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Check out all details about Spectre AI App here.

Spectre AI is a popular blockchain-based trading platform that specializes in binary options. The company promises a risk-free trading experience.

The company does not require any minimum deposit and uses the feature of Crowdsource technology to offer brokers less trading experience.

Launched about 2 years ago, the company was created to allow risk-free and fraud-free retail trading.

Recently, the company has announced the launch of a new mobile trading application. So in this article, we would be taking a glance at the newly launched mobile trading application.

About Spectre AI App

If you have already traded on the Spectre AI website, then you will be much excited about the mobile application.

Spectre AI App

The newly developed application offers the same smooth experience along with advanced liquid charts and analysis tools.

You can trade in real money or a demo account using the Spectre AI API mobile App.

The Mobile trading app has a broker-less system whereby customer deposits are not held back and withdrawals are not held back in the traditional sense.

Due to the advancement of the application, payments and profits would be directly transferred into your e-Wallet thus providing a fast, secure and transparent way of money dealing.

Spectre AI API mobile app operates exclusively on an ethical model in terms of monetization, thereby keeping up with the fraud-free trading and complete transparency promise of the company.

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    Spectre AI Mobile App – Top Features

    The Spectre AI trading App is quite different from the other trading applications due to different policies and features. Some of its exclusive features are:

    No Brokers

    Using the unique crowdsourced technology, the traders can directly trade against the company’s pool of liquidity or other traders directly on the market.

    The app only has a set of audited, secured contracts that comprises the members of the global blockchain.

    They are the one who controls and governs all the payouts, outcomes and the transactions. The company promises 100% transparency, no fraud, and pure trading.

    No deposits

    Unlike the other mobile training applications, where you are supposed to deposit a certain amount of USD or other registered currency at their bank account before trading, Spectre AI does not require any minimum deposit.

    The company offers a huge leap forward in technology. The symptoms mean that the traders can directly trade from their own company-supported digital wallet or using a secure portal on the company’s official website.

    Shariah Compliant

    The company promises a fully Shariah compliant service by offering trading with no extra fees.

    This step has been taken to honor the Islamic faith on the ability to trade on the Spectre AI  website fairly and legally.

    The same conditions apply to all the clients regardless of their beliefs.

    The state of Art verification

    In some trading scenarios, the trading settlement usually happens behind the curtains. The trader does not know about what is happening.

    A Unique Contract Range

    The Spectre AI mobile app is the first trading application that allows all retail traders to trade using Digital Contracts which is an advanced and new trading contract class method.

    This method ensures a verified outcome, thus resulting in payouts of about 400% within one second.

    A free demo account

    All the accounts that are registered using Spectre AI trading app automatically includes a demo account that can be accessed anytime and anywhere from your account.

    This demo account does not require any deposit and has unlimited virtual credits for trading practice. This also allows you to get some experience with risk-free trading before doing the real thing.

    These demo accounts are the best places to practice your trading skills and become a better trader without actually using your real money.

    Please note that these virtual funds cannot be transferred into any account as these are not real money.


    Any developer can create their customized interface or their trading models.


    The developers Can use any network-accessible computer programming language that includes C++, Python, JS, PWA, Vb.Net, and other languages that support web sockets.


    All developers would be compensated for wins and volumes. This is the only mobile trading application that incentivizes according to the success of the traders.

    An amount of 1,000 $ is awarded to each week’s winner while the annual winner gets a cash bonus of $500,000.


    The Spectre AI API mobile trading app is backed by a multi-million dollar liquidity pool which is called the DALP.

    The DALP is a popular liquidity pool that is also known to support other financial trading and gaming applications.

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    How to Set-up Spectre AI Trading App?

    So to set up the Spectre AI mobile app, there are a few things that you must be ready with. In the following steps, we would be discussing the process of order placement using the application.

    If you do not have any idea where to download the Spectre AI Trading app you need to refer to the next part of the article.

