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Know everything about Spreadex App here. Spreadex has been in the financial market since 1999 and its head office is in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

The company allows all its customers and users to invest money freely in Forex, CFD, binary operations, and spread betting.

Recently, the company has developed a mobile application for all its users called the Spreadex Financial Trading App.

This app will allow all users to gain access to their Spreadex account from any corner of the world.

So, in this article, we would be discussing all the features and necessary information about the Spreadex mobile app.

If you are planning on downloading the application, you must go through the article

About the Spreadex App

The Spreadex mobile trading app has been developed both for Android and iPhone users.

SpreadEx App

This mobile trading application would allow all the investors access to financial trading markets that include stock trading, shares trading, index trading, commodity trading, and interest rate trading.

The application has over 10,000 plus instruments for the benefit of all its users.

The company has a well-equipped customer team that is available whenever the customer is stuck.

The Spreadex Financial Trading App has been awarded the ADVFN’s Best Mobile Trading Platform and the Best Trading Alert Service Award 2020.

The Spreadex trading application is one of the best applications for traders who want to trade from any corner of the world in this fast and changing market.

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    Spreadex Mobile App – Top Features

    The Features provided by the Spreadex Financial Trading App are:

    The user is allowed to trade with no capital gains or stamp duty. The company does not charge any commission on profits from Spreadex financial trading platform.

    The users are allowed access to over 1000 financial markets that include Forex trading, stock trading, sales trading, commodities trading, etc.

    The traders can benefit from a wide range of financial tools that are used to analyze the financial market, from advanced charts to price alerts.

    The mobile trading application is known to be one of the best mobile trading platforms exclusively for CFDs and spread betting.

    The company guarantees the best execution from the financial data providers.

    You can gain access to your financial trading account quickly and safely via pin login and Touch ID.

    Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) encryption and protection to protect all the users’ financial data.

    Financial Markets

    Indices: all the major and popular indices including UK 100, Germany 30, and Wall Street.

    Stock and share trading: You are allowed to trade on any shares from around the world, including AIM stock trading.

    Forex Trading: Spot and future prices that include USD or EUR and USD or GBP.

    Commodities: You are allowed to trade in other commodities such as gold, oil, gas, and many others.

    You can also trade in ETFs, Interest Rates, Options, and Bonds.

    Tools: Finance Trading App

    With the help of their advanced financial charting tool, the users are allowed to analyze all the financial markets.

    With the help of technical indicators, you trade easily.

    You can easily manage your investment risk with the stop and limit order options.

    All the uses of the Spreadex mobile application are allowed to set a fixed price Tolerance Threshold to trade in fast-moving financial markets.

    Monitor all your positions

    You can easily configure your watch list using the Spreadex mobile application to closely monitor all your favorite financial markets: Forex trading, shares trading, commodity trading, and stock trading.

    You would not be missing your entry time with a feature called free Price Alert Service that has been added to the mobile application.

    Using the mobile trading application, you can analyze its Top Rising and Falling Shares.

    You are also allowed to manage, edit and close all the positions in the financial trading app.

    Additional Features

    • Extra features on the mobile app deposition of funds, creation of what’s list, addition or editing of orders, trade history, and keeping an eye on different types of trade that are available in the market.
    • All the users are also allowed to edit and save templates and can also retrieve 10 years old information.
    • The payment method provided by Spreadex financial trading app is a UK debit card or bank. You can also use credit cards but you will have to pay an additional 2%, which is the administration fee.
    • The traders can withdraw multiple times in a day but the withdrawal limit is set up to 50£.
    • The company is pretty famous for doing giveaways for all their customers. The traders are also given an option to refer the site to other traders and in return, they can get an amount of £ 100-speed market bet.
    • The company promises security and the company has been given regulatory oversight by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. This simply means that all your money is safe and is kept in a segregated tier 1 bank account.

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    How to Set up Spreadex Trading App?

    So if you are planning to download the Spreadex Financial Trading application, you need to know a few things. So he would be discussing the steps on how you can easily place an order.

    If you cannot find the application or have no idea from where to download you can refer to the next section of the article.

