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So you have passed your trading test. Excellent! No wonder it’s time to hit some research work and find a best-suiting trading platform.

We are here for your rescue because we bring you one of the popular and reliable choices – the Windsor Brokers Trading Platform.

With an array of information, tools, features necessary to keep you fully profitable in this trading journey, this trading platform caters to your dynamic trading requirements.

And this review shares a detailed insight into Windsor Brokers’ capabilities and how it benefits a trader.

Hence, before you go further in search of the best trading platforms on the internet, jump into this review to make it easier.

About Windsor Brokers Trading Platform

Windsor Brokers Trading Platform is one of the oldest names in the list of best brokerage firms.

Windsor Brokers Trading PlatformIt has been offering trading services since 1988, which defines this broker as a fairly mature and the oldest brokerage firm than other modern players.

This Belize-based trading platform even owns licensing from multiple regulators such as – CySEC, MiFID, BaFin, FSA, and IFSC regulators are the leading names in the list.

If we talk about the major trading instruments, you can trade all kinds of currency pairs.

However, you can also trade other assets via CFDs trading, which is available on both Windsor Brokers Web Trading Platform, software, and mobile platforms.

Leverage support is available and quite incredible.

But the cost of trading sometimes becomes a bit frustrating for clients for some good reasons that we’ll be discussing in this article ahead.

But before that, let’s introduce you to the key trading platform or software that the broker makes available to its clients for trading.

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    Windsor Brokers Trading Platform – Top Features

    It’s certainly a great idea to start trading with a trusted and well-established brokerage firm rather than new names.

    Because you can always feel assured about the safety of your funds and capital, that’s why we recommend you Windsor Brokers Trading Platform.

    Let’s have a look at the key features of Windsor Brokers.

    Powerful Metatrader

    As we already discussed, the broker has been a popular trading platform for many decades. But this shouldn’t be the only reason to conclude Windsor Brokers as a standout Option.

    The trading platform provides you services via MT4 Desktop, MT4 Mobile, MT4 Tablet, and MT4 WebTrader trading platforms that are remarkably good for their powerful servers.

    Incredibly Good Responsiveness

    Meta trader 4 software involved in trading services makes your journey at Windsor Brokers Online Trading Platform totally incredible.

    MetaTrader 4 is particularly known for its swift response. Trading on MetaTrader signifies you are trading on a fully secured and reliable trading platform.

    Multiple Trading Items

    Since Windsor Brokers deals in the Forex market in the mainstream, the MT4 presence is a plus point because MT4 is widely used for Forex-specific trading.

    Although, you can even trade other assets on the MT4 trading platform. But it’s worth noting that you can’t trade other assets beyond and above CFDs.

    Stocks, commodities, indices, and other assets are available to trade via CFDs irrespective of whether you are trading on Windsor Brokers Web Trading Platform or mobile application.

    Economic Calendar and Forex Calculator

    Apart from trading services, the Economic Calendar and Forex calculator are also made available to users.

    With both of these features supported, you can calculate margin and profits and actively keep your eyes on the upcoming market opportunities.

    Helpful Educational Tools

    Helpful educational tools and materials can’t be left unnoticed. In the educational package, you are exposed to video tutorials, live webinars, ebooks, and glossaries.

    Each educational facility is totally incredible that you personally observe as you join Windsor Brokers. In addition, the broker also provides you with a free demo account.

    How to set up a Windsor Brokers Trading Terminal?

    After discovering the series of features of Windsor Brokers Trading Platform, it’s time to know the steps involved in starting a trading career with Windsor Brokers.

    • First, visit Windsor Brokers’ official website and click on the “Open account” button mentioned on the homepage.
    • Now proceed with the sign-up process to become a registered user for Windsor Brokers.
    • Choose your country, then enter first name, last name, phone number, email, language, and account type. (Please note: if you are a US person, you can’t access trading facilities by the broker)
    • Give “I Confirm that I am not a US Person” a tick and sign-up
    • “Live Trading account” users will be asked to submit their Personal IDs and related document to meet the EKYC norms. But if you have selected “demo account”, you can simply begin virtual trading.
    • Live account users will then select sub-account types, such as “prime account” and “zero accounts”.
    • Submit the minimum deposit amount, which can be anything between $100 and $500 – depending upon the sub-account type you choose.
    • Once you have successfully met the procedure in a flow, launch your first trade at Windsor Brokers Online Trading Platform.

    Don’t worry. We have shared a brief explanation next on how you can use Windsor Brokers trading platform for trading.

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    How to Use Windsor Brokers Web Trading Platform?

    Usually, traders have no idea what Windsor Brokers Trading Platform will provide them after signing up for a trading account.

    And beginners often find it a complex state when they don’t opt for a demo account initially.

    Because many times, it is easy to find an answer to your query through a demo account.

    Therefore, it is advisable to use a demo account first readily available on Windsor Brokers Web Trading Platform.

    Similarly, you can think about going with a live trading account after throwing some virtual executions on the demo account.

    Enter a live trading account and make sure you have filled it up with the minimum deposit amount. Please don’t waste time because it’s time to select assets now.

    Choose Forex trading or CFDs trading to trade multiple instruments.

    For asset selection, you simply go to the asset section – which must be available on the portal. In the Forex market, you are exposed to all major, minor and exotic currency pairs.

    Whilst CFDs access comprises Indices, stocks, commodities, metals, and treasuries.