    • At the very beginning, you would need to visit the official website of Spectre AI and then open a trading account with the company.
    • On the mobile application, you will find some tabs. Some of the important ones are orders, history, trading chart, market analysis report, chatbot, U- token, demo account, and DALP.
    • You must check your email address for verification details. These are verification details and necessary to login into the mobile reading application.
    • After getting the login credentials, log in to the application and then change the username and password for security reasons.
    • You can practice on your demo account as long as you want and whenever you are confident you can place an order on the application.
    • Whenever your order is live, you can check all the details from any corner of the world using the AI API trading application.

    How to own Spectre AI Mobile Trading App?

    Spectre AI has recently launched its mobile application called the Spectre AI Trading App. This application has been designed for all Android users.

    So if you want to download the application, you can refer to the next steps:

    1. You can download the application directly from Google via the third-party website.
    2. As this application is waiting for Google Play Store approval, you cannot find it there.
    3. You can download the application from the official website of Spectre AI.
    4. Advantages of Spectre AI mobile application

    Advantages of Spectre AI Forex App

    Here are some major benefits of Spectre AI Forex App –

    • There is an option for 80 plus tradable assets.
    • The traders would be receiving up to 400% payouts.
    • There is no minimum deposit.
    • 1$ is the minimum trade size.
    • One second EPIC expiry.
    • That is a decentralized liquidity pool.

    Spectre AI App – Conclusion

    Spectre AI is very different from the other binary options brokers in the way that they offer services that are preferred by most traders.

    The company works hard to promote peace of mind and security as the trader while providing all the services and facilities provided by any other broker.

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    FAQs on Spectre AI Mobile App

    Some of the FAQs related to Spectre.AI mobile app are:

    What is Spectre AI mobile app called?

    The mobile trading app that has been developed by Spectre AI company is called Spectre AI API.

    This application has exclusively been developed only for Android users. The user needs to remember the login credentials at the time of registration.

    Does Spectre AI provide an iOS application?

    The company has recently launched an application dedicated to all Android users.

    No iOS software has yet been developed.

    Is  Spectre AI App free to use?

    The mobile application can be downloaded from the official website or third party websites free of cost. The company does not charge any registration fees.

    The company also does not charge any downloading fees thus making it free to use.

    How to download the Spectre AI Trading App?

    You can download the Spectre AI mobile trading application from the official website of the company.

    You may also download the application from download links that have been provided by various third party websites.

    The Google Play Store approval is still on hold.

    What features does the Spectre AI App have?

    Most features provided by the application are the same as any other binary brokers but the company promises security and a risk-free trading environment.

    A demo account is also provided for practice sessions.

    The Spectre AI mobile application is backed by a DALP pool of funds.

    Can I trade in shares via the Spectre.AI App?

    The traders are allowed to trade in shares using the Spectre AI mobile application.

    But the user can only have one trading account linked to the mobile application.

    For any queries, you can contact customer care or the chatbot.

    Is the Spectre AI Mobile Trading App good?

    The Spectre AI mobile applications are quite popular in the market and are preferred by most traders.

    The application has been reviewed and has got a score of 9.4 on expertinvestor.net.

    This app is popular due to its security feature.

    Does the Spectre AI App has an EKYC feature?

    The company supports the EKYC feature on AML procedures.

    To verify your account fully, all the users who want to register themselves with the company must upload proof of identity, proof of address and a clear photograph of themselves holding their ID proof.

    Does the Spectre AI Forex App provide tips?

    As there are no brokers in the middle, you won’t be getting direct tips on trading.

    But whenever you are stuck in the trading process or you are facing any issues while trading on the live market, you can directly chat with the chatbot or with customer care executives.

    You can also post queries on social networking sites which would be later reviewed and answered by experts.

    How to buy currencies using the Spectre AI Mobile App?

    You can directly buy currencies using the Spectre AI mobile application.

    In the first step, you need to decide on the currency pair, then you need to select it from the market list, enter the estimated amount and then place the order.

    You can check the order from any corner of the world using the Spectre AI API application

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