Know everything about Stock Screeners here.

Trading in securities and stocks has dramatically shifted to online mediums, taking it easy on the investors to find the stocks worthy of investment and also making it easier to invest.

Stock Screener is one fine tool, belonging to the online trading platforms.

Stocks listed in the exchanges range around thousands in number, making it difficult for anyone to rule out the stocks which are the most profitable of investment and worth investing.

Share Screener, contribute to the same, i.e. helps find the right stocks you are in search of. Stock Screener India; help identifying the desirable stocks from the lot.

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What is a Stock Screener?

Stock ScreenersIf you hit the internet, you would find a long list of stocks making it absolutely difficult for you to determine the ones you would like to invest.

The tool, Stock Screener, scans through the entire list, mining out the stocks which would match your requirements.

Each of the screeners, such as the Stock Screener NSE and also the Stock Screener Moneycontrol, have hundreds of filters and criteria’s you can use to extract the stocks which match your investment agendas.

It is however only a tool, which filters out the stock you, might not be interest in, and is not a mere strategy to identify the best stocks in the market.

Some of the screeners are simply the web based tool, while the others are actually softwares the investors need to download. While some of the screeners are free of cost, other have a charge levied upon them, and can result to be quite expensive.

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    Key Characteristics of Stock Screeners

    You are bound to come across a vast number of Stock Screeners and they easy serve as a medium which offer some exclusive, or at least a large number options, and key characteristics.

    Some of them are as below.

    • Free Stock Screeners are highly in demand for the beginners as they wish to try their hands at screener for the first few times, hitting the free mediums.
    • Screeners should have the listing of stock from the well known markets, so all the stock options are covered.
    • Just because there are a lot of stocks listed in the exchanges, there is a possibility of investors missing out on a lot of valuable stocks. The screeners make it easy for the investors to discover new investment options, which were previously not known to them.
    • Data points and market inclusion are as well a part of stock screeners.

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    How Stock Screeners Work?

    Traders who trade on a daily basis use the Stock Screener BSE and likewise stock screeners to figure out which stocks they should invest in, as the listing of stocks goes around thousand.

    Traders invest on the basis of the company’s financial criteria and so, stock screeners are designed to contain three components:

    • Companies database,
    • Variables set
    • An engine, which filters the stocks which meet the variable, to draft a list of companies.

    Screeners with powerful carting patter such as Stock Screener Candlestick, follows precise set of to establish trade setups. Such screeners work through the answers provided by the investors.

    Some of the questions are:

    • Stocks with large cap or small cap?
    • Stocks with surging process, or the ones which encountered a downfall?
    • Price to earning ration range of shares?
    • Industry oriented stocks

    Just when you enter in your interest, you will immediately be featured a list of such company shares, which match your investing strategies.

    Search for screeners, that let you input almost any metric you want to.

    How to use Share Screeners?

    Gone are the days when searching for a stock was so difficult that, it would take days to go through the list of stocks which would match the criteria.

    Online Share Screeners have made it so easy that it would barely take some time to flush out the unwanted shares. Here is how to use the Share Screeners India.

    • Do your research and figure out the metrics of companies you want to search for, the ones which you think would get you profitable deals.
    • The same criteria’s should then be entered in the screeners.
    • The screener will then display the list of shares, or the individual stock which meets all your criteria’s.

    The metrics you enter at the time of search are as per the present databases, which are deemed to vary as per the changes in market and financial recording of the companies.

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    Why Stock Screeners are an important tool for Investors?

    Before you have the question, why Stock Screeners are an important tool for Investors? which is usual and normal to arise, we wish to lay down the obvious factors. Here are the reasons why they are important.

    Save time

    Databases of stocks are present in thousands and ruling out the unwanted stocks would consume a lot of time, if undertaken through traditional methods.

    It is almost impossible for investors to actually check out each of the company’s financial statements, rations, history etc.

    Investment decisions driven by facts and figures, and not emotions

    Behaviours and emotions are driven when we try sorting out some of the company stocks, where unwise decisions can be a part.

    This tool eliminates the possibility of taking such decisions as the filtering is on the basis of only facts and figures.

    Opening new investment options

    As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of companies, the stocks of which are listed in different stock exchanges. Knowing of all the options is not possible for individual investors.

    Therefore, the stock screeners are actually the medium through which new investment options can be discovered. Thereby increasing the investor’s knowledge of quality stocks which are traded in different exchanges.

    Stock Screeners or Share Screeners – Conclusion

    You cannot assume the Stock Screeners to have some kind of magic ingredient to lay out the perfect stock option. It definitely does not work that way.

    The Share Screeners are simply the tools, where your job would become easier. You can short list the shares you might be interested in.

    They save your time, and highly contribute to your research activity, in determining the best options of share. The ones which have the capability of yielding high returns.

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    Stock Screeners FAQs

    Ques – How to use the stock screeners?

    Answer – The first thing that you need to do is open the screen and website, login using your user name, put your password and once you’re logged in, you have to scroll down in order to find the query builder.

    Ques – What are the features inside stock screeners?

    • The free stock screeners are very popular for beginners as well as for advanced users.
    • Screeners have the listing of all the stocks from all the well-known markets in the area.
    • Since there are hordes of stocks listed in exchanges, investors might miss out on the lot of important and significant stocks. Screeners make sure investors are always ready to discover new investment options.

    Ques – What are the different components of stock screener?

    Answer – Stock screeners are of two types: the stock screener NSE and the Stock Screener Moneycontrol. Now these have hundreds and thousands of filters that you can use in order to extract which ever stock matches your investment goals.

    Ques – Why stock screener is very important for investors?

    • Saves Time.
    • Investment decisions should be driven by factual numbers.
    • Opening of new investment options.

    Ques – Where can I use stock screener free of cost?

    Answer – In this very article on our website, we provide you a list of ways of how to use a stock screener absolutely free of cost when it comes to beginners as well as users who have done this before.

    Ques – Is stock screener helpful for intraday and options trading?

    Answer – Stock screeners are extremely helpful and contribute significantly to all of your research activities when it comes to finding out the best options of shares. They also have the capacity to yield immensely higher returns. So, yes they definitely help in intraday and options trading.

    Ques – What are the benefits of stock screener?

    Answer – By using stock screener you can figure out a strategy in order to identify the best stock in the market. You can use it to extract those stocks that match all your investment ambitions. They help you in yielding a huge amount of profit throughout.

    Ques – Where can I find the best and free stock screener?

    Answer – In this very article that we have provided on our website, you get a list of best and free stock screen all that would cater to your own requirements.

    Ques – What are the usage of stock market screener?

    Answer – Stock market screeners are basically just a tool that filters out whichever stock you might really be interested in and it’s kind of a plan to figure out the best stock prevailing in the market to suit your needs.

    Ques – How to pick a good stock using screener?

    Answer – Stocks that are listed in the exchanges range around hundreds and thousands in number, thus, making it pretty tough for anyone as such to rule out the stocks that are the most profitable of all, for their investment. Stock screener helps finding out just the right stocks that you are in search of. They assist in identifying the most desirable stocks from the lot.

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