Oanda App is one of the Forex Trading App in the world. Oanda co-founded in 1986 is known to deal with all kinds of currency activities.

It includes things like currency conversion, providing FX data services for all the businesses, and offering established global online brokerage services to all the separate individuals who wish to trade via the retail FX and CFD market.

So to help their customers trade from any part of the world, the company has developed the Oanda Mobile App.

So let us understand the application and learn about all the features.

About Oanda App

The Oanda Mobile Trading App Is a popular trading app that will enhance and revolutionize the user’s trading experience.

Oanda App

This application has been exclusively designed for new and professional traders.

The mobile application grants the user access to over 120 instruments that include currency pairs, precious metals, and other CFDs for global markets, bonds, indices, commodities that are legally tradable in your country.

The users can directly place their trades from the trading charts that are available in the Oanda Mobile App.

The trading is fast, reliable, and secure and the user can also manage their risk exposure while calculating their take profits, stop losses, and trailing stops.

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    Oanda Mobile App – Top Features

    Some of the salient features offered by the Oanda Mobile App are:

    • Fast and exceptional trading execution
    • The user gets access to live and real-time prices to trade in all types of major, minor, and other exotic instruments on the global financial CFD, forex, and other precious metal markets.
    • All the available lot sizes are trade flexible supporting more than one sub-accounts. The application does not charge any extra commissions, does not have any minimum deposit or any minimum trade size.
    • The mobile application does not entertain any desk intervention or any other algorithmic software that has been designed to push the trade in the broker’s favor.
    • 24/5 multilingual customer care service is available.

    Mobile Chart Trading

    • Trading is much simpler, faster, and efficient as the user can directly view and place orders on the chart.
    • The user has the option to manage their trading opportunities and their risk exposure using the buying, selling, and editing orders through simple taps.
    • The person using the Oanda Mobile App will have access to more than 50 technical tools that include 11 drawing tools, 9 charts to easily edit your take in profit, stop loss, and trailing stop orders, and also 32 overlay indicators.

    Trade, Monitor and Take Control on the Go

    • The person using the Oanda app has the control to manage positions, control their risk and monitor account profitability with one touch and react to market activity and charts on the go.
    • The user has access to custom notifications whenever there’s a price alert, upcoming economic calendar events, updates on global marketing news from leading providers, or order expiry date.
    • You can also customize the charge sizes based on your trading style. The charts can be organized based on the number of preferred units traded, risk, and other profitable levels.
    • The mobile trading application also allows the user to add funds directly to their trading account from their bank account.
    • The iPad users have special charting features. The users can simply utilize their iPad to view one whole full-screen chart or can scroll through various. Due to the largest screen size, trading becomes easier for iPad users.

    Some other features of the Oanda app:

    • 9 times frames are available: M1, M5, M 15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN.
    • Three types of charts are available: bars, Japanese candlesticks, and the broken line.
    • 24 analytical objects that include lines, channels, geometric shapes as well as other tools such as Gann, Fibonacci, and Elliot.

    Salient IOS features provided by Oanda trading app:

    • High-performance charts can be viewed
    • The users can configure the properties of graphical objects and indicators.
    • iPad users can view over four charts on one screen.
    • The users can have secure and fast chats with other traders, create their group chats and channels.
    • A special information window is available that displays orders, trading history, emails, news, and logs.

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    How to Set up Oanda Trading App?

    So, before setting up the Oanda Mobile App You need to do a few things.

    In the next steps, we will be helping you to easily place an order on the application.

    If you do not possess the application or have no idea where to download it from, you may check out the next section of the article.

    The Oanda Group has developed applications for both Android and iPhone users.

    So if you cannot find the Oanda Mobile App by yourself, you can refer to the steps given below.

    1. You can simply search for the Oanda Mobile App on your respective app store (Google Play Store for Android and App Store for all iPhone users).
    2. You can also search for the mobile application on Google and download it.
    3. This mobile trading application is also available on the official website of the Oanda group. When you click on the link, a barcode or a QR would appear on your screen. You can directly scan it with your mobile to get the download link.
    4. The company also provides an email link. All you gotta do is visit the official website of the company, register with your email address in the invite tab. After successful registration, the application link would be sent to your email address from where you can download the application directly.

