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Find out all details about the Skilling Partner here.

Skilling facilitates trade online in over 800 instruments that deal with currencies and crypto, shares, indices, and commodities.

Technology has indeed created a global marketplace within the workstation on desktop computers or over tiny smartphone screens.

Best Partner Program Affiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA 800 EURO
Second Level commission NA
Commission Withdrawal Auto-Cash Out
Partner Code Activation 2-3 Days
Affiliate Cookie Tracking Up to 30 days

Three platforms keep traders in sync – Skilling Trader, MetaTrader 4, and cTrader along with mobile apps.

As a Skilling Partner, fabulous opportunities open up. Join the Skilling Affiliate Program and there is no looking back.

Earn competitive commissions according to personal preferences for lump-sum payments or sustained incomes over time.

Overwhelming rigorous support from the company makes it possible with marketing materials and technical finesse.

Share the limelight with numerous successful affiliates who took the momentous decision.

Skilling Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEO Jeffrey Skilling
Established Year 2016
Publicly Traded No
Total Employees 0-50
Regulations CySEC
Headquarter Cyprus

A Skilling Partner sets up an independent venture under the aegis of the parent company.

SkillingSuch franchises are very common in the business world, especially nowadays.

Mutual give and take results in working together and sharing precious resources, knowledge and expertise, data and materials, and workers too.

A determined approach to trading and business expansion results in high profits for the Skilling Sub Broker.

The extent of involvement is left to be decided according to the level of experience and interest, investment potential, and future plans.

An entrepreneur who controls 3 businesses has attention divided and diverted. Somebody who concentrates entirely on the Skilling Franchise will achieve so much more.

Look forward to substantial earnings via commissions and regular payments with transparent systems.

Powerful support from Skilling opens up the future to more dramatic ventures.

Grow like a tree and anticipate flowers and fruit in due course of time.

Become a Partner Now! – Fill up the Form

    Types of Skilling Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner Type Affiliate Program Introducer White Label Partnership
    Revenue Sharing or CPA 800 EURO FX Majors: Receive up to $7 per lot traded
    FX Minors and Exotics: up to $10 per lot traded
    Cost Associated Yes No
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD 200 EURO deposit & 5 FX lots traded NA
    Code Activation Time 2-3 Days 2-3 Days

    A Skilling Franchise or Skilling Sub Broker could opt for one of the two categories:

    Introducing Broker (IB)

    Aspiring traders need to go through the formalities of joining the company with a trading account.

    For beginners and everybody in general, a stint with the free demo account would bring familiarity with the trading system.

    Introducing traders would bring additional opportunities within reach and soon turn into a lucrative income.

    Entrepreneurs particularly private and corporate introducers would find the program well suited to them. Would it be better to work with the customized rebate scheme?

    What are incomes like?

    • Fat commissions for FX minors and exotics, up to $10 per lot traded
    • FX majors bring an income of $7 per lot traded


    The affiliate program caters to website owners and blog owners too. Media buyers, social media influencers, and email marketers find it appropriate too.

    • Access the affiliate portal 24/7
    • Attractive CPA commission plans could reach EUR 800 for each qualified client
    • Transparent payment options with no hidden costs

    Skilling Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program 800 EURO
    Introducer FX Majors: Receive up to $7 per lot traded
    FX Minors and Exotics: up to $10 per lot traded
    Authorized Partner NA
    White Label Partnership NA

    As a Skilling Partner, a decision has to be made between the Introducing Broker (IB) and Affiliate arrangements. Both have their advantages and are worth considering.

    Since it involves complex trading and business partnerships, do spend some time in ample research.

    Compare with partnership arrangements in other companies to be further convinced of the value of Skilling arrangements.

    Will you succeed better as an Introducing Broker (IB) or Affiliate partner?

    Introducing Broker (IB) is meant for private and corporate introducers and entrepreneurs too. A customized rebate scheme is possible after discussions with the company officials.

    Plan the extent of business you can support and decide rebate schemes accordingly. FX minors and exotics pay as high as $10 per lot traded.

    FX majors generate as much as $7 per lot traded.

    Skilling Affiliate Program

    Payment options being flexible, negotiations would help settle the revenue sharing arrangement. In the CPA commission plan, receive up to EUR 800 for each qualified client.

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    Skilling Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program Yes
    Introducing Business Partner No
    Authorized Partner NA
    White Label Partnership NA

    The cost or security deposit involved in becoming a Skilling Partner is quite reasonable.

    Several levels of franchise arrangements could be agreed upon and the company does not divulge such details.

    The best business arrangements are flexible and mutually benefit the parties involved.

    While the costs involved may not be so much, possibly paid in installments, the commission structure is rather encouraging.