    Leverage support in 1:500 adds a remarkable benefit because you can trade for maximum with minimum capital.

    But execute trades carefully when Trading CFDs because mostly people lose in CFDs trading.

    Video tutorials exclusively provided by the Windsor Brokers make it easier to learn buying/ holding/ selling activities on the trading platform.

    Advantages of Windsor Brokers Trading Platform

    Let’s wrap up the key benefits attached with Windsor Brokers Trading Platform usage.

    The trading platform can benefit a trader in numerous verticals. The major ones are as follows –

    • Free access to educational resources exclusively made available by the broker
    • Forex calculator helps you weigh up profits from trade without any flaws
    • The economic calendar becomes the best source to derive trading cues
    • MetaTrader 4 is one of the leading trading platforms as it works faster
    • Trade multiple assets via CFDs
    • Trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs in forex trading
    • The demo account is available virtual currency support for free
    • Choices of selecting separate trading accounts
    • Multi-device access, e.g., mobile application, software, and web-browser versions available

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    Windsor Brokers Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In the end, you can set some higher expectations from Windsor Brokers Online Trading Platform. The broker isn’t a multi-asset trading platform because you trade multiple assets via CFDs.

    Hence, it is advisable to use Windsor Brokers only if you know the ups and downs of CFDs trading.

    But forex traders can join Windsor Brokers without a hitch because the broker primarily deals in forex pairs only.

    And the best thing is, you even have an option to select Forex CFDs trading separately. Educational assistance, financial reports, and calculators are an added benefit.

    The benefits in rest are attached with MT4 trading platform availability, which is self-explanatory.

    Windsor Brokers Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Windsor Trading platform:

    What Is Windsor Brokers Trading Platform Called?

    Windsor Brokers trading platform is a CFDs and a Forex trading platform.

    The broker primarily deals in the forex market. CFDs trading exposes you to multiple assets.

    Such as, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices,, and metals.

    You can trade all these assets via industry-leading MetaTrader 4, which is quite famous for its responsiveness and trusted features.

    Do Windsor Brokers Provide Web Trading?

    Yes. Windsor Brokers provides web trading.

    You trade assets at Windsor Brokers via the most popular MetaTrader 4, available in all software, application, and web versions.

    So yes, you can trade assets at Windsor Brokers directly via your favorite web browser.

    But make sure you are not a resident of the United States because US clients aren’t permitted to trade at Windsor Brokers.

    Is Windsor Brokers Trading Platform Free To Use?

    No. Windsor Brokers trading platform isn’t free to use.

    Brokerage charges, minimum deposit amount, and penalties all things make trading at Windsor Brokers a costly deal.

    Still, the cost linked with every trading activity is reasonable. On the other hand, a demo account is free to use.

    You can use this virtual trading platform free of cost and get a good amount of practical experience.

    How To Download Windsor Brokers Trading Terminal?

    Windsor Brokers uses only one trading terminal Meta Trader 4.

    But it’s worth noting that the downloading and set-up criteria of MetaTrader 4 are different on every device.

    Such as Meta Trader 4 application is built for mobile traders, MetaTrader 4 is built for desktop users, and MetaTrader 4 web version is designed for web-browsers.

    But luckily, you can find each MetaTrader 4 version from the broker’s official website.

    What Features Does Windsor Brokers Online Trading Platform Have?

    Windsor Brokers online trading platform offers a broad range of features to its clients.

    These features range from educational facilities, financial news, reports, calculators, and responsive trading experience.

    The broker provides trading services via MetaTrader 4, describing the significance of trading via Windsor Brokers trading platform.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Windsor Brokers Trading Platform?

    Yes. You can trade in Shares via Windsor Brokers online trading platform. But there’s a catch.

    You can’t trade shares directly at Windsor Brokers because this facility is only available via CFDs.

    In short, you can trade stocks of popular currencies via CFDs trading and not directly.

    Direct forex market access is available at Windsor Brokers.

    Is Windsor Brokers Trading Terminal Good?

    Windsor Brokers uses MetaTrader 4 trading platform to provide trading services.

    MetaTrader 4 is widely known and used for its ultra-responsive capabilities.

    Fast switching between assets and seamless executions for trading is possible with MetaTrader 4 trading platforms.

    Can Windsor Brokers Web Trading Platform Be Used Without KYC?

    No. Not just web browsers, but you aren’t even allowed to trade on any trading platform recommended by Windsor Brokers.

    The trading facility is absent for clients who don’t comply with EKYC conditions.

    Even though you are exposed to educational facilities and other fantastic trading services offered by the broker, you would be unable to trade assets at Windsor Brokers if you haven’t passed the EKYC process.

    Does Windsor Brokers Trading Platform Provide Tips?

    Windsor Brokers trading platform in its educational facilities shares fantastic tips and tricks of becoming a pro-level trader.

    Even though you are a beginner or an advanced level trader, these help you out from every angle.

    However, no tips and suggestions are offered on live market charts as it is against the policy.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Windsor Brokers Web Trading Platform?

    You can buy currencies via Windsor Brokers web-trading platform in a few simple steps.

    First, log in to MetaTrader 4 web trading platform by selecting Windsor Brokers in the asked fields.

    Now, tap into the forex market and choose desired currency pairs. Select slot size and start trading currencies online.

    Take the help of Forex Glossaries when you have no idea about a particular trading segment.

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