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Get to know everything about Eightcap App here. Trading online has become the new trend of investing that offers great convenience and safety to traders.

This is the reason why the demand for advanced online Trading apps has increased over time.

Here, we will discuss and review one such online trading App that is Eightcap mobile trading app to provide you complete information about its functions, setup, owning process, trading features it offers, and many other aspects.

Eightcap Trading App is one of the renowned mobile apps that claim to have excellent features so let’s study it with more intensity.

About Eightcap App

Eightcap is a globally recognized CFD and Forex broker where traders can invest in more than 250 financial instruments.

EightCap AppIt was founded in 2009 by Joel Murphy with its headquarters in Australia. Eightcap launched its mobile app for both its MT4 and MT5 versions.

The App is available for all devices including Android, and iOS. It can also be accessed online.

Eightcap Mobile App is a user-friendly mobile app with progressive and adaptable features that provides users enhanced trading experience.

It also offers commendable customer support 24 x 7 and is available for download for free of cost at the app store of specific devices.

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    Eightcap Mobile App – Top Features

    Eightcap Mobile App is known for offering a wide range of advanced trading features including:

    Educational Services

    At the Eightcap platform, the traders get a comprehensive trading academy that offers various learning courses, audio-visual tutorials, trading vocabulary, etc.

    It also offers the latest market news and monthly updated blogs from trading professionals. New traders can get huge benefits with this trading feature.

    Social Trading / Copy Trading

    Social trading lets the trader be a part of a trader’s community where they can imitate the significant steps and approaches taken by the professional traders.

    By Copy trading, the trader can associate its account with another trader to copy or follow their trading strategies.

    Guaranteed Stop Loss

    It provides the trader a notice in advance to sell the assets at a pre-decided range of price to limit the loss.

    Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity

    The user can be assured of a guaranteed fill to a specific range at the best prices from its retail clients for small market orders.

    One-Click Trading

    The user has to decide the size of the trading and then can buy or sell the trading with just a click to process the trading.

    OCO Orders

    It stands for one cancels the other order. With this feature, the pair of restricted orders instruct the canceling of one order while executing the other.

    Expert Advisors- Eightcap offers the EA software that can be programmed for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for the initiation and execution of the trades.

    Trailing SP/TP

    It is a helpful feature that allows you to set a specific limit of varying prices from the current market price to stop order to ensure a minimum loss.

    Also with this feature, the trader can set limits to sell the stock at a specific price to ensure the realization of certain profits.

    Automated Trading

    Eightcap provides an Automated Trading feature that offers pre-programmed trading instructions based on time, volume, and price.

    API Trading

    API trading helps the traders to link the brokerage account to the screening software unswervingly to present active prices.

    Offers Hedging

    Eightcap trading platform offers this tool to assist the traders to use the financial instruments advantageously to lower down the risk of price fluctuation.

    Eightcap also offers trading features like – Offers Promotions, Guaranteed Limit Orders, Trading From charts, Email Alerts.

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    How to Set-up Eightcap Trading App?

    Eightcap mobile trading app offers two different types of trading accounts including Standard account and Raw account with a range of latest and innovative trading features.

    The app is designed in a way that beginners can also use its features easily.

    It is a user-friendly mobile app available on all devices. You can set it up with few simple steps, such as-

    Visit the Google play store for Android devices or Apple’s app store for iOS devices and click on the download button.

    You will get the app downloaded free of any cost on your device in a few minutes.

    You can also download it on your Windows PC or access it directly on the Web Browser.

    After installing the app, you can log in to the account using the login credentials that you will get when you create an account with the broker.

    You can customize the account as per your preference, choose the investment instruments and select the suitable trading tools and features you want to use for executing your trades.

    How to own Eightcap Mobile Trading App?

    Eightcap is a light weighted and easy-to-use app that anyone can own without putting in much effort. The app is as easy to download and own as any other mobile app.

    You can own the app on any of the devices of your choice and as per your suitability and start using it from any place and at any time.

    There is a simple process to own the Eightcap mobile trading app, such as-

    Download the app and click on the “sign up” option.

    Once you click on the Signup option, a pop-up form will appear. Fill the form with all the required details and submit it.

    Now, for the second step, the broker will demand you to show your important documents such as PAN card, Passport, identity card, residential proof, bank statements, credit card, etc.

    To validate your identity and check your financial status.

    The last step is the funding of the account.

    Deposit the minimum deposit amount along with the mandatory trading fees involved to access your account and start trading.

