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JF Global Limited is a very long corporate owner which offers trading services using over 170 trading instruments across four different continents.

JF Global Limited owns a retail and CFD broker called JustForex and this broker was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

As the broker is operated by a well-established parent company, it has millions of clients from 198 plus countries and is one of the most favored CFD brokers all over Asia.

They do not accept any traders from the United States, Japan, and the UK. JustForex is a popular and trusted brand and provides one of the best online trading services.

However, the customers will also have access to the JustForex demo account. And in this article, we would be discussing the JustForex virtual trading account and all its features.

JustForex Demo Account

JustForex has developed a demo account or a virtual trading account and this exclusive feature is available for you of course to all its traders. So what is a demo account?

JustForex Demo Account or Virtual Trading PlatformThe JustForex demo account is also known as a virtual training account or a practice account as it provides all the company’s customers and traders the ability and the freedom to learn about the broker’s offerings in a risk-free environment.

The traders will not incur any loss while trading in this demo account as there is a provision of virtual money or dummy money that the customers can use to practice the trade.

All the beginner level traders can use this demo account to get accustomed to the live trading environment, learn various trading skills, practice or various trading strategies and actively participate in all types of global trades in various markets.

JustForex demo account is not only used by beginner or new traders, but it provides one of the best locations or platforms for advanced traders who want to try out various strategies and improve their skill sets before stepping out into the real market field.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    JustForex Demo Account Features

    JustForex virtual trading account offers a lot of features for all its beginner traders and experienced ones. Some of the exclusive features include:

    • Whenever you are trading with a demo account, the number of virtual currencies or dummy money that you will get is about $5 million.
    • All the customers can test out various strategies in real-time market simulation without losing any money
    • No extra charge is available whenever the customers use that JustForex demo account
    • Customers can easily develop and improve their trading style.
    • The customers can also copy the most demanding strategies to understand the profit level
    • The users will enjoy various trading services without any kind of hassle
    • The customers can test their prowess and sharpen their trading strategies before entering the real market
    • The customers will enjoy all the trading instruments provided by JustForex
    • A total of 80 trading instruments is available in the demo account
    • Expert advisor feature is also available
    • Expert tips are also available in this dedicated risk-free trading environment
    • All types of currencies are available
    • The live trading accounts are also available in this demo account
    • No actual investments are required for using the JustForex virtual trading platform
    • Your demo account earnings will exactly reflect the real earnings that you will enjoy whenever you’re trading in the real market

    JustForex Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$% Million

    JustForex provides various types of services and trading facilities for all its traders. There are certain charges associated with some of the facilities and tools that they provide.

    However, no charges are required to register or use the JustForex demo account.

    This simply points out the fact that all the premium tools, trading instruments, premium features, and various other advanced trading equipment that are available on the live trading platform can be used free of cost.

    JustForex has also ensured that they will add $5 million virtual money in their demo account so that the users can practice trading with this money.

    These are virtual currencies therefore cannot be redeemed into the main account.

    How to open JustForex Demo Account?

    Her is the step by step process –

    • JustForex’s virtual trading account can be easily opened from the main website of the company. No verification or other charges are required while using and registering for the demo account.
    • On the web trading platform or the trading platform login to your back office account. If you want a new user, you can visit the official website www.JustForex.com and click on Additional Features.
    • Under this tab, you will find the demo account tab.
    • Once you click on the tab an application page will open where some simple information like name, phone number, and email address will be required for registration.
    • After the registration process, your demo account will be activated and you will receive your credentials in the email address provided by you while registration.
    • Now you can use the trading platforms or the mobile trading application to log into your demo account with the ID and password available in your email address.
    • The demo account can also be used along with a live trading account if you are an existing user.

    For all the existing users:

    • Log into your back office account and then click on my accounts on the left-hand sidebar
    • Now you will find an option’ new MT4 demo account’ or ‘new MT 5 demo account’
    • Choose your desired trading platform
    • Now you will get the option to select the account type
    • Now select your preferred account type
    • Select the account currency
    • Select your preferred leverage, you must always select the same leverage as on the real money account
    • End of the amount of virtual balance that you require
    • Develop a strong password and confirm it in the application form
    • Now click on open account
    • Now download any trading platform and you can now sign in to your JustForex demo account.

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    Advantages of JustForex Virtual Trading Platform

    The benefits and advantages of the JustForex virtual trading platform have been mentioned below:

    • You do not need to have a real or a live trading account with JustForex.
    • Simply use the JustForex demo account free of cost
    • Don’t pay any fee to hire the broker while using this platform
    • You do not need to use any real funds
    • A complete is a free environment
    • You will get to experiment with real-time stock market data and various markets
    • You are given the freedom to choose and develop various strategies
    • Quite useful for beginners as it helps them understand the market and the various trading tools
    • You can mimic the exact strategy into the live account

    JustForex Demo Account – Conclusion

    JustForex is a popular global forex leader and has millions of customers throughout Asia.

    The broker provides various features and one of the main and exclusive features is the JustForex demo account.

    This demo account is free of charge. All good & bad details of this demo account is available here.

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    JustForex Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the JustForex demo account:

    Does JustForex provide Demo a/c?

    JustForex provides various features like commission-free trading accounts, lower leverage charges, competitive commission charges, and along with it they also provide a JustForex virtual account.

    How to Set up a JustForex Demo Account?

    To create a demo account, you have to fill out the application form, submit some simple information, and your demo account will be activated within 48 hours.

    Is JustForex Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    JustForex virtual trading platform is provided free of cost to all the traders who want to invest and start traders with JustForex.

    What are the Fees of the JustForex Demo Account?

    JustForex demo account is available free of charge for all the existing traders and for all the new traders who want to invest and trade using all the tools provided.

    Is AMC levied on JustForex Virtual Trading Platform?

    No account maintenance or any kind of charges leave it by JustForex whenever a trader or a probable trader is using the JustForex virtual trading platform.

    Is JustForex Demo Account the best?

    JustForex demo account is one of the most preferred and one of the best demo or virtual accounts. It is available for all the beginners who want to understand the market and for all the experts who want to try various strategies.

    What Documents are required for JustForex Demo Account?

    JustForex Demo Account can be opened without any documentation.

    Is PAN required for Opening a JustForex Account?

    You do not require any PAN card or any other identity card for opening a trading account with JustForex as EKYC verification is not required for using the virtual account.

    Does JustForex charge a Demo Account opening Fee?

    A demo account is available free of charge for all the new users and the existing users.

    Thus whenever you’re using the JustForex demo account you do not need to pay any charge.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in a JustForex Demo Account?

    Whenever you register for a JustForex demo account, the maximum virtual money that you can have is 5 million dollars.

    So at the time of registration, you will have the option to select the amount of virtual currencies required.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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