    Everybody is in search of bigger profits now that the pandemic that still continues has disrupted normal life and pushed up costs.

    A working capital and a plan of action being compulsory for a business venture, work hard to progress along the path.

    It is obvious that passion, interest, and skill will be needed for trading success.

    Instead of getting carried away by the entire market of investment assets, it is better to concentrate upon a few.

    Skilling Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit scheme Yes
    Real-Time Commission calculation Yes
    Second Level Commission 10%
    Personal Account Managers Provided
    Multiple Payment Systems Available
    Sub-Affiliate system Available

    Skilling Franchise is certainly not meant for anybody who has the capital to invest.

    Access to funds is important but skills and interests are also important.

    Since serious risks of losing money are involved, it is essential to remain on guard.

    Choose one of the following:

    • Customized rebate offers
    • Introducing Broker (IB)
    • Affiliate program

    The idea of introductions especially for those who are well connected in business and trading networks is very common.

    Make sure that those introduced do possess the skills, interest, and experience to succeed at trading.

    Beginners need some time with the demo account besides their own private research to get familiar with the trading intricacies.

    Customized rebate plans are most flexible and negotiating the terms with the company would help reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

    Affiliate programs bring lots of perks like the Partnership Manager to render personal and professional help along with a substantial income by way of commissions earned.

    Skilling Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age 22+ Years
    Business Experience Minimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification  No basic qualification/degree
    Desired Profile Finance portals/Hosting sub-Ibs

    In a fiercely competitive business world, the Skilling Sub Broker needs to possess basic experience in the commerce field.

    Everybody thinks that trading involves buying and selling which it does but it is so much more.

    Technology plays an important part nowadays and dealing with complicated software that works on AI are some factors.

    If the person feels confident about the ability to handle trading matters, that is great but make sure that it is not false confidence.

    Educational achievements do not set any specific requirements like a degree or diploma.

    Yet, it is expected that the candidate has completed elementary education and perhaps qualified for a degree or diploma, preferably in business or management.

    Such a background would be a positive benefit.

    Having achieved the age of 21 years would help develop mature thinking, though there is no specific age limit prescribed.

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    How to Become a Skilling Business Partner?

    Aspiring to become a Skilling Partner, start by clicking the button ‘Become a Partner.’ Now you reach a Popup Form that requires certain personal information.

    Fill in the personal details with great care. The letters and numbers should accurately correspond with the verification documents.

    If differences arise, that will lead to complications and doubts about the veracity of documents.

    Supporting Documents

    These are legal procedures and the documents should be valid government-issued ones.

    Color scanned images need to be uploaded and the applicant, name, DOB, address, and education and experience details should be clearly visible. Get the scanned documents ready beforehand.

    After the application and document verification process is completed, the company representatives will take the process forward and contact the applicant to discuss the details.

    Make sure to thoroughly explain the business plan you have in mind and what level you wish to work in.

    After an agreement is reached, a legal document is prepared and signed.

    Launching the partnership business will now be possible.

    Documents required to Start Skilling Franchise

    Applicants basically need 4 kinds of documents in support of:

    • Identity
    • Residential address
    • Education
    • Service experience
    • Skilling partnership contract

    Scanned color copies of documents need to be uploaded but make sure that the copies are clear in detail.

    A passport and a driving license are the best examples of government-issued legal documents but others may also be submitted.

    The document in support of identity should contain a clear image of the applicant and the name.

    Bank statements and credit card statements may be submitted as residence proof but the name and address should be clearly visible.

    Educational certificates should mention their name, course, and dates clearly.

    Service certificates should contain the company name, designation, and service beginning and ending dates.

    The agreement drawn up with Skilling must be submitted too.

    Support Provided by Skilling Partner Program

    Back Office Support Available 24/7
    Trading Support Yes
    Dealing Support Yes
    Marketing Support Yes
    Multilingual Promotional Materials Yes
    Training Support Yes
    Commission Tracker Provided

    As a partner of the Skilling framework, it is certain that infrastructural support in the form of research and marketing materials would be abundant.

    Going hand in hand is the powerful multilingual customer support.

    The Partnership Manager plays a dedicated role and makes sure that no loopholes exist.

    Partners need to be qualified and experienced in business terms in order to succeed.

    Just like beginning traders who commence with the demo account, partners also have a learning period. Skills gradually increase in depth and scope with time.

    Free learning courses help enhance understanding of markets and assets.

    In the research and advisory services, reports and market news, market commentaries and technical analyses show the way to wise trading.

    Benefits of Skilling Sub Broker Program

    An amazing global reputation, untarnished reputation, and regular payments with low service fees render Skilling a very attractive proposition as a partner.

