prevail.

    Basan Equity Top10StockBroker Review & Rating

    The clipping Basan Equity Top10StockBroker Review, is 3.40 and so it is playing fair with the rising competition bar.

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    Basan Equity Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

    A sneak peek at the Basan Equity Complaints and Basan Equity Ratings would let you know the company has a great complaint resolution status and average ratings.

    This is definitely a good thing as the users are pretty much satisfied by the company’s services and return on investments made with the company. Positivity is in loads here.

    If you have anything you wish to add on o the above interpretation or share with us, the comment section is all yours. Write in the comment section or raise a query and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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