    1. At the very beginning, you are required to get in contact with Spreadex and open a trading account with the company.
    2. The application has exclusive features like addition and deposition of funds, creation of the list, addition or deleting of orders, checking your trade history, etc
    3. You must remember to check your email regularly for the activation details. Whenever you receive the login credentials, you must log in using. Once logged in, remember to change the username and password for security reasons.
    4. In the following step, you must try to add money to your account and try to withdraw as well. You can follow the steps so that you can be accustomed to the Spreadex mobile trading application.
    5. Whenever you start placing orders, you must carefully choose your investment options, research and read the market reviews.
    6. Whenever you are confident you can place an order.
    7. When the order is live, you can check all the activities of your account and order from any corner of the world.

    How to own Spreadex Mobile Trading App?

    The Spreadex company has developed mobile trading options for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry users. So if you cannot find the download link, you must follow the following steps:

    • You can download the application from the App Store of your mobile device.
    • You will also find a direct download link on the official website.
    • Also, You can also search on Google and download the app from third-party websites.

    Advantages of Spreadex Mobile App

    Some of the advantages of the Spreadex mobile trading app are:

    • You can easily place bets and secure them using a simple login option.
    • You can also take control of your bets using the cash-out option.
    • Also, You can easily redeem the benefits and exciting bonus offers.
    • The users just can get access to any payment methods through the application.
    • The company offers no Capital Gains Tax, no Stamp Duty, and also the opportunity to trade with.
    • The company also offers welcome bonuses and discounts at the time of joining. The traders can get a minimum of 5% bonus on UK 100 winning whenever they are registering.

    Spreadex App – Conclusion

    The company has been in the market since 1999 and has users from most of the countries.

    The company provides top-level security, thus making it popular among all the traders. The app is available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone users.

    The Spreadex mobile trading application hazard rating of 4.3 in Google Play Store and over 10,000 plus downloads.

    The current version available is 3.4.9. The application has a rating of 4.5 in the iPhone app store.

    With such exclusive features, the mobile application is preferred by most traders.

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    FAQs on Spreadex Mobile App

    Here are few FAQs related to Spreadex Mobile App listed below:

    What is the Spreadex Mobile App called?

    Spreadex company has developed a mobile application for all of the on-the-go traders called the Spreadex Financial Trading application.

    This application is available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry users. All you need to do is remember login credentials.

    Does Spreadex provide an iOS application?

    The company has also developed an application for iPhone users.

    This application has a lot of exclusive features and is a well-known application that can be accessed from any corner of the world.

    Is the Spreadex app free to use?

    Spreadex provides this mobile trading application free of cost.

    The company does not charge any amount at the time of downloading or registration.

    How to download the Spreadex Trading App?

    Downloading the Spreadex mobile application is a simple process.

    You need to search for the application in Google Play Store or your app store from where you can directly download it.

    You can also download the application from the official website of the company.

    All you need to remember is the login ID and password which you must change after logging in.

    What features does the Spreadex App have?

    The mobile trading application has a lot of tools and features available for all kinds of traders.

    You can easily place orders, review orders, analyze markets, and place orders directly from the market charts and money more.

    Can I trade in shares via the Spreadex Forex App?

    All the users who have registered themselves with the Spreadex Financial Trading app can buy or invest in trade using the mobile application.

    But you must remember that you can only log in using one trading account.

    Is the Spreadex Mobile Trading App good?

    The Spreadex mobile trading app is quite popular among traders and has a rating of 4.3 in Google Play Store and has over 10,000 plus downloads.

    Does the Spreadex App have EKYC Features?

    The application has a KYC feature that allows users to register themselves with the company from any corner of the world.

    All you need to do is cancel your government authorization to send it to the company. Within a couple of hours, you will be registered with the company.

    Does the Spreadex Android App provide tips?

    Whenever you start trading, you will need some tips and advice to gain profits.

    That is a dedicated customer service where you can register all your complaints. Export to available from where you can get tips and advice.

    How to buy currencies via Spreadex mobile app?

    Buying currencies with the mobile application is quite easy.

    Firstly you need to decide on the currency pair, select it from the list, enter the estimated amount that you want to buy and then click on buying or selling options.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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