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Find out all details about the Skilling Trading Platform here.

Skilling is an excellent online broker that has two regulatory bodies in Cyprus and Seychelles.

Though established recently in 2016, they have attracted attention and a positive reputation with dedicated services that are affordable too.

Skilling Trading Platform branches off in 3 directions.

Along with the globally recognized MetaTrader 4 are the Skilling Trader and cTrader.

The proprietary trading platform caters to desktop Windows and Mac. A desktop browser platform is available, too, with no download needed.

The Skilling Online Trading Platform also includes mobile apps for android and iOS operating systems.

Supporting several global languages like English and German, Norwegian and Swedish, Skilling is genuinely international.

About Skilling Trading Platform

Skilling Web Trading Platform is the superior answer to interested and skilled traders.

Skilling Trading PlatformSkilling maintains a private specifically-designed trading platform to bring fabulous trading experiences in world markets.

Though the risk of losing money is always present, intense trader research and education reduce the possibility.

According to the company mission, they wish to make trading accessible for everybody. A browser-based trading platform that works on every browser is the logical answer.

Skilling Trading Terminal truly presents the fundamentals in an easy-to-understand format.

Traders use 70 indicators that promote expert technical analysis of markets and identify the best trading opportunities.

Mobile extensions 

The universal reach of the Skilling trading platform naturally extends to smartphones where the majority nowadays gathers for every service like amusement, shopping, jobs, and training.

The android and iOS mobile apps cover a large section of the market.

Essentially similar, the mobile apps present almost the entire range of features that the larger desktop screens possess.

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    Skilling Trading Platform – Top Features

    Traders have the choice of Skilling Web Platform, MT4, and cTrader, along with the two mobile apps.

    The MetaTrader 4 electronic trading system released in 2005 presents one fabulous option for traders in search of the Skilling Trading Platform. 

    Millions use MetaTrader 4 globally with infinite success.

    MetaTrader 4 is trendy the world over for forex trading.

    Trading forex is most handy on MT4 along with the analysis of markets. Use expert advisors to ease the complex path.

    Along with mobile trading applications, traders can access advanced technical analysis methods.

    A flexible trading system and algorithmic trading are some great benefits. The signals service allows traders to copy the trades of successful traders.

    MetaTrader 4 is a free trading platform with a free download that facilitates forex trade and CFDs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

    MetaTrader 4 suits novices and advanced traders alike and thus the greater appeal.

    The Skilling Trading Platform range also includes the exclusive Skilling Trader that precisely caters to the needs of the company.

    Integration of cTrader

    Using a single trading account, traders can switch between the Skilling Trader and cTrader. Similar to maintaining two accounts, trader funds can be used in either platform.

    Browser-based and mobile-friendly

    Browser-based trading platforms are easy to use with any browser.

    Mobile friendly implies a host of advantages to benefit traders at all levels.

    Since smartphones go everywhere, all that is needed is an internet connection to keep in touch with the markets.

    Smartphones and tablets, laptops have also become invaluable assets. Why remain in suspense all day or night long?

    Access a diversity of trading assets

    The Skilling portfolio extends across a vast range to feed trading appetites but remember the risks involved.

    Never lacking for variety in markets, follow where the fancy leads like CFDs and commodities.

    CySEC is regulated and quite reputed and legal

    Initially set up in Cyprus in 2016, the CySEC regulatory body ensures that funds and personal data are absolutely safe.

    Excessive worry gets in the way of trading prowess. Be convinced that it is all legal and safe.

    How to set up a Skilling Trading Terminal?

    Once the decision is made in favor of the Skilling Online Trading Platform, it is time to get down to business. Start with some decision-making.

    Will you trade from the desktop or through smartphones? Desktops can use Skilling Trader through the web browser without download.

    Other choices are cTrader and Metatrader 4 that require a download from the company website.

    If it is mobile trading, will it be an android phone or iOS phone? The download is available from Google Play Store or Apple Store, respectively.

    All downloads are free and take only a few minutes, according to the prevailing internet speed.

    Setting up an office

    Almost everything has humble beginnings but grows with time and effort.

    An office space or corner is easy to set up with a computer, a printer, and an internet connection.

    Desktops provide large screens easy to work in, and workstations bring satisfaction.

    While traveling, the smartphone is essential to keep in touch with markets.

    Along with the hardware, trader education is important too.

    Though trading is essentially a business because of the buy and sells activities, it requires specialized knowledge of markets.

    Concentrate upon a few preferred assets. Study materials are available in plenty of online and training courses, free and paid for.

    Learn from multimedia and several sources, including seniors and tutors.

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    How to Use Skilling Web Trading Platform?

    Skilling Trading Platform offers basically two types of accounts.

    Traders who opt for the standard account can access trading without commissions with an initial deposit of $100.

    The premium account requires an initial deposit of $5000 with trading commissions to be paid with low spreads.

    Some other account types include the demo training account and professional account.

    What are the account opening steps? 

    Like the many other service procedures followed at Skilling, opening an account is relatively simple. Open the company website and reach the homepage.

    Search for the SIGNUP button, which brings up the Signup page.

    Enter personal details very carefully with the letters and figures just as they appear in legal government-issued documents that are offered as verification.

    Email is necessary and a password. You also need to enter your phone number and the country you live in.