    Finally, after following all the steps, you will get your account opened with Eightcap within 2 to 3 working days and the broker will send you the confirmation letter and the log-in credentials at your email address.

    Advantages of Eightcap Mobile App

    Eightcap Mobile App comes with many advantages; let’s put some light on its significant benefits-

    Compatible with all devices

    The Eightcap mobile app offers great compatibility with all devices including Windows PC, Android, iOS devices, and Web browsers via a web browser, the user can directly trade online with the app without having to download it.

    Prominent trading platforms

    Eightcap mobile trading app MT4 and MT5 trading suites from MetaQuotes and hence provide the best features.

    24×7 customer support

    Eightcap provides 24×7 customer support with an influential team of experts. It also provides email support and lives chat support to resolve the user’s query.

    You can also ask for assistance on weekends.

    Lots of advanced features

    It offers a wide range of advanced features including API trading, OCO orders, Guaranteed Stop Loss, Trailing SL/TP, One-click order, social trading, and much more.


    Eightcap mobile app also provides account management, charting, and trading capabilities to match with the industry standards and come up as a competitive online trading mobile app.

    Modern and advanced- Eightcap App is well designed, a user-friendly and light-weighted mobile app that comes with a modern look and feel.

    Eightcap App – Conclusion

    Eightcap mobile app is one of the viable mobile apps that have come up in the trading market intending to attract a lot of traders with its wide range of latest features.

    It is a trading app designed for both beginners and veteran traders as it has many things to offer both types of traders.

    It also comes with a tighter spread and comparatively low trading fees that make this Mobile app even more attractive to opt for.

    Also, setting up and owning the mobile app on any of the modern devices is also easy and straightforward.

    You can consider this mobile app for your investment purpose.

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    FAQs on Eightcap Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Eightcap mobile trading app:

    What is the Eightcap mobile app called?

    The Eightcap mobile app is called the Eightcap MetaTrader 4 app or Eightcap MT4 app.

    The app is available online on App stores of particular devices. You can download the app for free for any of the devices.

    Does Eightcap provide an iOS App?

    Eightcap has come up with Eightcap MT4 mobile app for all devices including the iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone.

    The user can download the app from Apple’s app store for free without paying any kind of charge.

     Is Eightcap App Free to use?

    Downloading the app is for free but for accessing its services, the users may have to pay some of the basic trading fees.

    There are payments that have to be made by the user such as minimum deposit amount, commission charges, etc while opening the trading account.

    How to download Eightcap App?

    To download the Eightcap App, visit the play store of your device.

    For example, Android users can download the app from the Google play store and iOS users can download the app from Apple’s app store.

    Click on the download button and within a few seconds, the app will be installed on your device. you can log in to the app using the log-in credentials.

    What features does Eightcap App have?

    Eightcap offers a wide range of advanced trading features to its traders to help them employ the most progressive trading practices.

    The trading features Eightcap mobile app offers are- Educational Services, Social Trading / Copy Trading, Email Alerts, Guaranteed Stop Loss, Guaranteed Limit Orders, Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity, OCO Orders, Trailing SP/TP, Automated Trading, API Trading, Trading From Chart, Offers Hedging, Offers Promotions, One-Click-Trading, and Expert Advisors.

    Can I trade in Shares via Eightcap App?

    Yes, you can trade in shares via Eightcap.

    It offers over 250 of U.S. and Australia’s top-notch famous companies including Westpac Banking Corp & Woolworths.

    Is Eightcap Android App good?

    Certainly yes, the Eightcap Android app offers a light weighted mobile app with Android adaptable features. It can be downloaded and accessed from any place at any time.

    Does Eightcap App have EKYC Feature?

    Like all other trading apps, Eightcap also considers the EKYC feature as one of the significant features to approve the user’s account.

    A proper EKYC helps the broker in keeping complete records of users and also allows them to provide comprehensive safety for their funds and trading account.

    Does Eightcap App provide Tips?

    Yes, Eightcap App provides tips in terms of Analysis, trading education, and financial events.

    It also offers customization tools, shortcuts to the navigator, terminal, automated trading, hedging, and other shortcuts to help you trade better.

    How to Buy Currencies via Eightcap App?

    It offers 40 major, minor and exotic currency pairs that you can buy on Eightcap mobile app with few simple steps-

    • Select the currency you want to trade-in
    • Select the volume of the currency

    And click on the buy button to execute your trade.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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