    Partners are exposed to diverse world markets and researched trading would elevate business incomes along with the expert support provided.

    • The list of assets is very impressive with over 73 currency pairs. They include USDCAD, GBPPLN, EURJPY, and GBPAUD.
    • Crypto assets are directly available on the Skilling They include Bitcoin (BYC), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC).
    • Indices number 15 plus and some are DE30, AUS200, HKComp, and SPA35.
    • Commodities include Gold, Silver, Oil, and Gas.
    • CFD equities numbering 300 and more include Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Uber.

    The incredible trading platforms are major plus points to keep the show going:

    • Skilling Trader
    • Meta Trader 4
    • cTrader
    • android and iOS mobile apps

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    Skilling Partner Program – Conclusion

    One of the best decisions that traders with vision can take is to join the Skilling partner program.

    The process commences with a referral invitation from a trader already enrolled with Skilling.

    The scope is vast and the openings infinite. Technology has brought trading within everybody’s reach via the smartphone.

    Take up the challenge but make sure that it is not a wild decision. Skills and interests, abilities, and connections are important along with working capital.

    Every business goes through some starting problems but that is when tenacity and determination are tested to withstand a few storms.

    Skilling Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Skilling partner program:

    Does Skilling have an Introducer Model?

    Yes. The Introducing Broker partnership model has been designed for entrepreneurs. Private and corporate individuals can also become introducers.

    If partners request, a custom rebate scheme may be worked out. FX majors receive as high as $7 per lot traded.

    FX minors and exotics can generate as much as $10 per lot traded.

    Is Skilling having multiple Franchise models?

    Yes. Mainly, there are 2 models and they are called Introducing Broker and Affiliate. Commissions and payments are attractive in both the models.

    Under the introducing broker meant for entrepreneurs, it is possible to arrange for a customized rebate plan. Payments are made according to lots traded.

    An affiliate has transparent and flexible payment options. Payments are awarded to qualified clients.

    What is the Skilling Sub Broker Commission?

    As an Introducing Broker, one option is to join a customized rebate plan.

    Otherwise, FX minors and exotics would generate $10 per lot traded.

    FX majors bring $7 per lot traded.

    As an affiliate, the CPA commission could reach EUR 800 for each qualified client.

    Refer to the affiliate portal 24/7.

    How much is Skilling Franchise Cost?

    Skilling does not charge high fees or commissions for any of its services for traders.

    Similarly, the cost to obtain a franchise is also affordable but the details are not revealed. Partners join at different levels and the investments would differ.

    A customized rebate plan is also possible. The 2 options are ‘introducing broker’ or ‘affiliate’ status.

    Does Skilling provide Referral Program?

    Yes. Partners explore a great world of diverse trading opportunities globally.

    After overcoming starting problems with the free demo account, why not start an independent venture under the guidance of a globally renowned broker?

    Partners need ideas, knowledge, experience, and a passion for trading but must follow safe financial policies.

    What is the Skilling Referral Revenue Model?

    Skilling offers 2 partnership arrangements.

    They are called the Introducing Broker and Affiliate Program. IB is meant for entrepreneurs.

    Affiliates are for website and blog owners. IB could generate revenues of $10 per lot.

    The affiliate could get a CPA of EUR 800 for each qualified client. Incomes generated depend upon the volume of trade and the number of connections available.

    Is the Skilling Partner Program Free?

    No. Certain investments are required but that depends upon the level of partnership planned.

    The company has not divulged the details but the fees are affordable just like the services fees.

    Don’t forget that the commissions are attractive and building up an affiliate business would become very profitable in good time.

    Does Skilling provide Training Assistance?

    Yes. Beginners commence with the free demo account with virtual currency.

    Study and research materials are available in plenty, highlighting crucial aspects of trading.

    Technical analyses and expert advisors help the process.

    Skilling has made arrangements with the Metropolitan X Group to intensify trader education.

    Consultations with seniors result in informed and safe trading practices.

    How to own a Skilling Franchise?

    Officially, you need a referral link or invitation from a trader holding an account with Skilling.

    In response to the referral link, you need to go through the signing-up process.

    A few short formalities are involved.

    They include the entering of personal details. Verification procedures will require the uploading of a few documents.

    Does Skilling Sub Brokership provide Support?

    Though working independently, the Skilling Sub Broker is a part of the dynamic infrastructure of global renown.

    The partner benefits from the close professional association and exchanges notes and best practices. A multilingual customer support dispels doubts.

    A Partnership Manager is assigned to the affiliate who guides and helps the partner grow.

    Become a Partner Now! – Fill up the Form

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