    Enter the base currency like USD, EUR, GBP, etc., and the licensing authority. Skilling has two licensing authorities. CySEC regulates Skilling Europe, and the FSA of Seychelles regulates Skilling Global.

    The next step requires applicants to be redirected to the Skilling Trader web-based platform for the final part of the registration process.

    The application process now requires an address, financial details, and level of experience.

    Applicants need to submit verification soft copies of documents in support of identity and residential address. Use the same platform for trading and deposits and withdrawals.

    Advantages of Skilling MetaTrader 5

    Go global with Skilling Trading Terminal and explore choicest trading opportunities in diverse assets.

    Choose a few preferred assets and develop ideas. Decide always to practice informed and researched trading with minimum financial risks and never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

    A combination of MetaTrader 4, cTrader, and Skilling Trader platforms on the web, desktop, and smartphones will never let you down.

    Benefits of Skilling Trader

    • Works on every web browser without a download
    • Choose from Technical indicators and drawing tools
    • A User-friendly platform with ultrafast order execution
    • Integrates with cTrader
    • Skilling Trade Assistant available

    The Skilling MetaTrader 4 advantages 

    • Works via web browser and desktop download
    • Personalized charts and settings
    • Technical analysis indicators are built-in
    • Expert advisors and superfast order execution

    The Skilling cTrader perks

    • Several order types cater to diverse markets
    • Automate Editor facility
    • Sophisticated superfast trading
    • Comprehensive charting package

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    Skilling Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The rigorously competitive yet easy-to-use Skilling Trading Platform has set new benchmarks in the global markets.

    Transparency is the hallmark with low fees, no commissions in the standard account, and all the charges displayed.

    Beginning Traders can take it easy with the free demo account as a training process.

    With no fuss, it is strictly business all the way with superfast executions and several convenient methods to deposit and withdraw funds, all completed in record time.

    Currencies and cryptocurrencies are mega businesses at Skilling, along with hundreds of other assets covering the entire spectrum of the trading industry.

    Skilling Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Skilling trading platform:

    What is the Skilling Trading Platform called?

    Skilling Online Trading Platform works through 3 systems. They are Skilling Trader, Skilling MetaTrader 4, and Skilling cTrader.

    Skilling software is also compatible with 2 mobile apps for android and iOS systems.

    While mobile apps have to be downloaded from the Google or Apple stores, Skilling Trader works directly through the web browser and does not require a download.

    Does Skilling provide Web Trading?

    Trade on Skilling happens only on the web. Skilling Web Trading Platform of several kinds facilitates trading in global markets through an internet connection.

    Smartphones carry the advantage of portability and are very convenient to trade on the go.

    Desktops have the advantage of larger screens, but most features are available on mobiles.

    Is Skilling Trading Platform Free to use?

    Software downloads of the Skilling Trading Terminal are free.

    Practice trading on a demo account with virtual currency that carries no financial risk is also free.

    Opening a trading account requires email verification or BankID with a minimum deposit of $1.

    A standard account requires a $100 initial deposit, and a premium account requires $5000.

    How to download Skilling Trading Terminal?

    Skilling Online Trading Platform may be downloaded from the company website. Skilling Trader works directly from any browser without download.

    Mobile apps may be downloaded for android from Google Play Store.

    Apple Store facilitates downloads of the iOS mobile app version. Downloads take only a minute and are free.

    Download time depends upon internet speed.

    What features does the Skilling Online Trading Platform have?

    MetaTrader 4 brings great features and functionality to Skilling trading platforms.

    Skilling adds further features to MT4 like the MarketPlace that accesses automated strategies.

    Further plus points are copy trading and customized indicators.

    Skilling Trade Assistant for novices also deserves praise.

    Technical analysis and expert advisors help the trading process along with dedicated customer support.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Skilling MetaTrader 5?

    Yes. Shares of globally renowned companies are frequently bought and sold on Skilling.

    Researching the market well would help decide which shares would bring returns and when.

    Anticipating price rise or fall of shares is the secret that is sometimes a great mystery. Currencies and cryptocurrencies are also traded globally.

    Is Skilling Trading Terminal good?

    Yes. The variety of trading platforms based on MT4, affordable services with no commission, and tight spreads all favor the trader’s success and high incomes.

    Superfast order executions and quick and almost free deposits and withdrawals through several methods are also praiseworthy. Multilingual customer support works extremely well too.

    Can Skilling Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    The initial trading account requires only email verification to open with personal details.

    The demo account also opens automatically for practice trading.

    So far, EKYC is not needed.

    When the trader opts for the standard or premium account, soft copies of documents would be required to prove identity, residence, and other information.

    Does Skilling Trading Platform Provide Tips?

    Absolutely yes. Trader education has access to research materials and live market knowledge.

    The free demo account with virtual currency in live market trading helps learn the basics in real market conditions without the risk of money loss.

    Skilling Trade Assistant helps beginners with the procedure to place the initial trade.

    How to Buy Currencies via Skilling Web Trading Platform?

    Trade-in Currencies is big business in Skilling and all over the world.

    Pairs of currencies work together. If it is GBPUSD, the task is to forecast the rise and fall of values relative to each other.

    Research and market information, technical notes, and expert advisors help predict the ups and downs of currency prices.

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