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Check out all details about InstaForex Trading Platform here.

InstaForex is a famous company in the Forex Broker industry. Several companies operate united under this brand name. They offer CFD and forex trading.

It provides full service to customers. Its customer base is over seven million. Today, InstaForex is a fast-growing and reputed international brokerage company.

Having many high-profile sponsorships, InstaForex has built an excellent reputation.

The company is popularly known as InstaForex and it is fully regulated. It provides online or web-based trading services globally.

They are active in the European Union. InstaForex is an excellent fit for traders of all sizes.

About InstaForex Trading Platform

InstaForex started operating in 2007. Today, it has over 260 different offices worldwide. InstaForex has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus.

The company has made a name for itself through several high-profile sponsorships. These include various sports teams and athletic personalities, like:

  • Ole Einar Bjørndalen
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Ales Loprais
  • Daria Kasatkina
  • Daria Kasatkina
  • HKM Zvolen
  • Daria Kasatkina
  • And many others.

CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) regulates the company in Cyprus and the EU. It is also compliant with all European legislation.

Under EU laws, InstaForex is an active member of the Investor Compensation Fund (CIF).

Due to this, if any defaults occur, the accounts get coverage of up to EUR 20,000. This helps the company with most of its retail accounts.

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    InstaForex Trading Platform – Top Features

    InstaForex lets you trade through the largest counteragents that provide direct market access.

    The company is an ECN broker that enables you to choose from over 200 assets from five broad asset classes.

    InstaForex Trading PlatformInstaForex employs over 30 analysts who offer research to the traders. Since 2009, InstaForex has won over 30 industry awards.

    A difference between InstaForex and other companies is that one standard lot of InstaForex equals 10,000 currency units.

    This is different from the 100,000 that is the norm in the industry otherwise. InstaForex has only 62.89% of loss-making accounts.

    This percentage is towards the lower spectrum of the industry. InstaForex focuses a lot on technology. It has nine different data centers.

    This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted trading service.

    There are also 25 other services located all over the world. This helps with proper order flow and connectivity.

    The forex broker does not have its own proprietary online trading platform. InstrForex only offer MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) web-based trading platforms.

    InstaForex also provides multi-terminal and compatibility with other devices. In the industry, InstaForex was the first company to offer the MT5 platform for trading.

    MT4 remains the main platform of InstaForex because it has many settlements. It also tracks account activity and receives notifications.

    Features of InstaForex MetaTrader 4

    The MT4 online trading terminal is available for all devices. One drawback is that InstaForex does not provide any third-party plugins needed.

    The provision of such plugins can change this terminal into a great product.

    InstaForex also offers the Superior Forex Desk plugin to enhance the trading experience.

    But, many traders want more from InstaForex’s trading platform.

    Here are some of the features of the MT4 trading platform:

    • Ability to choose from nine different timeframes.
    • Variety of tools available for use with technical analysis.
    • Access to market news related to financial movement.
    • Automated trading.
    • Allows traders to lock positions.
    • Avail free indicators.
    • Seek advice from experts.
    • Enables creation of indications with MQL4.

    Both MT4 and MT5 are compatible with the following:

    • Desktop
    • Tablets
    • iOS and Android mobile devices.

    Features of InstaForex MetaTrader 5

    Some of the remarkable features of the MT5 trading terminal include:

    MT5 is the new and improved version of MT4. Many of the functions and features of MT5 are the same as MT4, but some new features are also added. These include:

    • MQL5
    • Choice of 21 timeframes
    • Depth of market and contract specifications
    • Automatic archiving of quotes
    • Access to technically advanced tools
    • Access to policy

    With InstaForex’s trading terminal, traders can work on several trading accounts at once. This handy feature helps with account management.

    This is helpful when traders have to manage the accounts of many clients. You can install this multi-terminal trading platform on any PC that has Windows.

    Features of InstaForex WebTrader

    This online trading platform is InstaForex’s own platform.

    This is only available for its traders. With the use of InstaForex WebTrader, clients can trade directly on web-based browsers.

    There is no need for any downloads and/or extra applications.

    Features of InstaForex WebTrader are:

    • There are three interface layouts. These include dashboards, classics, and charts.
    • Charts get displayed in a convenient and uncluttered manner.
    • The charts also come with a variety of analytical tools.
    • You get access to a stream of orders and tick charts.
    • All the tradable instruments are visible to clients.
    • This trading platform is best for all accounts on InstaForex.

    Features of InstaTick Trader Platform

    The InstaTick online trading platform is another innovation from InstaForex.

    The features of InstaTick include:

    • You can use this platform with any other InstaForex account.
    • It provides easy access from a web browser.
    • There is no need for any downloads.
    • The interface is simple and easy to use.
    • InstaTick helps traders boost their profits.

    The InstaForex platforms let you trade forex, CFD, or futures trading.

    Many trading tools are available on their platforms.

    This also includes free VPS hosting and the ability to trade through any strategy. You also get:

    • Expert advisors
    • Hedging or scalping
    • Solutions for Money Managers through APIs and PAMM accounts

    Instruments offered by InstaForex

    At present, InstaForex trading platforms have more than 100 different currency pairs. It allows a comprehensive diversion of portfolios.

    The brokerage company treats its traders to a wide range of instruments. It gives access to:

    • Trading indices
    • Commodities
    • Stocks
    • Cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs

    How to set up an InstaForex Trading Terminal?

    Starting an account at InstaForex is a simple process.

    Any trader can set up an account with InstaForex.

