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Know everything about ATFX App here. ATFX is a forex broker which is used by branches of AT Group which is a Global Financial Group.

ATFX provides forex/CFD trading services and comes with low forex fees.

You can get an account open in a matter of seconds and you get various options regarding withdrawals like bank transfers, e-wallets transfers, and credit cards.

ATFX runs on mobile devices with the help of the MT4 trading APP which is also known as the Meta Trader 4.

The MT4 or Meta Trader 4 is a trading App that runs in association with ATFX.

Since ATFX is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, the app is quite reliable and puts you ahead of your competitors.

About ATFX App

ATFX is one of the leading trading platform brands in the world and the app they are in association with is one of the most versatile trading apps.


ATFX mobile app or the MT4 has a huge array of features and trading tools.

As a user, you can use it to Buy and Sell Stocks and shares but it is not limited to this only.

It can give you many indicators and provide you tools that are quintessential for trading as these can automatically trade for you.

The ATFX mobile platform is very user-friendly and you can get used to the platform in no time.

There are how-to videos and tooltips along with interactive webinars which will help you to give you more knowledge about the app.

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    ATFX Mobile App – Top Features

    ATFX Mobile trading App constantly keeps their platform updated according to the latest trends, features, and benefits and this is the reason they are recognized by top Forex and CFD platforms.

    Let us take a look at its features:

    Highly efficient and practical tools

    ATFX mobile app has an array of tools that are efficient and practical.

    It supports over 30 languages which include French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

    The mobile version has all the features of the desktop app which helps in analyzing financial markets, un robots for trading, copy trading, and performing advanced trading operations.

    Expert Advisors and Copy Trading

    The ATFX mobile platform gives a perfect command over your ATFX trading account which also helps you to let you access your account from anywhere and anytime provided that you have good internet connectivity.

    You can chat with other traders with the help of free chat options.

    The ATFX mobile trading app has an automated trading feature that can be done with the help of Trading Robots or also known as the Expert Advisors or EA’s.

    User-friendly charts provide real-time market rates

    The app is highly secured with 128-bit data protection

    The ATFX mobile app provides high security as it does not want the crucial data of its customers to be compromised.

    The trading account in ATFX is secured with encryption and generally, they use 128-bit data encryption.

    That means the data you exchange between the platform’s servers is highly secured using RSA digital signatures.

    More than 2000 custom Indicators available for free

    The ATFX mobile app has more than 30 built-in technical indicators, 700 paid indicators, and 2000 free custom indicators. It also has 24 graphical objects.

    You can do quick trading as it has a quick trading feature that helps you to send orders from the chart with just one click.

    The built-in tick helps determine the entry and exit points precisely.

    The price movement, however, can be determined in nine time-frames.

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    How to Set up ATFX Trading App?

    The ATFX mobile trading app is known as the MT4 trading app across app stores. To download and install the apps follow the procedures given below:

    If you are using Android Devices then you need to go to Google Play Store and search for the MT4 app. Once you have the option, you need to click on install to install it

    The same can be done on iOS devices from the App store and in case you are unable to download the app from the app store then you can do it from their official website as well.

    Once you have downloaded and installed the app you are ready to start trading

    How to own ATFX Mobile Trading App?

    To own an account on an MT4 trading account is quite simple.

    You will be given choices to open a demo or live accounts and when you are done, they will send you the credentials to your registered emails so that you can easily log in to the platform.

    Once you have successfully logged in to the MT4 app, you need to select ATFX as your broker.

    This step works if you already have an MT4 account. Just you have to ensure that you have selected the correct ATFX server.

    If you don’t have an MT4 account, you need to register for an account first.

    You need to fill in the registration first and once they have verified the information they will set up a trading account for you.

    You need to deposit funds in your account before you can start trading. To deposit funds you can use a bank transfer, e-wallet, or credit cards.

    Advantages of ATFX Forex App

    ATFX mobile app is a popular app among traders and there are lots of advantages of ATFX mobile trading app over other trading apps.

    ATFX mobile trading app has real-time access to market liquidity and prices. It has all the essential technical and fundamental analysis of tools of all levels.

    You can trade multiple orders for high flexibility and have robust security. It also comes with high stability and automated trading options.

    ATFX App – Conclusion

    ATFX mobile app is a very popular app having robust security and lots of features to make traders work easy.

    A trader can select their favorite tools like automated trading and get the best Return on Investments.

    Not only these it has 30 key indicators, 700 paid indicators, and 2000 free custom indicators. It also has 24 graphical objects.

    You can do quick trading as it has a quick trading feature that helps you to send orders from the chart with just one click. Overall the app is very useful for traders out there

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    FAQs on ATFX Mobile App

    Here are a few FAQs related to the ATFX mobile trading app:

    Is the ATFX mobile app available on the App store?

    The ATFX mobile app has been designed keeping all the OS and platforms in mind and thus you will get the version in the App Store for Apple operating systems.

    Is the ATFX app available for Android?

    Yes, the mobile trading app is available for download from the Google Playstore, exclusively for Android devices.

    You need to search for MT4 in order to get the app and install it on your device.

    What are an MT4 demo account and an MT4 live account?

    The MT4 demo account helps you to register for an MT4 account and use the app with the full features and functionalities.

    You will be able to use virtual currencies for trading purposes but then you won’t be able to withdraw any balance to your real bank account as they are not a real currency.

    An MT4 live account is one where you will get all the features of the app to use and also here you will be able to invest and withdraw real money.

    Why does the ATFX Trading app display an invalid account when I try to log in?

    The most possible reason for this error is that you might have entered the wrong credentials i.e. wrong username or password to log in to your trading account.

    The passwords are case sensitive such that if your original password contains a character in Uppercase then you need to put it as it is.

    If you enter lowercase instead of uppercase then you will be displayed with an invalid account error. In any case, if you have lost your password or forgotten your password then you can always retrieve it.

    To do that you need to click on the “forgot password button” and reset the password by following the instructions given.

    Also, the credentials for Demo Account and the lie account are not the same unless you have set the same password for the live account.

    Why is there a “no connection” error while I try to log in?

    The no connection error happens when there is a very poor or no internet connection on your device where the app is running.

    Check if you enabled mobile data connection to on or not? If you are connected to a wifi hotspot, check if the wifi is signaling out data properly or not.

    If the problem persists then you need to ask your Administrator about port availability in your network.

    The Meta trader 4 will not work if ports 444 and 443 are closed.

    What is the time that is displayed on the ATFX mobile trading app?

    The ATFX mobile trading app or the Mt4 app shows EET which is GMT+2 and GMT+3 with daylight savings. It cannot be changed and it does not influence charting.

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