    How to own Oanda Mobile Trading App?

    Here is the process of how you can own the Oanda Mobile App:

    1. Firstly, the person needs to get associated with the stockbroker. This simply means that the person needs to open a trading account with the Oanda group.
    2. There are certain tabs available on the application. Some of the important ones are trade, account history, market, signals, and trading news.
    3. Keep a regular check on the activation notification of your trading account as this might take a week. The broker would be assisting you with the necessary login credentials. Always remember to alter the username and password after receiving them.
    4. The next move would be to try funding your trading account as well as withdrawing funds from your account. This step is necessary as you have to be accustomed to the process of addition and redeeming your funds.
    5. The next step is order placement where you have to carefully choose your investment options, research and then study and understand the analytical reviews from the mobile application.
    6. Whenever you feel confident, you can place an order on the mobile application.
    7. You can check on the mobile application whenever your order is life from any corner of the world.
    8. The mobile application also has a large number of tools that have been separated based on the level of the user.

    Advantages of Oanda Forex App

    Here are some of the major benefits of Oanda Forex App –

    • The mobile app user can directly trade from the chart interface.
    • The application offers trading options for more than 70 Forex pairs.
    • The leverage is up to 50: 1
    • There are two pricing options available in the mobile trading application.
    • The user does not need to have any minimum balance or minimum deposit amount.
    • The Oanda Mobile App has a lot of advanced mobile charting tools.
    • 24×5 customer care available.

    Oanda App – Conclusion

    Oanda was one of the very first players dealing in online forex trading and today the Mobile Trading application has reached globally to over 196 countries.

    The Oanda Mobile App has a score of 3.5 in the Google Play Store and has over 500,000 plus downloads. The current version that is available in Google Play Store is 5.6.1022.

    The mobile trading application has proper pricing transparency, platform technology, and global regulatory oversight that makes trading profitable and simple for all the readers thus making it quite popular among all levels of traders.

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    FAQs on Oanda Mobile App

    Here are the few FAQs related to the Olanda Mobile App:

    What is the Oanda Mobile App called?

    The mobile trading application developed by the Oanda Group is called the Oanda Mobile App.

    This mobile trading application is available for both Android and iPhone users and can be easily found in both app stores.

    The user just needs to remember the login credentials provided for the mobile trading app at the time of registration for logging in.

    Does Oanda provide an iOS application?

    The Oanda group has also developed a mobile trading application for iPhone users.

    The mobile application dedicated to iPhone users has a lot of exclusive features and salient tools that can be accessed from any corner of the world.

    Is the Oanda Mobile App free to use?

    The mobile trading application is free to download and can be downloaded easily from the app stores.

    The company does not charge any amount towards the application or during the registration or sign-in process.

    How to download Oanda Trading App?

    Any person can easily download a mobile application.

    All the user needs to do is search for the application in their app store or search for it in the Google search engine or download it from the official website of the company.

    What features does the Oanda App have?

    The mobile trading application harbors a lot of exclusive features that make trading simpler for all users.

    Mostly preferred features are market review, buying directly from charts, customer support, logging in from any corner of the world, etc.

    Can I trade in shares via the Oanda Forex App?

    Traders using the mobile trading application are allowed to trade in stocks but they can only have one trading account registered with the application.

    Is the Oanda Mobile Trading App good?

    The Oanda Mobile App is quite preferred by traders. The application has over 500,000 plus downloads and has a rating of 3.5.

    Does the Oanda Mobile App have an EKYC feature?

    In the latest update, an EKYC future has been added to the mobile trading application.

    This feature is pretty helpful during this time of the pandemic where the users cannot get out of their homes but can trade easily from the comfort of their homes.

    You can easily register yourself by providing a government-authorized or recognized identity card.

    Does the Oanda Mobile App provide tips?

    At the very beginning of your trading process, you would need tips.

    So the application allows you to go through and analyze the whole process of trading including funding and withdrawal using their demo tool option.

    Expert supervision is also provided along with the application.

    How to buy currencies via the Oanda Mobile App?

    Buying currencies is pretty easy with this mobile trading application.

    In the first step, you need to decide on the currency pair, then you need to select from the currency pair list, enter the amount that you want to buy and then click on buying or selling options.

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