    Following are the steps on how to open and set up a trading account at InstaForex.

    1st Step: Go to the website of InstaForex forex trader.

    2nd Step: Click on the Instant Account Opening tab located at the top center of the open page.

    3rd Step: You will find that a box opens up asking you for your personal details.

    4th Step: You need to enter your full name, contact number, and email ID. Also, select the country of residence.

    5th Step: Once you fill in all the required information, click on the button ‘Open Trading Account.’

    6th Step: After this, you will get access to the InstaForex trading portal.

    7th Step: You can now set up your trading account and complete the registration.

    Industry experts recommend using InstaForex’s demo account to understand the trading industry.

    This gives you an idea about market conditions, and your trading strengths and weaknesses.

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    How to Use InstaForex Web Trading Platform?

    The web-based online trading terminal from InstaForex is a trustworthy and capable trading portal.

    To start trading on InstaForex, you must open an account with the company. There is no account opening fee that you need to pay.

    Now, below are the steps to use the InstaForex online trading platform:

    1st Step: To begin with, click on the ‘Open Trading Account’ tab on the homepage of InstaForex at https://www.instaforex.com.

    2nd Step: Now fill out the contact form that opens up upon clicking the tab. Provide your name, address, and contact number.

    3rd Step: You have to accept the legal terms and conditions of the company, along with the terms of their privacy policy. They will also verify the personal data you provided at the time of opening the account.

    4th Step: InstaForex will explain these steps at the time of verification itself. Upon completion of the verification, you can utilize all the functions of the platform.

    5th Step: Upon completion of the verification process, you will get your login details from which you can access your trading account. You can then start trading.

    If you are a beginner to online trading, the company offers an unlimited demo account.

    This is specially designed for beginners.

    A free demo account is a trading account with virtual money. The account lets you use this virtual money to stimulate actual money trading.

    InstaForex offers beginners a free demo account.

    This helps them understand how the platform works and learn trading skills.

    Many professional traders use this demo account to learn about the platform and improve their trading skills.

    Advantages of InstaForex MetaTrader 5

    Some of the advantages of using InstaForex MetaTrader 5 for trading include:

    • It is a well-recognized and respected broker worldwide.
    • Also, it offers several deposit methods.
    • It has a low deposit rule.
    • It offers professional education and analysis with the help of expert advisors.
    • A wide range of instruments is available for trading including CFD Crypto and forex.
    • It is a professional web-based online trading platform. Advanced tools based on MT4 and MT5 are available.
    • It has many different account types to suit all types of traders.
    • The platform offers a free demo account, so you can learn the system first before spending money.
    • There are plenty of tutorials for beginners.
    • It is a fully regulated company.

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    InstaForex Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The best feature of InstaForex is the range of instruments it offers for trade.

    This includes 107 currency pairs, 34 US-based stocks, CFDs, futures, binary options, etc. Commodities like silver, gold, and oil are also available.

    The trading services of InstaForex have been well received. It is also rated well by professional traders.

    The use of a famous technology like MT4 provides excellent backing for traders.

    It further ensures the safety of customers with proper regulation and security solutions.

    InstaForex is worth checking out for traders who want a platform that offers a wide variety of trading options and security.

    InstaForex Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the instaforex trading platform:

    What is the InstaForex Trading Platform called?

    InstaForex does not have its own proprietary online trading platform.

    It lets you trade on its web-based platform through MT4 and MT5.

    It has the InstaForex WebTrader, which is only for its registered traders.

    The InstaTick trader platform is for its registered traders to boost their profits.

    Does InstaForex provide Web Trading?

    Yes, InstaForex provides the service of web trading.

    It does so through the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. You can also trade through its mobile applications.

    The MT4 and MT5 trading mediums are well known in the market for their security and overall services.

    Is InstaForex Trading Platform free to use?

    The InstaForex platform offers a free demo account.

    This is primarily for traders who are new to trading or want to understand the platform before investing.

    The real trading account, though, is not free. You can only trade on InstaForex after depositing some money in your account.

    How to download InstaForex Trading Terminal?

    There is no need to download anything for using the InstaForex online trading terminal.

    InstaForex does not have its own platform and uses the MT4 and MT5 web-based platforms. Mt4 and MT5 run on all browsers and operating systems.

    What features does the InstaForex Online Trading Platform have?

    Here are the key features of the InstaForex platform:

    • Option to choose from nine different timeframes.
    • Various technical tools to help you trade.
    • Availability of the latest financial market news.
    • Automated trading.
    • Easy locking of positions.
    • Expert advice on trades.
    • Access to various financial indicators.
    • Create indicators with MQL4.
    • Analysis of market depth.
    • Analysis of contract specifications.
    • Automatic archiving of quotes
    • Easy to access from any browser.
    • No need to download anything.
    • User-friendly interface.

    Can I trade in Shares via the InstaForex MetaTrader 5?

    Yes, you can trade in shares. InstaForex offers over 30 US-based stocks and company shares from other countries as well.

    Is InstaForex Trading Terminal suitable?

    Yes, InstaForex is suitable for traders who want access to various trading options and a secure platform.

    From forex trading to cryptocurrency, InstaForex offers a great variety of trading options.

    Can you use the InstaForex Web Trading Platform without EKYC?

    There is no need for submitting any eKYC documents at InstaForex.

    However, there is an authentication process, and only after completing this process can you access all the trading functions offered by InstaForex.

    Does InstaForex Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, the InstaForex trading platform provides many helpful tips. The platform also provides market news, trading strategies, an overview of market conditions, etc.

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